English to Welsh Meaning :: pause

saib, seibiant, daliannau, daliant, ddaliannau, hoe, hoeau, naliannau, naliantymbwyllasech, ymbwyllasem, ymbwylla’, ymbwyllaf, ymbwyllai, ymbwyllais, ymbwyllaist, ymbwyllan, ymbwyllant, ymbwyllasai, ymbwyllasant, ymbwyllych, ymbwylla, ymbwyllasent, ymbwyllasid, ymbwyllasit, ymbwyllasoch, ymbwyllasom, ymbwyllaswn, ymbwyllech, ymbwylled, ymbwyllem, ymbwyllen, ymbwyllent, ymbwyller, ymbwylles, ymbwyllest, ymbwyllet, ymbwylli, ymbwyllid, ymbwylliff, ymbwyllir, ymbwyllith, ymbwyllo, ymbwylloch, ymbwyllodd, ymbwyllom, ymbwyllon, ymbwyllont, ymbwyllwch, ymbwyllwn, ymbwyllwyd, ymbwyllwyfhymbwyllo, seibio, ymbwyllo
Pause :
- saibseibioseibiauoedi

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Noun(1) a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something(2) temporary inactivity
Verb(1) interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing(2) cease an action temporarily

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(1) For example, you can pause your favourite television programme while you grab a snack or go to the toilet.(2) It will reconnect at any time; pause it, quit it, turn the computer off, you can start the download again and it's fine.(3) Hunter suddenly got the feeling that he knew her, so thanks to modern technology, he was able to pause the television on the shot of the woman.(4) Users can pause live TV, rewind and set up recordings - all without an advanced degree in VCR technology.(5) And there is a pause in your speech, but I can tell you would still like to say more.(6) I laughed at his silliness, asked Holly to pause the movie for a second, and got up to go out to the kitchen.(7) They discovered that men are almost twice a likely as women to pause or hesitate when talking.(8) I pause , waiting to see if he's still with me, if he has understood.(9) He might pause at the office briefly before leaving for the day.(10) Without pause , he rode towards them and ordered them to take down a section of fence.(11) One additional feature of these devices is the ability to pause normal TV shows.(12) I get to pause video to have arguments with friends whether a foot was in bounds or not, and I can watch a great touchdown pass as many times as I want.(13) After a brief pause , it stopped momentarily on another tree.(14) You can pause live television programmes and then go back to where you left off when you press play.(15) she dropped me outside during a brief pause in the rain(16) He would pause the tape when this occurred, and then record what was said in his notebook.
Related Words
1. stop ::
rhoi'r gorau i
3. stop ::
rhoi'r gorau i
4. hesitate ::
5. intermit ::
Different Forms
pause, paused, pauses, pausing
English to Welsh Dictionary: pause

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