English to Welsh Meaning :: misinterpret

gamddehongli, camddehongli, chamddehongli, camddehonglasoch, camddehongla’, camddehonglasit, camddehonglasid, camddehonglasent, camddehonglasem, camddehonglasech, camddehonglasant, camddehonglasai, camddehonglant, camddehonglan, camddehonglaist, camddehonglais, camddehonglai, camddehonglaf, camddehonglo, camesbonient, camddehonglaswn, camddehonglech, camddehongled, camddehonglem, camddehonglen, camddehonglent, camddehongler, camddehongles, camddehonglest, camddehonglet, camddehonglid, camddehongliff, camddehonglir, camddehonglith, camddehonglodd, camddehongloch, chamddehonglasech, camddehonglom, camddehonglon, camddehonglont, camddehonglwch, camddehonglwn, camddehonglwyd, camddehonglwyf, camddehonglych, camesbonia, camesbonia’, camesboniaf, camesboniai, camesboniais, camesboniaist, camddehonglasom, camesboniant, camesboniasai, camesboniasant, camesboniasech, camesboniasem, camesboniasent, camesboniasid, camesboniasit, camesboniasoch, camesboniasom, camesboniaswn, camesboniech, camesbonied, camesboniem, camesbonien, camesboniych, camesbonni, camesbonier, camesbonies, camesboniest, camesboniet, camesbonio, camesbonioch, camesboniodd, camesboniom, camesbonion, camesboniont, camesboniwch, camesboniwn, camesboniwyd, camesboniwyf, camddehongla, chamesbonia’, camesbonnid, camesbonniff, camesbonnir, camesbonnith, chamddehongla, chamddehongla’, chamddehonglaf, chamddehonglai, chamddehonglais, chamddehonglaist, chamddehonglan, chamddehonglant, chamddehonglasai, chamddehonglasant, chamddehonglasem, chamddehonglasent, chamddehonglasid, chamddehonglasit, chamddehonglasoch, chamddehonglasom, chamddehonglaswn, chamddehonglech, chamddehongled, chamddehonglem, chamddehonglen, chamddehonglent, chamddehongler, chamddehongles, chamddehonglest, chamddehonglet, chamddehonglid, chamddehongliff, chamddehonglir, chamddehonglith, chamddehonglo, chamddehongloch, chamddehonglodd, chamddehonglom, chamddehonglon, chamddehonglont, chamddehonglwch, chamddehonglwn, chamddehonglwyd, chamddehonglwyf, chamddehonglych, chamesboniwch, chamesboniaf, chamesboniai, chamesboniais, chamesboniaist, chamesbonian, chamesboniant, chamesboniasai, chamesboniasant, chamesboniasech, chamesboniasem, chamesboniasent, chamesboniasid, chamesboniasit, chamesboniasoch, chamesboniasom, chamesboniaswn, chamesboniech, chamesbonied, chamesboniem, chamesbonien, chamesbonient, chamesbonier, chamesbonies, chamesboniest, chamesboniet, chamesbonio, chamesbonioch, chamesboniodd, chamesboniom, chamesbonion, gamddehonglent, gamddehonglaist, chamesbonniff, gamddehonglais, gamddehonglai, gamddehonglaf, gamddehongla’, gamddehongla, chamesbonnith, chamesbonnir, chamesboniwn, chamesbonnid, chamesbonni, chamesboniych, chamesboniwyf, chamesboniwyd, chamesboniont, gamesbonio, gamddehonglan, gamddehonglant, gamddehonglasai, gamddehonglasant, gamddehonglasech, gamddehonglasem, gamddehonglasent, gamddehonglasid, gamddehonglasit, gamddehonglasoch, gamddehonglasom, gamddehonglaswn, gamddehonglech, gamddehongled, gamddehonglem, gamddehonglen, chamesbonia, gamddehongler, gamddehongles, gamddehonglest, gamddehonglet, gamddehonglid, gamddehongliff, gamddehonglir, gamddehonglith, gamddehonglo, gamddehongloch, gamddehonglodd, gamddehonglom, gamddehonglon, gamddehonglont, gamddehonglwch, gamddehonglwn, gamddehonglwyd, gamddehonglwyf, gamddehonglych, gamesbonia, gamesbonia’, gamesboniaf, gamesboniai, gamesboniais, gamesboniaist, gamesbonian, gamesboniant, gamesboniasai, gamesboniasant, gamesboniasech, gamesboniasem, gamesboniasent, gamesboniasid, gamesboniasit, gamesboniasoch, gamesboniasom, gamesboniaswn, gamesboniech, gamesbonied, gamesboniem, gamesbonien, gamesbonient, gamesbonier, gamesbonies, gamesboniest, gamesboniet, camesbonian, gamesbonioch, gamesboniodd, gamesboniom, gamesbonion, gamesboniont, gamesboniwch, gamesboniwn, gamesboniwyd, gamesboniwyf, gamesboniych, gamesbonni, gamesbonnid, gamesbonniff, gamesbonnir, gamesbonnithcamddehongli, camesbonio, nghamddehongli, nghamesbonio
Misinterpret :
- gamddehonglicamddehonglicamddehonglicamddehonglicamddehongli

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Verb(1) interpret falsely(2) interpret wrongly(3) interpret in the wrong way

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(1) Broadly speaking, if you are lucky enough to find that life is kind, and there is not much cause to be angry with it, then there is a tendency to misinterpret other people's anger as peevish cynicism.(2) Perhaps of even more concern, these stereotypes may lead people to misread or misinterpret another person's emotions.(3) Don't get me wrong and don't willfully misinterpret me.(4) Well, we know a lot about the behavior of the phenomena; we also know people make mistakes and misinterpret things.(5) What do you do if a child is crying or playing on a dangerous road: do you intervene or walk by in case anyone misinterprets your motives?(6) He pores carefully over the text to find his mistake or a possible misinterpretation .(7) It was hijacked by one person who took over the meeting and misinterpreted the facts to scare people.(8) But if somebody misinterprets my personality, or my honesty, I will challenge that.(9) Those of us who have been covering presidential politics since the 1980s understand the risk of misinterpreting the results on an evening when votes are being cast across the country.(10) The documents supplied by the banks gave unclear and misleading information, which resulted in borrowers misinterpreting the facts.(11) Someone incorrectly parsed the new statement by misinterpreting the graphics.(12) If this person misinterprets the words, is it the speaker's fault?(13) He also said that officials had made other misinterpretations including mistaking a dyke for a stone wall boundary.(14) There is no way to plead mistaken identity or misinterpretation of intentions.(15) The way he to misinterprets movies, dismisses anything he doesn't understand (which is a lot), and venerates Inspector Gadget and Star Wars as the twin shining beacons of Western cultural achievement fills me with an untold rage.(16) Well I'm sorry If somebody misinterprets it like that.
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Different Forms
misinterpret, misinterpretation, misinterpretations, misinterpreted, misinterpreting, misinterprets
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