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dacanmol, chanmol, ganmol, nghanmol, mhatio, patiobatian, batiasit, batiasid, batiasent, batiasem, batiasech, batiasant, batiasai, batiant, canmolent, batiaist, batiais, batiai, batiaf, batia’, batia, batiasoch, canmolen, batiasom, batiaswn, batid, batiech, batied, batiem, batien, batient, batier, baties, batiest, batiet, batiff, batio, batioch, batiom, canmolaist, canmolais, canmolai, canmolaf, canmola’, canmola, batiych, batiwyf, canmolan, batiwn, batiwch, batith, batir, bationt, bation, chanmoli, batiodd, canmolant, canmolasai, canmolasant, canmolasech, canmolasem, canmolasent, canmolasid, canmolasit, canmolasoch, canmolasom, canmolaswn, canmolech, canmoled, canmolem, bati, canmoler, canmoles, canmolest, canmolet, canmoli, canmolid, canmoliff, canmolir, canmolith, canmolo, canmoloch, canmolodd, canmolom, canmolon, canmolont, canmolwch, canmolwn, canmolwyd, canmolwyf, canmolych, chanmola, chanmola’, chanmolaf, chanmolai, chanmolais, chanmolaist, chanmolan, chanmolant, chanmolasai, chanmolasant, chanmolasech, chanmolasem, chanmolasent, chanmolasid, chanmolasit, chanmolasoch, chanmolasom, chanmolaswn, chanmolech, chanmoled, chanmolem, chanmolen, chanmolent, chanmoler, chanmoles, chanmolest, chanmolet, batiwyd, chanmolid, chanmoliff, chanmolir, chanmolith, chanmolo, chanmoloch, chanmolodd, chanmolom, chanmolon, chanmolont, chanmolwch, chanmolwn, chanmolwyd, chanmolwyf, chanmolych, ganmolant, ganmolasoch, ganmolasit, ganmolasid, ganmolasent, ganmolasem, ganmolasech, ganmolasant, ganmolasai, patiem, ganmolan, ganmolaist, ganmolais, ganmolai, ganmolaf, ganmola’, ganmolasom, patied, ganmolaswn, ganmolech, ganmoled, ganmolem, ganmolen, ganmolent, ganmoler, ganmoles, ganmolest, ganmolet, ganmoli, ganmolid, ganmoliff, ganmolir, ganmolith, ganmoloch, patiais, patiai, patiaf, patia’, patia, pati, ganmolych, ganmolwyf, patiaist, ganmolwn, ganmolwch, ganmolont, ganmolon, ganmolom, ganmolodd, phatiest, ganmolo, patian, patiant, patiasai, patiasant, patiasech, patiasem, patiasent, patiasid, patiasit, patiasoch, patiasom, patiaswn, patid, patiech, ganmola, patien, patient, patier, paties, patiest, patiet, patiff, patio, patioch, patiodd, patiom, pation, pationt, patir, patith, patiwch, patiwn, patiwyd, patiwyf, patiych, phati, phatia, phatia’, phatiaf, phatiai, phatiais, phatiaist, phatian, phatiant, phatiasai, phatiasant, phatiasech, phatiasem, phatiasent, phatiasid, phatiasit, phatiasoch, phatiasom, phatiaswn, phatid, phatiech, phatied, phatiem, phatien, phatient, phatier, phaties, ganmolwyd, phatiet, phatiff, phatio, phatioch, phatiodd, phatiom, phation, phationt, phatir, phatith, phatiwch, phatiwn, phatiwyd, phatiwyf, phatiych
Pat :
- patexpatexpatspatinepats

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Noun(1) the sound made by a gentle blow(2) a light touch or stroke
Verb(1) pat or squeeze fondly or playfully, especially under the chin(2) hit lightly
Adjective(1) having only superficial plausibility(2) exactly suited to the occasion
Adverb(1) completely or perfectly

Show Examples

(1) Put in the refrigerator and anytime you need a pat of butter just cut it off the ÔÇÿlogÔÇÖ.(2) After rinsing, skip the lotion but put on a pat of baby powder or cornstarch.(3) The reason this makes me want to wash my hands of humanity forever, even though I'm sure the person that says it means no harm by spouting this kind of pat answer.(4) Press chocolate in the shape, lightly pat on top to push in every groove of the mould.(5) Hers is a book for mature people who do not expect pat answers, who are willing to be disturbed by arguments instead of having their prejudices satisfied.(6) A quick pat of the pockets and a bit of fumbling produced the card.(7) She gave him a quick hug and a pat on the shoulder.(8) And so he would probably give his pat answer which is, you know pour me something tall and strong.(9) She gave him a quick pat on the shoulder, another surprise; he wasn't a very touchy-feely person.(10) The night wind rustled his hair and his hand reflexively went up to pat down the strays.(11) When they send back the usual pat answers, tell them it's still not good enough, and ask again for their plans to release the children by any date.(12) I was just putting a pat of butter in the bottom of a pan for the scrambled eggs, when Alex wanders through to see me.(13) A pat of butter was melted in the pan, sufficient in quantity to thoroughly lubricate the whole of its surface, and leave a coating of moisture about an eighth of an inch deep over all.(14) I sigh in relief, and quickly pat myself down before putting the air vent back on and walking back out.(15) She removed her hand only to give him a light pat on the head.(16) With a quick pat of my ankle I verify that my back-up is still tucked into the slender ankle holster and then pull the door release and step into the quiet parking lot.
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Different Forms
expat, expats, pat, patine, pats
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