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archebu, harchebu, gwneud, gwneuthur, ngwneud, ngwneuthur, wneud, wneuthurgorchymyn, drefn, trefn, archeb, archebion, gradd, ngradd, harcheb, harchebion, hurdd, hurddau, nhrefn, radd, threfn, urdd, urddauarchebasem, archebasent, archeba’, archebaf, archebai, archebais, archebaist, archeban, archebant, archebasai, archebasant, archebasech, gwnaed, gwnaem, archebasid, archebasit, archebasoch, archebasom, archebaswn, archebech, archebed, archebem, archeben, archebent, archeber, archebes, archebest, archebet, archebi, archebid, archebiff, archebir, archebith, archebo, archeboch, archebodd, gwnelit, archebon, archebont, archebwch, archebwn, archebwyd, archebwyf, archebych, gwna, gwna’, gwnaech, archeba, gwnaent, gwnaet, gwnaeth, gwnaethai, gwnaethant, gwnaethech, gwnaethem, gwnaethent, gwnaethid, gwnaethit, gwnaethoch, gwnaethom, gwnaethon, gwnaethost, gwnaethpwyd, gwnaethwn, gwnaf, gwnâi, gwnaiff, gwnân, gwnânt, gwnawn, gwnei, gwneid, gwneir, gwneith, gwnelai, gwnelech, gwneled, gwnelem, gwnelent, gwneler, gwnelet, gwnelid, archebom, gwneloch, gwnelom, gwnelont, gwnelwn, gwnelwyf, gwnelych, gwnes, gwnest, gwneuthum, gwnewch, harchebasem, harchebasent, harcheba’, harchebaf, harchebai, harchebais, harchebaist, harcheban, harchebant, harchebasai, harchebasant, harchebasech, wnaed, wnaem, harchebasid, harchebasit, harchebasoch, harchebasom, harchebaswn, harchebech, harchebed, harchebem, harcheben, harchebent, harcheber, harchebes, harchebest, harchebet, harchebi, harchebid, harchebiff, harchebir, harchebith, harchebo, harcheboch, harchebodd, wnelit, harchebon, harchebont, harchebwch, harchebwn, harchebwyd, harchebwyf, harchebych, wna, wna’, wnaech, harcheba, wnaent, wnaet, wnaeth, wnaethai, wnaethant, wnaethech, wnaethem, wnaethent, wnaethid, wnaethit, wnaethoch, wnaethom, wnaethon, wnaethost, wnaethpwyd, wnaethwn, wnaf, wnâi, wnaiff, wnân, wnânt, wnawn, wnei, wneid, wneir, wneith, wnelai, wnelech, wneled, wnelem, wnelent, wneler, wnelet, wnelid, harchebom, wneloch, wnelom, wnelont, wnelwn, wnelwyf, wnelych, wnes, wnest, wneuthum, wnewch
Order :
- gorchymynarchebuarchebugorchmynionsuborder

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Noun(1) (often plural, e.g., a military or law enforcement officer(2) a degree in a continuum of size or quantity(3) established customary state (especially of society(4) logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements(5) a condition of regular or proper arrangement(6) a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge(7) a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities(8) a formal association of people with similar interests(9) a body of rules followed by an assembly(10) (usually plural(11) a group of person living under a religious rule(12) (biology(13) a request for something to be made, supplied, or served(14) (architecture(15) the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement
Verb(1) give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority(2) make a request for something(3) issue commands or orders for(4) bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations(5) bring order to or into(6) place in a certain order(7) appoint to a clerical posts(8) arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events(9) assign a rank or rating to

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(1) He had to create order and purpose in the midst of a terrible chaos.(2) The pair were given a shared custody order by a Pasadena court on July 27, 1999 with equal rights and duties.(3) A political order that produces a choice between two such candidates has lost all credibility.(4) to order things by date(5) and that's an order!(6) It is the duty of the courts to ensure that there is order under the rule of law.(7) what's your order?(8) Her vibrancy, dramatic range and willowy elegance make her a classical ballerina of the highest order .(9) So where did this order come from - government or senior management?(10) According to the evolutionary sequence, the biblical order of creation is all wrong.(11) I order shoes straight from Manolo Blahnik, or I buy them from Harrods.(12) A High Court judge made an order which will result in the twins being returned to Missouri in the United States where they were born.(13) the company has won an order for six tankers(14) He was given a community service order and put on probation.(15) One day I'll reorganise the sections into some semblance of order .(16) the house had only just been vacated and was in good order
Related Words
(1) in order to ::
er mwyn
1. sequence ::
3. peace ::
4. condition ::
5. command ::
6. commission ::
7. class ::
9. taxonomic group ::
grŵp tacsonomig
10. community ::
11. type ::
13. order of magnitude ::
drefn maint
14. orderliness ::
15. holy order ::
gorchymyn sanctaidd
16. club ::
17. parliamentary law ::
cyfraith seneddol
19. purchase order ::
gorchymyn prynu
20. monastic order ::
urdd fynachaidd
21. instruct ::
22. decree ::
23. request ::
24. organize ::
25. govern ::
27. place ::
28. tell ::
29. dictate ::
30. consecrate ::
1. derange ::
2. disarrange ::
3. disarray ::
4. disorder ::
5. rumple ::
6. upset ::
Different Forms
order, ordered, ordering, orderings, orders, suborder, suborders
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