English to Welsh Meaning :: mention

sôn, crybwyll, grybwyll, chrybwyll, dweud, dywedyd, ddweud, ddywedyd, nghrybwyll, nweud, nywedydsôn, crybwylliad, crybwylliadau, chrybwylliad, chrybwylliadau, grybwylliad, grybwylliadau, nghrybwylliad, nghrybwylliadaucrybwyllant, crybwyllasoch, crybwyllasit, crybwyllasid, crybwyllasent, crybwyllasem, crybwyllasech, crybwyllasant, crybwyllasai, chrybwyllent, crybwyllan, crybwyllaist, crybwyllais, crybwyllai, crybwyllaf, crybwylla’, crybwyllasom, chrybwyllen, crybwyllaswn, crybwyllech, crybwylled, crybwyllem, crybwyllen, crybwyllent, crybwyller, crybwylles, crybwyllest, crybwyllet, crybwylli, crybwyllid, crybwylliff, crybwyllir, crybwyllith, crybwylloch, chrybwyllaist, chrybwyllais, chrybwyllai, chrybwyllaf, chrybwylla’, chrybwylla, crybwyllych, crybwyllwyf, chrybwyllan, crybwyllwn, crybwyllwch, crybwyllont, crybwyllon, crybwyllom, crybwyllodd, dywedi, crybwyllo, chrybwyllant, chrybwyllasai, chrybwyllasant, chrybwyllasech, chrybwyllasem, chrybwyllasent, chrybwyllasid, chrybwyllasit, chrybwyllasoch, chrybwyllasom, chrybwyllaswn, chrybwyllech, chrybwylled, chrybwyllem, crybwylla, chrybwyller, chrybwylles, chrybwyllest, chrybwyllet, chrybwylli, chrybwyllid, chrybwylliff, chrybwyllir, chrybwyllith, chrybwyllo, chrybwylloch, chrybwyllodd, chrybwyllom, chrybwyllon, chrybwyllont, chrybwyllwch, chrybwyllwn, chrybwyllwyd, chrybwyllwyf, chrybwyllych, dywed, dyweda’, dywedaf, dywedai, dywedais, dywedaist, dywedan, dywedant, dywedasai, dywedasant, dywedasech, dywedasem, dywedasent, dywedasid, dywedasit, dywedasoch, dywedasom, dywedaswn, dywedech, dyweded, dywedem, dyweden, dywedent, dyweder, dywedes, dywedest, dywedet, crybwyllwyd, dywedid, dywediff, dywedir, dywedith, dywedo, dywedoch, dywedodd, dywedom, dywedon, dywedont, dywedwch, dywedwn, dywedwyd, dywedwyf, dywedych, ddywedant, ddywedasoch, ddywedasit, ddywedasid, ddywedasent, ddywedasem, ddywedasech, ddywedasant, ddywedasai, grybwyllent, ddywedan, ddywedaist, ddywedais, ddywedai, ddywedaf, ddyweda’, ddywedasom, grybwyllen, ddywedaswn, ddywedech, ddyweded, ddywedem, ddyweden, ddywedent, ddyweder, ddywedes, ddywedest, ddywedet, ddywedi, ddywedid, ddywediff, ddywedir, ddywedith, ddywedoch, grybwyllaist, grybwyllais, grybwyllai, grybwyllaf, grybwylla’, grybwylla, ddywedych, ddywedwyf, grybwyllan, ddywedwn, ddywedwch, ddywedont, ddywedon, ddywedom, ddywedodd, sonio, ddywedo, grybwyllant, grybwyllasai, grybwyllasant, grybwyllasech, grybwyllasem, grybwyllasent, grybwyllasid, grybwyllasit, grybwyllasoch, grybwyllasom, grybwyllaswn, grybwyllech, grybwylled, grybwyllem, ddywed, grybwyller, grybwylles, grybwyllest, grybwyllet, grybwylli, grybwyllid, grybwylliff, grybwyllir, grybwyllith, grybwyllo, grybwylloch, grybwyllodd, grybwyllom, grybwyllon, grybwyllont, grybwyllwch, grybwyllwn, grybwyllwyd, grybwyllwyf, grybwyllych, sonia, sonia’, soniaf, soniai, soniais, soniaist, sonian, soniant, soniasai, soniasant, soniasech, soniasem, soniasent, soniasid, soniasit, soniasoch, soniasom, soniaswn, soniech, sonied, soniem, sonien, sonient, sonier, sonies, soniest, soniet, ddywedwyd, sonioch, soniodd, soniom, sonion, soniont, soniwch, soniwn, soniwyd, soniwyf, soniych, sonni, sonnid, sonniff, sonnir, sonnith
Mention :
- sôngrybwyllwydgrybwyllsôn

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Noun(1) a remark that calls attention to something or someone(2) a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage(3) an official recognition of merit
Verb(1) make reference to(2) make mention of(3) commend

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(1) I suggest to listeners who are interested in this debate that they listen to some of the commentators' views, and I will mention three of them briefly.(2) The rarity of such a scene gives it a mildly startling effect here, which I thought was worthy of a mention .(3) she didn't mention his name(4) She made no mention of the challenges faced by the workers exploited by the minimum-wage employers.(5) he received a special mention and a prize of Ôö¼├║100(6) I briefly mention the difficulty of shopping with one eye in bandage.(7) she made no mention of her disastrous trip to Paris(8) He mentioned that prank calls had been received but he made no mention of a death threat.(9) But other plants are equally worthy of a mention .(10) Had Celtic been winning at the time, his error would not have received a mention .(11) In its defense, the book does very briefly mention these events on an earlier page.(12) Also worthy of a mention at this juncture are the two tasty releases I received recently from Hit and Run records featuring the multi genre defying Audio Deluxe.(13) A couple of good character actors caught my eye and are worthy of a mention .(14) That's like trying to talk about the history of free market economics and not mention the name Adam Smith.(15) He named a member to contact in Newry but insisted that the Democrat didn't mention him as the source of the information if that person was contacted.(16) She made no mention of any physical threat to her when she was last arrested in any of her previous statements or interview.
Related Words
(1) not to mention ::
heb sôn am
1. reference to ::
cyfeiriad at
2. recommendation ::
3. honorable mention ::
sôn anrhydeddus
4. reference ::
5. citation ::
6. allude to ::
cyfeirio at
7. state ::
8. recommend ::
9. cite ::
10. observe ::
Different Forms
mention, mentioned, mentioning, mentions
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