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tail, dail, wrtaith, thail, gwrtaith, dom, achles, gwrteithiau, ngwrtaith, ngwrteithiau, hachles, nhail, nhom, tom, thom, wrteithiauachlesu, deilo, gwrteithio, ngwrteithio, hachlesu, nheilo, teilo, theiloachlesasech, achlesasem, achlesa’, achlesaf, achlesai, achlesais, achlesaist, achlesan, achlesant, achlesasai, achlesasant, achlesych, gwrteithi, achlesasent, achlesasid, achlesasit, achlesasoch, achlesasom, achlesaswn, achlesech, achlesed, achlesem, achlesen, achlesent, achleser, achleses, achlesest, achleset, achlesi, achlesid, achlesiff, achlesir, achlesith, gwrteithiodd, achlesoch, achlesodd, achlesom, achleson, achlesont, achleswch, achleswn, achleswyd, achleswyf, gwrteithiasant, gwrteithiasech, gwrteithia, gwrteithia’, gwrteithiaf, gwrteithiai, gwrteithiais, gwrteithiaist, gwrteithian, gwrteithiant, gwrteithiasai, gwrteithiych, achlesa, gwrteithiasem, gwrteithiasent, gwrteithiasid, gwrteithiasit, gwrteithiasoch, gwrteithiasom, gwrteithiaswn, gwrteithid, gwrteithiech, gwrteithied, gwrteithiem, gwrteithien, gwrteithient, gwrteithier, gwrteithies, gwrteithiest, gwrteithiet, gwrteithiff, gwrteithio, gwrteithioch, achleso, gwrteithiom, gwrteithion, gwrteithiont, gwrteithir, gwrteithith, gwrteithiwch, gwrteithiwn, gwrteithiwyd, gwrteithiwyf, hachlesasech, hachlesasem, hachlesa’, hachlesaf, hachlesai, hachlesais, hachlesaist, hachlesan, hachlesant, hachlesasai, hachlesasant, hachlesych, wrteithi, hachlesasent, hachlesasid, hachlesasit, hachlesasoch, hachlesasom, hachlesaswn, hachlesech, hachlesed, hachlesem, hachlesen, hachlesent, hachleser, hachleses, hachlesest, hachleset, hachlesi, hachlesid, hachlesiff, hachlesir, hachlesith, wrteithiodd, hachlesoch, hachlesodd, hachlesom, hachleson, hachlesont, hachleswch, hachleswn, hachleswyd, hachleswyf, wrteithiasant, wrteithiasech, wrteithia, wrteithia’, wrteithiaf, wrteithiai, wrteithiais, wrteithiaist, wrteithian, wrteithiant, wrteithiasai, wrteithiych, hachlesa, wrteithiasem, wrteithiasent, wrteithiasid, wrteithiasit, wrteithiasoch, wrteithiasom, wrteithiaswn, wrteithid, wrteithiech, wrteithied, wrteithiem, wrteithien, wrteithient, wrteithier, wrteithies, wrteithiest, wrteithiet, wrteithiff, wrteithio, wrteithioch, hachleso, wrteithiom, wrteithion, wrteithiont, wrteithir, wrteithith, wrteithiwch, wrteithiwn, wrteithiwyd, wrteithiwyf
Manure :
- tailgwrteithiotailmanuring

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Noun(1) any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material
Verb(1) spread manure, as for fertilization

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(1) The size of farms increased, and large numbers of animals were used to provide power and to manure the soil.(2) Similarly, soil tests from land on which manure is applied ensure that nutrients in the soil remain at levels that can be used by the crop on an annual basis.(3) Pig and horse manure are just not rich enough for the roses.(4) In a feedlot, lots of animals deposit their manure on a small amount of bare land.(5) Phosphorus is the critical nutrient, not nitrogen, in calculating the amount of crop land needed to spread a unit of manure .(6) This can happen when apples drop to the ground in an orchard and land in deer droppings or livestock manure .(7) But a lot of community people are concerned with the effects of applying chicken manure to land.(8) Ancient farmers discovered that plant yield could be increased on a plot of land by spreading animal manure throughout.(9) There is absolutely no manure or animal products in my compost.(10) The increase in animal density has presented a challenge in the collection, storage, and land application of manure .(11) Along with the animals' manure , no other fertilizer should be necessary.(12) High rainfall washes more animal manure off the land into watercourses.(13) The bags are filled with manure comprising cow dung, neem cake, prawn shell powder and neopeat (coconut fibre).(14) Farmers commonly spread manure on their lands, a practice that often results in excess phosphorus being applied.(15) We spread manure on our land to help fertilize our crops without chemicals.(16) Grass clippings arrive throughout the mowing season, and horse manure is delivered year-round.
Related Words
(1) animal manure ::
tail anifeiliaid
1. dung ::
2. muck ::
3. excrement ::
5. ordure ::
6. guano ::
7. cow pats ::
pats buwch
8. fertilizer ::
9. cow chips ::
sglodion fuwch
10. road apples ::
afalau ar y ffyrdd
11. horse apples ::
afalau ceffyl
12. buffalo chips ::
sglodion byfflo
13. cow-pies ::
14. cow patties ::
patties buwch
15. cow flops ::
buwch fflops
17. scat ::
18. muck ::
Different Forms
manure, manured, manures, manuring
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