English to Welsh Meaning :: make

gwneud, wneud, cyweirio, chreu, dwyn, ddwyn, gorfodi, greu, creu, nghreu, nghyweirio, ngorfodi, ngwneud, ngwneuthur, nwyn, wneuthur, gwneuthurgwneuthuriad, wneuthuriad, gwneuthuriadau, ngwneuthuriad, ngwneuthuriadau, wneuthuriadaugwnewch, creoch, crea’, creasoch, creasit, creasid, creasent, creasem, creasech, creasant, creasai, creant, crean, creaist, creais, creai, creaf, creaswn, creo, creith, crëit, crëir, creiff, crëid, crëi, creasom, crees, creer, creent, creen, creem, creed, creech, creodd, crëwyf, chyweiriai, cyweiriais, cyweiriai, cyweiriaf, cyweiria’, cyweiria, cyweiri, crëych, cyweiriem, crëwyd, crëwn, crëwch, creont, creon, creom, ddygasant, cyweiriasit, cyweiried, cyweiriech, cyweirid, cyweiriaswn, cyweiriasom, cyweiriasoch, cyweiriaist, cyweiriasid, cyweiriasent, cyweiriasem, cyweiriasech, cyweiriasant, cyweiriasai, cyweiriant, cyweirian, cyweirioch, chreasid, cyweiriwch, cyweirith, cyweirir, cyweiriont, cyweirion, cyweiriom, cyweiriodd, chreasent, cyweirio, cyweiriff, cyweiriet, cyweiriest, cyweiries, cyweirier, cyweirient, chrëwn, chreasem, chreasech, chreasant, chreasai, chreant, chrean, cyweiriwn, chreais, chreai, chreaf, chrea’, chrea, cyweiriych, cyweiriwyf, cyweiriwyd, chreen, cyweirien, chreiff, chrëid, chrëi, chreest, chrees, chreer, chreent, chyweiriaf, chreem, chreed, chreech, chreaswn, chreasom, chreasoch, chreasit, creest, chyweiria’, chyweiria, chyweiri, chrëych, chrëwyf, chrëwyd, chrëir, chrëwch, chreont, chreom, chreodd, chreoch, chreo, chreith, chrëit, chyweiriasem, chyweirith, chyweirid, chyweiriaswn, chyweiriasom, chyweiriasoch, chyweiriasit, chyweiriasid, chyweiriasent, chyweirir, chyweiriasech, chyweiriasant, chyweiriasai, chyweiriant, chyweirian, chyweiriaist, chyweiriais, dyged, chyweiriont, chyweirion, chyweiriom, chyweiriodd, chyweirioch, chyweirio, chyweiriech, chyweiriet, chyweiriest, chyweiries, chyweirier, chyweirient, chyweirien, chyweiriem, chyweiried, dygaf, crea, dygasant, dygasai, dygant, dygan, dygaist, dygais, dygai, dyget, dyga’, dwg, chyweiriych, chyweiriwyf, chyweiriwyd, chyweiriwn, chyweiriwch, chyweiriff, dygest, dyges, dyger, dygent, dygen, dygem, dygasech, dygech, dygaswn, dygasom, dygasoch, dygasit, dygasid, dygasent, dygasem, dygom, ddygaswn, dygych, dygwyf, dygwyd, dygwn, dygwch, dygont, dygon, ddygasom, dygodd, dygoch, dygo, dygith, dygir, dygiff, dygid, ddygych, ddygasoch, ddygasit, ddygasid, ddygasent, ddygasem, ddygasech, ddwg, ddygasai, ddygant, ddygan, ddygaist, ddygais, ddygai, ddygaf, ddyga’, ddygest, dygi, ddygo, ddygith, ddygir, ddygiff, ddygid, ddygi, ddyget, gorfodan, ddyges, ddyger, ddygent, ddygen, ddygem, ddyged, ddygech, chreaist, gorfodaist, gorfodais, gorfodai, gorfodaf, gorfoda’, gorfoda, ddygoch, ddygwyf, ddygwyd, ddygwn, ddygwch, ddygont, ddygon, ddygom, ddygodd, gorfodasoch, gorfodwyd, gorfodent, gorfoden, gorfodem, gorfoded, gorfodech, gorfodaswn, gorfodasom, gorfodwn, gorfodasit, gorfodasid, gorfodasent, gorfodasem, gorfodasech, gorfodasant, gorfodasai, greent, gorfodwch, gorfodont, gorfodon, gorfodom, gorfododd, gorfodoch, gorfoder, gorfodith, gorfodir, gorfodiff, gorfodid, gorfodi, gorfodet, gorfodest, gorfodes, greaist, gyweiriai, greasent, greasem, greasech, greasant, greasai, greant, grean, grëir, greais, greai, greaf, grea’, grea, gorfodych, gorfodwyf, gorfodo, greiff, grëid, grëi, greest, grees, greer, greasid, green, greem, greed, greech, greaswn, greasom, greasoch, greasit, grëwyd, gwnaethwn, gwnaf, gwnaed, gwnaech, gwna’, gwna, grëych, grëwyf, gwnaethpwyd, grëwn, grëwch, greont, greom, greodd, greoch, greo, greith, gwnaethost, gwnaethon, gwnaethom, gwnaethoch, gwnaethit, gwnaem, gwnaethent, gwnaethem, gwnaethech, gwnaethant, gwnaethai, gwnaeth, gwnaet, gwnaent, gwnaethid, gwneir, grëit, gwneler, gwnelent, gwnelem, gwneled, gwnelech, gwnelai, gwneith, gwnelid, gwneid, gwnei, gwnawn, gwnânt, gwnân, gwnaiff, gwnâi, wnaethant, gwnelit, gwneloch, gwnelom, gwnelont, gwnelwn, gwnelwyf, gwnelych, gwnes, gwnest, gwneuthum, gyweiri, gyweiria, gyweiria’, gyweiriaf, gwnelet, gyweiriasent, gyweirir, gyweirith, gyweirid, gyweiriaswn, gyweiriasom, gyweiriasoch, gyweiriasit, gyweiriasid, gyweiriont, gyweiriasem, gyweiriasech, gyweiriasant, gyweiriasai, gyweiriant, gyweirian, gyweiriaist, gyweiriais, gyweirion, gyweiriom, gyweiriodd, gyweirioch, gyweirio, gyweiriech, gyweiriet, gyweiriest, gyweiries, gyweirier, gyweirient, gyweirien, gyweiriem, gyweiried, gyweiriff, orfodai, orfodet, gorfodant, orfodasant, orfodasai, orfodant, orfodan, orfodaist, orfodais, orfodest, orfodaf, orfoda’, orfoda, gyweiriych, gyweiriwyf, gyweiriwyd, gyweiriwn, wnaethost, orfodes, orfoder, orfodent, orfoden, orfodem, orfodasech, orfodech, orfodaswn, orfodasom, orfodasoch, orfodasit, orfodasid, orfodasent, orfodasem, orfoded, orfodom, wnaethon, orfodych, orfodwyf, orfodwyd, orfodwn, orfodwch, orfodont, orfodon, wnaethom, orfododd, orfodoch, orfodo, orfodith, orfodir, orfodiff, orfodid, wnelont, wnaethoch, wnaethit, wnaethid, wnaethent, wnaethem, wnaethech, wna, wnaethai, wnaeth, wnaet, wnaent, wnaem, wnaed, wnaech, wna’, wnewch, wnaethpwyd, wnaethwn, wnaf, wnâi, wnaiff, wnân, wnânt, wnawn, wnei, wneid, wneir, wneith, wnelai, wnelech, orfodi, gyweiriwch, wneuthum, wnest, wnes, wnelych, wnelwyf, wnelwn, wneled, wnelom, wneloch, wnelit, wnelid, wnelet, wneler, wnelent, wnelem
Make :
- Creugwneuthuriadunmakeunmakes

