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edrych, disgwyl, dremu, edrychyd, hedrych, hedrychyd, hysbïo, nhremio, nhremu, nisgwyl, sbio, tremio, tremu, thremu, ysbïoedrych, edrychwch, edrychwn, disgwylia, disgwyliasant, disgwylia’, disgwyliaf, disgwyliai, disgwyliais, disgwyliaist, disgwylian, disgwyliant, disgwyliasai, disgwylied, disgwyliasech, disgwyliasem, disgwyliasent, disgwyliasid, disgwyliasit, disgwyliasoch, disgwyliasom, disgwyliaswn, disgwylid, disgwyliech, disgwylien, disgwyliom, dremiasant, disgwylient, disgwylier, disgwylies, disgwyliest, disgwyliet, disgwyliff, disgwylio, dremiych, disgwyliodd, disgwyli, disgwylion, disgwyliont, disgwylir, disgwylith, disgwyliwch, disgwyliwn, disgwyliwyd, disgwyliwyf, disgwylioch, dremiasech, dremia, dremia’, dremiaf, dremiai, dremiais, dremiaist, dremian, dremiant, dremiasai, dremied, dremi, dremiasem, dremiasent, dremiasid, dremiasit, dremiasoch, dremiasom, dremiaswn, dremid, dremiech, ddisgwylied, dremiom, dremien, dremient, dremier, dremies, dremiest, dremiet, dremiff, dremio, disgwyliych, dremiodd, dremiem, dremion, dremiont, dremir, dremith, dremiwch, dremiwn, dremiwyd, dremiwyf, dremioch, ddisgwyliasant, ddisgwyli, ddisgwylia, ddisgwylia’, ddisgwyliaf, ddisgwyliai, ddisgwyliais, ddisgwyliaist, ddisgwylian, ddisgwyliant, ddisgwyliech, ddisgwyl, ddisgwyliasech, ddisgwyliasem, ddisgwyliasent, ddisgwyliasid, ddisgwyliasit, ddisgwyliasoch, ddisgwyliasom, ddisgwyliaswn, ddisgwylid, ddisgwyliasai, ddisgwyliodd, ddisgwyliem, ddisgwylien, ddisgwylient, ddisgwylier, ddisgwylies, ddisgwyliest, ddisgwyliet, ddisgwyliff, sbia, ddisgwylioch, edrychen, ddisgwyliom, ddisgwylion, ddisgwyliont, ddisgwylir, ddisgwylith, ddisgwyliwch, ddisgwyliwn, ddisgwyliwyd, ddisgwylio, edrychasech, edrycha, edrycha’, edrychaf, edrychai, edrychais, edrychaist, edrychan, edrychant, edrychasai, edrychem, ddisgwyliych, edrychasem, edrychasent, edrychasid, edrychasit, edrychasoch, edrychasom, edrychaswn, edrychech, edryched, edrychasant, edrycho, edrychent, edrycher, edryches, edrychest, edrychet, edrychi, edrychid, edrychiff, ddisgwyliwyf, edrychith, disgwyliem, edrychoch, edrychodd, edrychom, edrychon, edrychont, edrychwyd, disgwyl, edrychych, edrychir, sbiasem, sbia’, sbiaf, sbiai, sbiais, sbiaist, sbian, sbiant, sbiasai, sbiasant, sbien, sbiith, sbiasent, sbiasid, sbiasit, sbiasoch, sbiasom, sbiaswn, sbiech, sbied, sbiem, sbiasech, sbio, sbient, sbier, sbies, sbiest, sbiet, sbii, sbiid, sbiiff, sbiir, sbiych, tremiwyf, sbioch, sbiodd, sbiom, sbion, sbiont, sbiwch, sbiwn, sbiwyd, sbiwyf, tremiasant, tremi, tremia, tremia’, tremiaf, tremiai, tremiais, tremiaist, tremian, tremied, tremiasai, tremioch, tremiasech, tremiasem, tremiasent, tremiasid, tremiasit, tremiasoch, tremiasom, tremiaswn, tremid, tremiant, tremiodd, tremiem, tremien, tremient, tremier, tremies, tremiest, tremiet, tremiff, tremio, tremiech, ysbiasech, tremiom, tremion, tremiont, tremir, tremith, tremiwch, tremiwn, tremiwyd, tremiych, thremiasech, thremia, thremia’, thremiaf, thremiai, thremiais, thremiaist, thremian, thremiant, thremiasai, thremied, thremi, thremiasem, thremiasent, thremiasid, thremiasit, thremiasoch, thremiasom, thremiaswn, thremid, thremiech, thremiasant, thremiom, thremien, thremient, thremier, thremies, thremiest, thremiet, thremiff, thremio, edrychwyf, thremiodd, ysbïent, thremion, thremiont, thremir, thremith, thremiwch, thremiwn, thremiwyd, thremiwyf, thremioch, ysbïen, ysbïa, ysbïa’, ysbïaf, ysbïai, ysbïais, ysbïaist, ysbïan, ysbïant, ysbiasai, ysbiasant, ysbïo, ysbiasem, ysbiasent, ysbiasid, ysbiasit, ysbiasoch, ysbiasom, ysbiaswn, ysbïech, ysbïed, ysbïem, ysbïoch, ysbïer, ysbïes, ysbïest, ysbïet, ysbii, ysbiid, ysbiiff, ysbiir, ysbiith, thremiych, thremiem, ysbïodd, ysbïom, ysbïon, ysbïont, ysbïwch, ysbïwn, ysbïwyd, ysbïwyf, ysbïychgolwg, olwg, edrychiad, drem, dremau, edrychiadau, ngolwg, hedrychiad, hedrychiadau, nhrem, nhremau, trem, tremau, threm, thremauhyli, hylwch, wele, yli, ylwch
Look :
- edrychedrychmerch ddel iawnedrychedrych

