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canfod, ganfod, chanfod, nghanfodcanfuaswn, canfuesid, canfuant, canfuasai, canfuasech, canfuasem, canfuasent, canfuasid, canfuasit, canfyddit, canfyddo, canfûm, canfuoch, canfuom, canfuost, canfuwyd, canfydda, canfyddem, canfydden, canfyddai, canfyddais, canfyddaist, canfyddan, canfyddant, canfyddech, canfydded, canfydda’, canfyddaf, canfyddent, canfydder, canfyddet, canfyddi, canfyddid, canfyddir, canfyddwyf, canfu, chanfuasem, chanfuasech, chanfuasai, chanfuant, chanfu, cenfydd, canfyddych, chanfyddan, canfyddwn, canfyddwch, canfyddont, canfyddon, canfyddom, canfyddodd, canfyddoch, chanfuost, chanfuwyd, chanfuasid, chanfuasit, chanfuaswn, chanfuesid, chanfûm, chanfuoch, chanfuom, ganfyddent, chanfuasent, chanfydda, chanfydda’, chanfyddaf, chanfyddai, chanfyddais, chanfyddaist, ganfuoch, chanfyddech, chanfydded, chanfyddem, chanfydden, chanfyddent, chanfydder, chanfyddet, chanfyddi, chanfyddid, chanfyddir, chanfyddit, chanfyddo, chanfyddoch, chanfyddodd, chanfyddom, chanfyddon, chanfyddont, chanfyddwch, chanfyddwn, chanfyddwyf, chanfyddych, chenfydd, ganfu, ganfuant, ganfuasai, ganfyddom, ganfuasem, ganfuasent, ganfuasid, ganfuasit, ganfuaswn, ganfuesid, ganfûm, ganfyddais, ganfyddaist, ganfuom, ganfuost, ganfuwyd, ganfydda, ganfydda’, ganfyddaf, ganfyddai, genfydd, chanfyddant, ganfyddan, ganfyddant, ganfyddech, ganfydded, ganfyddem, ganfydden, ganfuasech, ganfyddych, ganfyddwyf, ganfyddwn, ganfyddwch, ganfyddont, ganfyddon, ganfydder, ganfyddodd, ganfyddoch, ganfyddo, ganfyddit, ganfyddir, ganfyddid, ganfyddi, ganfyddet
Perceive :
- canfodcanfyddedigyn gweldcanfod

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Verb(1) to become aware of through the senses(2) become conscious of

Show Examples

(1) People perceive me as a different character to what I actually am.(2) Spatial intelligence, the power to perceive form and give visual shape to ideas, is equally important.(3) Students generally perceive accounting as boring and dull.(4) I think people would perceive him a little differently from how they did in the '70s.(5) Some asthmatic patients perceive the severity of their disease rather poorly.(6) No two persons can ever, in this sense, perceive the same item: nothing at all is publicly perceptible.(7) Patients initially perceive a benefit while being treated, but this benefit disappears by one year.(8) Thus, there may be benefits to learning to perceive signals against particular backgrounds.(9) Our eyes perceive different wavelengths of light as color, but this sense isn't very refined.(10) Smokers clearly perceive benefits from smoking, otherwise they would not pay to do it.(11) he was quick to perceive that there was little future in such arguments(12) Consequently, people within the same community may not perceive risk in the same way as their neighbours.(13) However, for us our own branding has been an issue as people perceive us as a data company, so we have to work hard to get out the message about our voice and converged abilities.(14) As humans, our five senses are basic ways through which we perceive the world.(15) We actually learn to perceive sounds and words from the continuous stream of speech.(16) I still find myself wondering how people perceive me as I move through this world.
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Different Forms
perceive, perceived, perceives, perceiving
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