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gymar, arglwydd, arglwyddi, cymar, chymar, nghymar, harglwydd, harglwyddisyllu, lygadrythu, lygadu, llygadrythu, llygadulygadrythen, lygada’, lygadaf, lygadai, lygadais, lygadaist, lygadan, lygadant, lygadasai, lygadasant, lygadasech, lygadasem, lygadasent, lygadasid, lygadasit, lygadasoch, lygadasom, lygadaswn, lygadech, lygaded, lygadem, lygadent, lygader, lygades, lygadest, lygadet, lygadi, lygadiff, lygadith, lygado, lygadoch, lygadodd, lygadom, lygadon, lygadont, lygadrytha, lygadrytha’, lygadrythaf, lygadrythai, lygadrythais, lygadrythaist, lygadrythan, llygadasai, lygadrythasai, lygadrythasant, lygadrythasech, lygadrythasem, lygadrythasent, lygadrythasid, lygadrythasit, lygadrythasoch, lygadrythasom, lygadrythaswn, lygadrythech, lygadrythed, lygadrythem, lygadrythodd, lygadrythom, lygadrythent, lygadryther, lygadrythes, lygadrythest, lygadrythet, lygadrythi, lygadrythid, lygadrythiff, lygadrythir, lygadrythith, lygadrytho, lygadrythoch, llygaden, lygada, lygadrython, lygadrythont, lygadrythwch, lygadrythwn, lygadrythwyd, lygadrythwyf, lygadrythych, lygadwch, lygadwn, lygadwyd, lygadwyf, lygedais, lygedaist, lygedi, lygedid, lygedir, lygedwch, lygedych, llygada, llygada’, llygadaf, llygadai, llygadais, llygadaist, llygadan, llygadant, lygadrythant, llygadasant, llygadasech, llygadasem, llygadasent, llygadasid, llygadasit, llygadasoch, llygadasom, llygadaswn, llygadech, llygaded, llygadem, llygadrythych, llygader, llygades, llygadest, llygadet, llygadi, llygadiff, llygadith, llygado, llygadoch, llygadodd, llygadom, llygadon, llygadont, llygadrytha, llygadrytha’, llygadrythaf, llygadrythai, llygadrythais, llygadrythaist, llygadrythan, llygadrythant, llygadrythasai, llygadrythasant, llygadrythasech, llygadrythasem, llygadrythasent, llygadrythasid, llygadrythasit, llygadrythasoch, llygadrythasom, llygadrythaswn, llygadrythech, llygadrythed, llygadrythem, llygadrythen, llygadrythent, llygadryther, llygadrythes, llygadrythest, llygadrythet, llygadrythi, sylliff, llygadrythiff, llygadrythir, llygadrythith, llygadrytho, llygadrythoch, llygadrythodd, llygadrythom, llygadrython, llygadrythont, llygadrythwch, llygadrythwn, llygadrythwyd, llygadrythwyf, sylla’, syllaf, llygadwch, llygadwn, llygadwyd, llygadwyf, llygedais, llygedaist, llygedi, llygedid, llygedir, llygedwch, llygedych, sylla, syllych, llygadent, syllai, syllais, syllaist, syllan, syllant, syllasai, syllasant, syllasech, syllasem, syllasent, syllasid, syllasit, syllasoch, syllasom, syllaswn, syllech, sylled, syllem, syllen, syllent, syller, sylles, syllest, syllet, sylli, syllid, llygadrythid, syllir, syllith, syllo, sylloch, syllodd, syllom, syllon, syllont, syllwch, syllwn, syllwyd, syllwyfcyfurdd, chyfurdd, gyfurdd, nghyfurdd
Peer :
- cyfoedionpeeredpeeressweld bethpeerless

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Noun(1) a person who is of equal standing with another in a group(2) a nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron
Verb(1) look searchingly

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(1) This change was an extension of Yorkist policy, both in Ireland and in the West Marches, where a minor peer , Thomas Lord Dacre, was appointed lieutenant.(2) of Homer it is said that none could ever peer him for poetry(3) the Thames could not peer with the mill-streamlet close to my home(4) From 1761 to 1786 he was a Scottish representative peer and was then created a British peer as Baron Douglas.(5) Blake screwed up his eyes, trying to peer through the fog(6) for yet a many of your horsemen peer(7) the towers peer over the roofs(8) the two towers peer over the roofs(9) Labour peer Baroness Golding said in a statement that the two protesters were guests of hers.(10) Lord Dundee, a hereditary peer and former Tory whip in the upper chamber, is also Hereditary Royal Banner Bearer for Scotland.(11) Until 1999 some 60 per cent of peers were hereditary.(12) In other words, he gained the ability to see criticism by his peers and professors as constructive criticism.(13) This will remove hereditary peers and establish an independent Appointments Commission to select non-party members of the Upper House.(14) But far, far worse than that, we were the objects of ridicule of our peers and close family members.(15) It is a site fit for a king, this hillside peering over the roofs of Berkeley toward an expanse of shimmering bay.(16) His penetrating hazel eyes were also peering at her, studying her as well.
Related Words
(1) peer pressure ::
pwysau gan gyfoedion
1. equal ::
2. coequal ::
3. fellow ::
4. confrere ::
5. contemporary ::
6. compeer ::
7. look closely ::
edrych yn fanwl
8. try to see ::
ceisio gweld
9. narrow one's eyes ::
llygaid un cul o
10. screw up one's eyes ::
sgriw i fyny llygaid yn un
11. squint ::
llygad croes
Different Forms
peer, peered, peeress, peeresses, peering, peerless, peers
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