English to Welsh Meaning :: meet

cyfarfod, cwrdd, gyfarfod, cwrddyd, chwrddyd, chyfarfod, gwrddyd, nghwrdd, nghwrddyd, nghyfarfodgwrdd, cwrdd, cwrddaf, cwrddasai, cwrddai, cwrddais, cwrddaist, cwrddan, cwrddant, cwrddaswn, cwrddasant, cwrddasech, cwrddasem, cwrddasent, cwrddasid, cwrddasit, cwrddasoch, cwrddasom, cwrddith, cwrdda’, cyfarfyddech, cwrddech, cwrdded, cwrddem, cwrdden, cwrddent, cwrdder, cwrddes, cwrddest, cwrddet, cwrddi, cwrddid, cwrddiff, cwrddir, cwrddwyf, cyfarfu, cwrddom, cwrddon, cwrddont, cwrddwch, cwrddwn, cwrddwyd, cyfarfuasit, cwrddych, cwrddodd, cyfarfuant, cyfarfuasai, cyfarfuasech, cyfarfuasem, cyfarfuasent, cyfarfuasid, chwrddasant, cyfarfyddant, cwrddoch, cyfarfuaswn, cyfarfuesid, cyfarfûm, cyfarfuoch, cyfarfuom, cyfarfuost, cyfarfuwyd, cyfarfydda, cyfarfydda’, cyfarfyddaf, cyfarfyddai, cyfarfyddais, cyfarfyddaist, cyfarfyddan, cyfarfyddet, cyfarfyddom, cyfarfyddodd, cyfarfyddoch, cyfarfyddo, cyfarfyddit, cyfarfyddir, cyfarfyddid, cyfarfyddi, cyfarfyddon, cyfarfydder, cyfarfyddent, cyfarfydden, cyfarfyddem, cyfarfydded, cyfarfyddont, chwrddych, chwrddwyf, chyfarfu, cyfarfyddwch, cyfarfyddwn, cyfarfyddwyf, cyfarfyddych, cyferfydd, chwrdd, chwrdda’, chwrddaf, chwrddai, chwrddais, chwrddaist, chwrddan, chwrddant, chwrddasai, chwrddasent, chwrddech, chwrddet, chwrddest, chwrddes, chwrdder, chwrddent, chwrdden, chwrddem, chwrdded, chwrddi, chwrddaswn, chwrddasom, chwrddasoch, chwrddasit, chwrddasid, cwrddo, chwrddasem, chwrddasech, chwrddid, chwrddiff, chwrddir, chwrddith, chwrddo, chwrddoch, chwrddodd, chwrddom, chwrddon, chwrddont, chwrddwch, chwrddwn, chwrddwyd, chyfarfûm, chyfarfuasai, chyfarfuasech, chyfarfuasem, chyfarfuasent, chyfarfuasid, chyfarfuasit, chyfarfuaswn, chyfarfyddai, chyfarfyddo, chyfarfuoch, chyfarfuom, chyfarfuost, chyfarfuwyd, chyfarfydda, chyfarfydda’, chyfarfyddaf, chyfarfuesid, chyfarfyddais, chyfarfyddaist, chyfarfyddan, chyfarfyddant, chyfarfyddech, chyfarfydded, chyfarfyddem, chyfarfydden, chyfarfyddent, chyfarfydder, chyfarfyddet, chyfarfyddi, chyfarfyddid, chyfarfyddir, chyfarfyddit, chyfarfyddych, gwrdden, chyfarfyddodd, chyfarfyddom, chyfarfyddon, chyfarfyddont, chyfarfyddwch, chyfarfyddwn, chyfarfyddwyf, gwrddan, chyferfydd, gwrdda’, gwrddaf, gwrddai, gwrddais, chyfarfyddoch, gwrddaist, gyfarfyddaist, gwrddant, gwrddasai, gwrddasant, gwrddasech, gwrddasem, gwrddasent, gwrddasid, gwrddasit, gwrddasoch, gwrddasom, gwrddaswn, gwrddech, gwrdded, gwrddem, gwrddent, gwrddo, gwrddes, gwrddest, gwrddet, gwrddi, gwrddid, gwrddiff, gwrddwn, gwrddith, gwrdder, gwrddoch, gwrddodd, gwrddom, gwrddon, gwrddont, gwrddwch, gwrddir, gyferfydd, chyfarfuant, gwrddwyd, gwrddwyf, gwrddych, gyfarfu, gyfarfuant, gyfarfuasai, gyfarfuasech, gyfarfuasem, gyfarfuasent, gyfarfuasid, gyfarfuasit, gyfarfuaswn, gyfarfuesid, gyfarfûm, gyfarfuost, gyfarfydder, gyfarfyddent, gyfarfydden, gyfarfyddem, gyfarfydded, gyfarfyddech, gyfarfyddant, gyfarfyddan, gyfarfyddet, gyfarfyddais, gyfarfyddai, gyfarfyddaf, gyfarfydda’, gyfarfydda, gyfarfuwyd, gyfarfuoch, gyfarfuom, gyfarfyddi, gyfarfyddid, gyfarfyddir, gyfarfyddit, gyfarfyddo, gyfarfyddoch, gyfarfyddodd, gyfarfyddom, gyfarfyddon, gyfarfyddont, gyfarfyddwch, gyfarfyddwn, gyfarfyddwyf, gyfarfyddych
Meet :
- cyfarfodcwrddyn cyfarfod