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Noun(1) a recognizable kind(2) the act of mixing cards haphazardly
Verb(1) engage in(2) give certain properties to something(3) make or cause to be or to become(4) cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner(5) give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally(6) create or manufacture a man-made product(7) make, formulate, or derive in the mind(8) compel or make somebody or something to act in a certain way(9) create by artistic means(10) earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages(11) create or design, often in a certain way(12) to compose or represent(13) reach a goal(14) be or be capable of being changed or made into(15) make by shaping or bringing together constituents(16) perform or carry out

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(1) I find the flesh of the sweet potato makes a lovely smooth gnocchi so I often make this dish for supper.(2) his alleged quest to make it with the world's most attractive women(3) How kind of you to take the trouble to write and make such a tempting invite.(4) Only thing is, we now have to get back to Wimbledon to pick up the car to make a 1pm lunch date in Folkestone!(5) these dogs seldom make the news(6) Business is so good that Yuen and her partner have to make trips twice a week to bring in new stock.(7) make a list of all the points you can think of(8) How many are there? I make it sixteen(9) this will make a real mess of your work(10) decorative features make brickwork more interesting(11) don't forget to make your bed!(12) they didn't always make it on time(13) According the comments, I don't know how to make a bed properly.(14) The match was so much enjoyed by all concerned that it was unanimously agreed to make this the first of a regular series.(15) It usually takes at least two or three people to order enough dishes to make a good Chinese meal.(16) to make sb angry
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ennill lle yn
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lleddfu eich hun
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Different Forms
make, makes, unmake, unmakes
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