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dymchweliad, dymchweliadau, ddymchweliad, ddymchweliadau, gorchfygiad, gorchfygiadau, ngorchfygiad, ngorchfygiadau, nymchweliad, nymchweliadau, orchfygiad, orchfygiadauddymchwel, dymchwel, dymchwelent, dymchwela’, dymchwelem, dymchwelaf, dymchwelai, dymchwelais, dymchwelaist, dymchwelan, dymchwelant, dymchwelasai, dymchwelasant, dymchwelen, dymchwelasem, dymchwelasent, dymchwelasid, dymchwelasit, dymchwelasoch, dymchwelasom, dymchwelaswn, dymchwelech, dymchweled, dymchweler, dymchweloch, dymchweles, dymchwelest, dymchwelet, dymchweli, dymchwelid, dymchweliff, dymchwelir, dymchwelith, ddymchwela’, dymchwelo, dymchwelodd, dymchwelom, dymchwelon, dymchwelont, dymchwelwch, dymchwelwn, dymchwelwyd, dymchwelwyf, dymchwelych, ddymchwelasent, ddymchwelaf, ddymchwelai, ddymchwelais, ddymchwelaist, ddymchwelan, ddymchwelant, ddymchwelasai, ddymchwelasant, ddymchwelasech, ddymchwelen, ddymchwelych, ddymchwelasid, ddymchwelasit, ddymchwelasoch, ddymchwelasom, ddymchwelaswn, ddymchwelech, ddymchweled, ddymchwelem, ddymchwelasem, ddymchwelo, ddymchwelent, ddymchweler, ddymchweles, ddymchwelest, ddymchwelet, ddymchweli, ddymchwelid, ddymchweliff, ddymchwelir, ddymchwelwyf, dymchwelasech, ddymchweloch, ddymchwelodd, ddymchwelom, ddymchwelon, ddymchwelont, ddymchwelwch, ddymchwelwn, ddymchwelwyd, ddymchwelithdymchwel, ddymchwelyd, dymchwelyd, nymchwel, nymchwelyd
Overthrow :
- dymchweliadoverthrowingoverthrows

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Noun(1) the termination of a ruler or institution (especially by force(2) the act of disturbing the mind or body
Verb(1) cause the downfall of; of rulers(2) rule against

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(1) When Zimbabwe became independent in 1980, it pointed the way for South Africa to overthrow apartheid and establish a multi-racial democracy.(2) There was only one problem: just as America was about to assume global leadership, the overthrow of world capitalism had been announced in the form of the Russian Revolution.(3) They would create some kind of great force that would overthrow the old order.(4) Early last century, the Bolshevik was plotting the overthrow of capitalism.(5) It is a stirring, brutal tale of conspiracy and intrigue, treachery and dissent, the overthrow of a hapless leader named Duncan.(6) Only an overthrow by Manning prevented a long touchdown.(7) A violent act by a slave against a white person could never be just that; it always carried with it the implicit threat of slave rebellion and the overthrow of white power.(8) their subversive activities are calculated to overthrow parliamentary democracy(9) The Taoiseach flouted his constitutional duty and lined-up with other Governments against the Irish people order to overthrow last year's democratic referendum result.(10) Plotting the overthrow of a foreign government, however tyrannical, became a criminal offence.(11) plotting the overthrow of the government(12) In these circumstances the demand for Maori tribes or iwi to be given control over such an important resource as the foreshore and seabed can only be progressive if it matched with a demand for the overthrow of capitalism.(13) It seems the 96 fastball was a bit of an overthrow for him, as he did not top 94 in his six fastballs after that.(14) They used their electronic brains to plot the overthrow of humankind, and carried it out with the supercharged bodies they had been given by their human masters who were now slaves.(15) The occasion being evoked: a fundamental, revolutionary change, announcing not only the overthrow of the old regime, but the birth of a new state.(16) Its central theme is the struggle between love and power, the overthrow of a world gripped by greed and oppression, and its replacement by one ruled by freedom and benevolence.
Related Words
(1) overthrow ::
2. put an end to ::
rhoi terfyn ar
3. override ::
4. overturn ::
6. ending ::
yn dod i ben
Different Forms
overthrow, overthrowing, overthrows
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