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gorlwytho, orlwytho, gorlwythaf, gorlwythasech, gorlwythai, gorlwythais, gorlwythaist, gorlwythan, gorlwythant, gorlwythasai, gorlwythasant, gorlwythen, gorlwythasem, gorlwythasent, gorlwythasid, gorlwythasit, gorlwythasoch, gorlwythasom, gorlwythaswn, gorlwythech, gorlwythed, gorlwythem, gorlwythent, gorlwythodd, gorlwyther, gorlwythes, gorlwythest, gorlwythet, gorlwythi, gorlwythid, gorlwythiff, gorlwythir, gorlwytha, gorlwythoch, gorlwytha’, gorlwythom, gorlwython, gorlwythont, gorlwythwch, gorlwythwn, gorlwythwyd, gorlwythwyf, gorlwythych, gorlwythith, orlwythasent, orlwythaf, orlwythai, orlwythais, orlwythaist, orlwythan, orlwythant, orlwythasai, orlwythasant, orlwythasech, orlwythasem, orlwytha’, orlwythasid, orlwythasit, orlwythasoch, orlwythasom, orlwythaswn, orlwythech, orlwythed, orlwythen, orlwythem, orlwythodd, orlwyther, orlwythes, orlwythest, orlwythet, orlwythi, orlwythid, orlwythiff, orlwythir, orlwytha, orlwythoch, orlwythent, orlwythom, orlwython, orlwythont, orlwythwch, orlwythwn, orlwythwyd, orlwythwyf, orlwythych, orlwythithgorlwytho, ngorlwytho
Overburden :
- gorlwythgorlwythogorlwythooverburdens

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Noun(1) the surface soil that must be moved away to get at coal seams and mineral deposits(2) an excessive burden
Verb(1) burden with too much work or responsibility(2) load with excessive weight

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(1) Conversely, in an extensional basin, older strata would be expected to develop higher grades beneath an overburden of younger rocks.(2) In-situ methods make more economic sense for deposits covered by more than 75 m of overburden .(3) Continued compaction by overburden then converts lignite into bituminous coal and finally, anthracite coal.(4) These indicate that the thermal alteration is due to thrust loading and not to pre-thrust sedimentary overburden .(5) All topsoil and vegetative overburden shall be removed and separately stored along the north eastern boundary of the site to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority.(6) Equipment was small and most miners removed all overburden by washing it down the creeks.(7) The current planning application provides for the Moira site to be restored by filling with overburden from mineral operations at Albion.(8) The disease has led to a huge orphan crisis, creating an overburden on an already stressed medical system.(9) The economic cost of these factors could be reflected by an overburden of social medical response that could eventually deny health services for the masses, in many nations.(10) The workings were confined to several, steep-sided gorges from which the miners extracted fibre with some difficulty, mostly either by blast-removing overburden to expose benches or by underground mining.(11) Overpressured prodelta shales may act as a decoupling zone between the structural basement and deltaic overburden .(12) It is proposed that evaporite dissolution led to the collapse of the weakly lithified overburden , and this deformed with a series of concentric extensional faults.(13) the kaolin is mined by removing the overburden and digging a pit(14) Features shared by the Lake Hope structures and many physical diapiric models are local ductile extension and thinning of the overburden overlying anticlinal ridges of the active boundary.(15) Underneath the muskeg is a layer of sand, rock and overburden , a clay-like material.(16) Localized high-magnitude overpressures are also observed within pressure compartments in the deltaic overburden in the inner shelf.
1. overload ::
Different Forms
overburden, overburdened, overburdening, overburdens
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