English to Welsh Meaning :: mourn

galaru, alaru, ngalarualarent, alara’, alaraf, alarai, alarais, alaraist, alaran, alarant, alarasai, alarasant, alarasech, alaro, alarasent, alarasid, alarasit, alarasoch, alarasom, alaraswn, alarech, alared, alarem, alaren, alaroch, alarer, alares, alarest, alaret, alari, alarid, alariff, alarir, alarith, alara, alarasem, alarodd, alarom, alaron, alaront, alarwch, alarwn, alarwyd, alarwyf, alarych, galarent, galara’, galaraf, galarai, galarais, galaraist, galaran, galarant, galarasai, galarasant, galarasech, galaro, galarasent, galarasid, galarasit, galarasoch, galarasom, galaraswn, galarech, galared, galarem, galaren, galaroch, galarer, galares, galarest, galaret, galari, galarid, galariff, galarir, galarith, galara, galarasem, galarodd, galarom, galaron, galaront, galarwch, galarwn, galarwyd, galarwyf, galarych
Mourn :
- galaruyn galarugalarwrmournfulgalaru

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Verb(1) feel sadness(2) observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one

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(1) Of course she is entitled to mourn her late husband and the other thousands of young men from Britain who gave their lives.(2) Those two survivors will need to live with their loss and their sorrow as they mourn their colleagues.(3) Many people had come to mourn the quiet woman who had taught literature at the college.(4) Although most individuals did not mourn its disappearance, there were some that did.(5) I don't think we should mourn the demise of our deeply-flawed nations.(6) Dressed in widows weeds to mourn her beloved husband, her black clothing merely enhanced the strict lines of her face.(7) she had to mourn for her friends who died in the accident(8) Usually, in an accident of this kind, we mourn the people who have died.(9) The nation continues to mourn the loss of the Community Police as a functioning unit.(10) He was lost in battle to his only enemy, and he was mourned for years after his death by the people who had grown to love him.(11) Northampton is mourning the loss of one of its elderly residents.(12) Classical musicians are mourning the demise of the country's last radio orchestra, set to disband in November after championing the works of Canadian composers for 70 years and producing award-winning recordings.(13) She is mourned by her husband, sons, daughters, grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends.(14) At the policeman's funeral, the mayor of his village mourns him and is sad at the prospect of new burials.(15) Kafka was supposedly mourning the loss of spirituality and mysticism in the modern age - so perhaps he would have been heartened by Blaine's revival of public interest in the art.(16) Jillian admitted that she still mourns the loss of her first true love.
Related Words
(1) mourn for ::
galaru am
1. grieve for ::
galaru am
2. sorrow over ::
tristwch dros
3. lament for ::
galarnad am
4. weep for ::
wylo am
1. delight ::
2. joy ::
Different Forms
mourn, mourned, mourner, mourners, mournful, mourns
English to Welsh Dictionary: mourn

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