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Noun(1) the feelings expressed on a person's face(2) the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually(3) physical appearance(4) the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people
Verb(1) perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards(2) give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect(3) have a certain outward or facial expression(4) search or seek(5) be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to(6) take charge of or deal with(7) convey by one's expression(8) look forward to the probable occurrence of(9) accord in appearance with(10) have faith or confidence in

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(1) Italian designers unveiled their latest look(2) The flowers are lovely and they are sitting in vases, making our sitting room look beautiful.(3) I looked up to the transmitter controller who had a look of complete disbelief.(4) ÔÇÿOh and look , here's me and my friend Amy,ÔÇÖ Sarah said laughing at two girls in cheerleading uniforms.(5) he has a modern look(6) Pull over to the side of the road for a closer look , and you will find these seals amiable enough to photograph.(7) Mr. Scanlon is planning extensive renovations to give the premises a modern look .(8) Tomorrow we will take a quick look at the exam before doing a last review of the work.(9) the principal rooms look out over Nahant Bay(10) he just didn't look himself at all(11) they stopped to look at the view(12) The many parents that called to have a look and investigate places for their children enjoyed the visit.(13) it doesn't look like you'll be moving to Liverpool(14) he had a look of disgust(15) people finishing work don't look where they're going(16) the bedraggled look of the village
Related Words
1. glance ::
yr olwg
2. expression ::
3. appearance ::
4. fashion ::
5. spirit ::
6. looking at ::
edrych ar
7. glance at ::
cipolwg ar
8. command a view of ::
yn gorchymyn golwg ar
9. seem ::
yn ymddangos
10. face ::
11. search ::
12. count ::
13. attend ::
14. wait ::
15. appear ::
1. stifle ::
2. suppress ::
Different Forms
look, looked, looker, lookers, looking, looks
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Want to go look
at the stars?

Want to go LOOK at the stars?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 15

Don\'t look at me.\0

Don't LOOK at me.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 4

Look, I am in the \

Look, I am in the "Halo" battle of my life here.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 16

- I didn\'t get a good look. Can I go again?
- No.

- I didn't get a good LOOK. Can I go again? - No.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 11

Look, sweetie,

Look, sweetie,

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 23

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