English to Welsh Meaning :: offset

gwrthbwyso, wrthbwyso, gwrthbwysaf, gwrthbwysasech, gwrthbwysai, gwrthbwysais, gwrthbwysaist, gwrthbwysan, gwrthbwysant, gwrthbwysasai, gwrthbwysasant, gwrthbwysen, gwrthbwysasem, gwrthbwysasent, gwrthbwysasid, gwrthbwysasit, gwrthbwysasoch, gwrthbwysasom, gwrthbwysaswn, gwrthbwysech, gwrthbwysed, gwrthbwysem, gwrthbwysent, gwrthbwysodd, gwrthbwyser, gwrthbwyses, gwrthbwysest, gwrthbwyset, gwrthbwysi, gwrthbwysid, gwrthbwysiff, gwrthbwysir, gwrthbwysa, gwrthbwysoch, gwrthbwysa’, gwrthbwysom, gwrthbwyson, gwrthbwysont, gwrthbwyswch, gwrthbwyswn, gwrthbwyswyd, gwrthbwyswyf, gwrthbwysych, gwrthbwysith, wrthbwysasent, wrthbwysaf, wrthbwysai, wrthbwysais, wrthbwysaist, wrthbwysan, wrthbwysant, wrthbwysasai, wrthbwysasant, wrthbwysasech, wrthbwysasem, wrthbwysa’, wrthbwysasid, wrthbwysasit, wrthbwysasoch, wrthbwysasom, wrthbwysaswn, wrthbwysech, wrthbwysed, wrthbwysen, wrthbwysem, wrthbwysodd, wrthbwyser, wrthbwyses, wrthbwysest, wrthbwyset, wrthbwysi, wrthbwysid, wrthbwysiff, wrthbwysir, wrthbwysa, wrthbwysoch, wrthbwysent, wrthbwysom, wrthbwyson, wrthbwysont, wrthbwyswch, wrthbwyswn, wrthbwyswyd, wrthbwyswyf, wrthbwysych, wrthbwysithgwrthbwyso, ngwrthbwyso
Offset :
- wrthbwysogwrthbwyso

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Noun(1) the time at which something is supposed to begin(2) a compensating equivalent(3) a horizontal branch from the base of plant that produces new plants from buds at its tips(4) a natural consequence of development(5) a plate makes an inked impression on a rubber-blanketed cylinder, which in turn transfers it to the paper(6) structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly
Verb(1) compensate for or counterbalance(2) make up for(3) cause (printed matter(4) create an offset in(5) produce by offset printing

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(1) The architecture has a block that measures and cancels any remaining DC offset .(2) This will allow for the offset of the venting elbow.(3) When an offset forms, let it grow to at least half the size of the mother plant before separating.(4) Economics teaches us that lower margins are not necessarily bad and can be offset when a market is growing rapidly.(5) several places where the ridge was offset at right angles to its length(6) First comes the original measurement, then the actual offset between brackets, then the margin of error.(7) The results are centered, economic, and if occasionally obvious, prove an effective offset to vocals that run from austere to jarringly dense and discordant.(8) With job losses in manufacturing and agriculture offset by job gains in construction, unemployment has remained low.(9) The FIFO buffer is sized to include a number of storage cells equal to the product of the maximum frequency offset between the write clock and read clock and the maximum number of data units in a packet.(10) They are printed by offset and are sold by open subscription.(11) There was, however, property tax on man-made capital to be reduced as an offset to higher tax on pure land rents.(12) Previously, acute staff shortages had been partially offset by large amounts of overtime.(13) Beams spanning the roof to shoring towers on either side were located slightly offset from roof arches, which align with skylight mullions.(14) Lay out the pieces offset like bricks, in three rows of four rectangles.(15) Because oil is priced in dollars the surge in oil prices for the past few years has been offset by the strong euro which traded as high as $1.33 at one point in the cycle.(16) An increasing university student population has partly offset these effects.
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oddi ar set
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argraffu offset
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Different Forms
offset, offsets
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