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calch, galch, chalch, leim, pisgwydd, bisgwydden, calchen, chalchen, galchen, nghalch, bisgwydd, leimiau, mhisgwydd, mhisgwydden, pisgwydden, phisgwydd, phisgwydden, nghalchencalchu, galchu, chalchu, nghalchucalchant, calchon, calchasant, calcha’, calchaf, calchai, calchais, calchaist, calchan, calchom, calchasai, calchont, calchasech, calchasem, calchasent, calchasid, calchasit, calchasoch, calchest, calchet, calchech, calched, calchem, calchen, calchent, calcher, calches, calchasom, calchaswn, calchi, calchiff, calchith, calcho, calchoch, calchodd, celchid, celchir, calchwch, calchwn, calchwyd, calchwyf, celchais, celchaist, celchi, chalchent, calcha, celchwch, celchych, chalcha, chalcha’, chalchaf, chalchai, chalchais, chalchasid, chalchasit, chalchan, chalchant, chalchasai, chalchasant, chalchasech, chalchasem, chalchasent, galchiff, chalchaist, chalchasoch, chalchasom, chalchaswn, chalchech, chalched, chalchem, chalchoch, chalchodd, chalches, chalchest, chalchet, chalchi, chalchiff, chalchith, chalcho, galchasech, galchasem, chalchom, chalchon, chalchont, chalchwch, chalchwn, chalchwyd, chalchwyf, chelchais, chelchaist, chelchi, chelchid, chelchir, chelchwch, chelchych, galcha, galcha’, galchwyd, galchai, galchais, galchaist, galchan, galchant, galchasai, galchasant, galched, galchem, galchasent, galchasid, galchasit, galchasoch, galchasom, galchaswn, galchech, gelchych, chalcher, galchent, galcher, galches, galchest, galchet, galchi, galchith, galcho, galchoch, galchodd, galchom, galchon, galchont, galchwch, galchwn, galchaf, galchwyf, gelchais, gelchaist, gelchi, gelchid, gelchir, gelchwch
Lime :
- calchlimeadegalchuleimcalchu

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Noun(1) a caustic substance produced by heating limestone(2) a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide(3) a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds(4) any of various related trees bearing limes(5) any of various deciduous trees of the genus Tilia with heart-shaped leaves and drooping cymose clusters of yellowish often fragrant flowers; several yield valuable timber(6) the green acidic fruit of any of various lime trees
Verb(1) spread birdlime on branches to catch birds(2) cover with lime so as to induce growth

Show Examples

(1) So, it's best to use lime sparingly on soils, especially those with a high Ph (alkaline).(2) They used various materials such as lime , copper, silica, iron oxides, and chalk to produce numerous colors.(3) As you walk along the rides at this time of the year you can see the wonderful glow of red and scarlet oaks, the luminous yellows of lime and tulip trees, and the russet, orange and gold of maples and Persian ironwood.(4) In general, lime does not move downward further than plow depth in an organic soil.(5) Some vineyards affected by copper toxicity in the Bordeaux area are much reduced in vigour, but the problem can be overcome by adding lime to the soil.(6) Add lime if the soil's pH is too low; autumn is the best time to apply.(7) day-glo orange, pink, or lime green(8) The durability of the soil - lime specimens was also similarly affected.(9) Most of our timber trees are introductions too: oak, ash and elm are native, but sycamore, lime , maple, spruce, Douglas fir are all aliens.(10) Studies of old vineyard soils in Bordeaux have shown that fertility can be restored by heavy applications of organic matter, lime , phosphorus, and potassium.(11) Groundsmen lime the rugger fields for the student young of the great and the good.(12) Additionally, lime enables soils that are not productive to become effective.(13) A mixture of bean paste and lime is applied to stencil patterns on the cotton before it is dyed with indigo.(14) Government bodies since the 1950s have pushed landowners and offered subsidies to plough up or lime the heather to allow the spread of grass.(15) In its pure form it is a light, whitish metal; but it is seldom thus seen because it reacts violently with water to form lime (calcium hydroxide).(16) This can be accomplished by frequently adding small amounts of lime to the soil surface.
Related Words
(1) lime juice ::
sudd leim
1. calcium oxide ::
calsiwm ocsid
3. basswood ::
4. calcium hydroxide ::
calsiwm hydrocsid
5. birdlime ::
6. birdlime ::
Different Forms
lime, limeade, limeades, limed, limes, liming
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