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past, bast, phast, bastau, mhast, mhastau, pastau, phastaubastio, phastio, bastiasit, bastia, bastiasid, bastiasent, bastiasem, bastiasech, bastiasant, bastiasai, bastiant, bastian, bastiaist, bastiais, bastiai, bastiaf, bastia’, bastiodd, bastiom, bastiasom, bastiaswn, bastid, bastiech, bastied, bastiem, bastien, bastient, bastier, basties, bastiest, bastiet, bastiff, bastioch, bastion, pastian, bastiont, bastir, bastith, bastiwch, bastiwn, bastiwyd, bastiwyf, bastiych, pasti, pastia, pastia’, pastiaf, pastiai, pastiais, pastiem, pastiaist, pastiant, pastiasai, pastiasant, pastiasech, pastiasem, pastiasent, pastiasid, pastiasit, pastiasoch, pastiasom, pastiaswn, pastid, pastiech, basti, phastiasant, pastient, pastier, pasties, pastiest, pastiet, pastiff, pastio, pastioch, pastiodd, pastiom, pastion, pastiont, pastir, pastith, phastiasem, pastien, phastiasai, phastiant, phastian, phastiaist, phastiais, phastiai, pastiwch, phastia’, phastia, phasti, pastiych, pastiwyf, pastiwyd, pastiwn, phastiaf, phastiest, pastied, phastiasent, phastiasid, phastiasit, phastiasoch, phastiasom, phastiaswn, phastid, phastiech, phastied, phastiem, phastien, phastient, phastier, phastiasech, bastiasoch, phastiet, phastiff, phastioch, phastiodd, phastiom, phastion, phastiont, phastir, phastith, phastiwch, phastiwn, phastiwyd, phastiwyf, phastiych, phastiesmhastio, pastio
Paste :
- pastpastaugludo

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Noun(1) any mixture of a soft and malleable consistency(2) a hard, brilliant lead glass that is used in making artificial jewelry(3) an adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard(4) a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
Verb(1) join or attach with or as if with glue(2) hit with the fists(3) cover the surface of

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(1) On the contrary, the appearance of the soggy paper and paste looked rather ugly.(2) Most professionals apply paste even to pre-pasted wallpaper.(3) Is it magic, ghosts, or a weird adhesive concocted from ancient wallpaper paste , tobacco smoke and grime?(4) Use an Electric Steamer: An electric steamer can be used as an alternative to a chemical remover for softening the wallpaper paste .(5) His daughter Queen Elizabeth I was the first to wear paste jewellery to make herself look richer that she really was.(6) In the past, stone presses inefficiently coaxed oil from thick olive paste .(7) paste brooches(8) The main weapon used in the battle against leaves is a substance called Sandite. It looks like gritty wallpaper paste and it helps trains to get a better grip on the rails.(9) salmon paste(10) To see what they see, highlight your entire page and paste it into a text editor.(11) Collect these, paste them on a poster board, and laminate.(12) Once they reach the house, however, it's back to normal as Charlie all but smothers his boss in wallpaper paste and leaves the house in ruins.(13) The shop was promoting gold brooches from six shillings and sixpence, and gilt paste brooches from one shilling.(14) When slightly thick, add the paste of milk powder and ghee.(15) Just use decoupage glue to paste newspaper or magazine clippings on a $2 wooden box.(16) I could see a few election posters here and there and some people hanging around those tables that you use to put paste on the back of wallpaper.
Related Words
(1) to paste ::
i bastio
2. adhesive ::
3. library paste ::
past llyfrgell
4. spread ::
5. glue ::
Different Forms
paste, pastes, pasting
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