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Noun(1) a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
Verb(1) come together(2) get together socially or for a specific purpose(3) be adjacent or come together(4) fill, satisfy or meet a want or need or condtion ro restriction(5) collect in one place(6) get to know; get acquainted with(7) meet by design; be present at the arrival of(8) contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle(9) experience as a reaction(10) undergo or suffer(11) be in direct physical contact with; make contact
Adjective(1) being precisely fitting and right

Show Examples

(1) Even if you've never been to a coursing meet , take yourself along to Patrickswell.(2) She's arranged to meet a few people in the Rising Sun for drinks after work.(3) until we meet again(4) All the assets of the fund are available to meet claims of all members, no matter to which category they belong.(5) The spokesperson said it could not afford to meet the claim as FLS was still losing money in Ireland.(6) the committee asked me to meet them to explain the case(7) Whilst shopping I bumped into Kath cycling through Camden and we arranged to meet up later.(8) He gave Stan a call and they have now arranged to meet up in Scarborough.(9) I couldn't meet her eye(10) I'd arranged to meet Kevin for the gym again, so stopped off at his on the way round from the station to pick him up.(11) they failed to meet the noon deadline(12) The student had tapped her name and mobile phone number into his phone and arranged to meet him for lunch before she left.(13) they failed to meet the necessary standards(14) where lines A and B meet(15) I'm sorry if it doesn't meet with your approval(16) Start by figuring out the mix of stocks, bonds and cash that will be required to meet your needs.
Related Words
(1) to meet ::
i gwrdd
1. event ::
2. sports meeting ::
cyfarfod chwaraeon
3. encounter ::
yn dod ar draws
4. get to know ::
dod i adnabod
5. assemble ::
6. converge ::
7. face ::
8. greet ::
9. fulfill ::
10. pay ::
11. come across ::
dod ar draws
12. receive ::
14. take on ::
cymryd ymlaen
16. conform to ::
cydymffurfio â
17. suffer ::
yn dioddef
18. adjoin ::
yn ffinio
19. fitting ::
1. disband ::
2. disperse ::
Different Forms
meet, meets
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Raj, Sheldon, I want you
to meet my girlfriend, Bernadette.

Raj, Sheldon, I want you to MEET my girlfriend, Bernadette.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 10

Okay, well, it\'s nice to meet you.

Okay, well, it's nice to MEET you.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 4

- Well, it was very nice meeting you.
- Nice to finally meet you too.

- Well, it was very nice MEETing you. - Nice to finally MEET you too.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 10

It\'s just my phone. I\'ll call him
and I\'ll have him meet me.

It's just my phone. I'll call him and I'll have him MEET me.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 13

SHELDON: Nice to meet you, Professor Proton. "' alt="SHELDON: Nice to meet you, Professor Proton. " style="width:100%">

SHELDON: Nice to MEET you, Professor Proton.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 22

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