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cysylltu, gysylltu, chysylltu, cyplysu, chyplysu, gyplysu, nghyplysu, nghysylltucyswllt, ddolen, gyswllt, dolen, cysylltau, cysylltiadau, chyswllt, chysylltau, chysylltiadau, dolennau, dolenni, ddolenni, gysylltau, gysylltiadau, nghyswllt, nghysylltau, nghysylltiadau, nolen, nolennau, nolenni, ddolennaucyplysant, cyplysasoch, cyplysasit, cyplysasid, cyplysasent, cyplysasem, cyplysasech, cyplysasant, cyplysasai, cysylltent, cyplysan, cyplysaist, cyplysais, cyplysai, cyplysaf, cyplysa’, cyplysasom, cysyllten, cyplysaswn, cyplysech, cyplysed, cyplysem, cyplysen, cyplysent, cyplyser, cyplyses, cyplysest, cyplyset, cyplysi, cyplysid, cyplysiff, cyplysir, cyplysith, cyplysoch, cysylltaist, cysylltais, cysylltai, cysylltaf, cysyllta’, cysyllta, cyplysych, cyplyswyf, cysylltan, cyplyswn, cyplyswch, cyplysont, cyplyson, cyplysom, cyplysodd, chyplysi, cyplyso, cysylltant, cysylltasai, cysylltasant, cysylltasech, cysylltasem, cysylltasent, cysylltasid, cysylltasit, cysylltasoch, cysylltasom, cysylltaswn, cysylltech, cysyllted, cysylltem, cyplysa, cysyllter, cysylltes, cysylltest, cysylltet, cysyllti, cysylltid, cysylltiff, cysylltir, cysylltith, cysyllto, cysylltoch, cysylltodd, cysylltom, cysyllton, cysylltont, cysylltwch, cysylltwn, cysylltwyd, cysylltwyf, cysylltych, chyplysa, chyplysa’, chyplysaf, chyplysai, chyplysais, chyplysaist, chyplysan, chyplysant, chyplysasai, chyplysasant, chyplysasech, chyplysasem, chyplysasent, chyplysasid, chyplysasit, chyplysasoch, chyplysasom, chyplysaswn, chyplysech, chyplysed, chyplysem, chyplysen, chyplysent, chyplyser, chyplyses, chyplysest, chyplyset, cyplyswyd, chyplysid, chyplysiff, chyplysir, chyplysith, chyplyso, chyplysoch, chyplysodd, chyplysom, chyplyson, chyplysont, chyplyswch, chyplyswn, chyplyswyd, chyplyswyf, chyplysych, chysylltant, chysylltasoch, chysylltasit, chysylltasid, chysylltasent, chysylltasem, chysylltasech, chysylltasant, chysylltasai, gyplysent, chysylltan, chysylltaist, chysylltais, chysylltai, chysylltaf, chysyllta’, chysylltasom, gyplysen, chysylltaswn, chysylltech, chysyllted, chysylltem, chysyllten, chysylltent, chysyllter, chysylltes, chysylltest, chysylltet, chysyllti, chysylltid, chysylltiff, chysylltir, chysylltith, chysylltoch, gyplysaist, gyplysais, gyplysai, gyplysaf, gyplysa’, gyplysa, chysylltych, chysylltwyf, gyplysan, chysylltwn, chysylltwch, chysylltont, chysyllton, chysylltom, chysylltodd, gysyllti, chysyllto, gyplysant, gyplysasai, gyplysasant, gyplysasech, gyplysasem, gyplysasent, gyplysasid, gyplysasit, gyplysasoch, gyplysasom, gyplysaswn, gyplysech, gyplysed, gyplysem, chysyllta, gyplyser, gyplyses, gyplysest, gyplyset, gyplysi, gyplysid, gyplysiff, gyplysir, gyplysith, gyplyso, gyplysoch, gyplysodd, gyplysom, gyplyson, gyplysont, gyplyswch, gyplyswn, gyplyswyd, gyplyswyf, gyplysych, gysyllta, gysyllta’, gysylltaf, gysylltai, gysylltais, gysylltaist, gysylltan, gysylltant, gysylltasai, gysylltasant, gysylltasech, gysylltasem, gysylltasent, gysylltasid, gysylltasit, gysylltasoch, gysylltasom, gysylltaswn, gysylltech, gysyllted, gysylltem, gysyllten, gysylltent, gysyllter, gysylltes, gysylltest, gysylltet, chysylltwyd, gysylltid, gysylltiff, gysylltir, gysylltith, gysyllto, gysylltoch, gysylltodd, gysylltom, gysyllton, gysylltont, gysylltwch, gysylltwn, gysylltwyd, gysylltwyf, gysylltych
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- cysylltucysyllteddcysylltulinkercysylltu

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Noun(1) the means of connection between things linked in series(2) a fastener that serves to join or connect(3) the state of being connected(4) a connecting shape(5) a unit of length equal to 1/100 of a chain(6) (computing(7) a channel for communication between groups(8) a two-way radio communication system (usually microwave(9) an interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data
Verb(1) make a logical or causal connection(2) connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces(3) be or become joined or united or linked(4) link with or as with a yoke

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(1) Dieticians say the survey shows the clear link between obesity and deprivation.(2) Bloggers link to articles and opinion pieces all the time without independently checking the facts in them.(3) sign language interpreters represent a vital link between the deaf and hearing communities(4) investigating a link between pollution and forest decline(5) Bloggers link to other blogger's posts to argue with them.(6) Our results suggest a possible causal link between airborne particulate matter from traffic and chronic respiratory symptoms.(7) Do not link more than three light strands, unless the directions indicate it is safe.(8) Officers believe the vandals followed a route as the targeted streets all link up with one another.(9) In these circumstances, and without more, it seems to me that the necessary causal link is sufficiently established.(10) a high-speed rail link to the Channel Tunnel(11) ministers are the vital link in the chain between the civil service and Parliament(12) Residents are set to fight plans for a proposed link road to ease traffic congestion between Wigan and Atherton.(13) Further, the committee also stated that all the link roads were carrying traffic much above their capacity.(14) The town is considering extending the trails to eventually link the entire route around the lake.(15) That is not the best position from which to link arms and march boldly towards the future.(16) they set up a satellite link with Tokyo
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Different Forms
link, linkage, linkages, linked, linker, linking
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