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persawr, bersawr, phersawr, berarogl, beraroglau, bersawrau, mherarogl, mheraroglau, mhersawr, mhersawrau, perarogl, peraroglau, persawrau, pherarogl, pheraroglau, phersawraubersawru, mhersawru, persawru, phersawrubersawrasai, bersawro, bersawrasoch, bersawrasit, bersawrasid, bersawrasent, bersawrasem, bersawrasech, bersawrasant, bersawraswn, bersawrant, bersawran, bersawraist, bersawrais, bersawrai, bersawraf, bersawra’, persawraist, bersawrech, bersawred, bersawrem, bersawren, bersawrent, bersawrer, bersawres, bersawrest, bersawret, bersawri, bersawrid, bersawriff, bersawrir, bersawrith, bersawrasom, bersawra, bersawroch, bersawrodd, bersawrom, bersawron, bersawront, bersawrwch, bersawrwn, bersawrwyd, bersawrwyf, bersawrych, persawra, persawra’, persawraf, persawrai, persawrais, phersawrasent, persawran, persawrant, persawrasai, persawrasant, persawrasech, persawrasem, persawrasent, persawrasid, persawrasit, persawrasoch, persawrasom, persawraswn, persawrech, persawred, persawrem, phersawrasech, persawrer, persawres, persawrest, persawret, persawri, persawrid, persawriff, persawrir, persawrith, persawro, persawroch, persawrodd, persawrom, persawron, phersawrasem, persawrent, phersawrasant, phersawrasai, phersawrant, phersawran, phersawraist, phersawrais, persawront, phersawraf, phersawra’, phersawra, persawrych, persawrwyf, persawrwyd, persawrwn, persawrwch, phersawrid, phersawrasid, phersawrasit, phersawrasoch, phersawrasom, phersawraswn, phersawrech, phersawred, phersawrem, phersawren, phersawrent, phersawrer, phersawres, phersawrest, phersawret, persawren, phersawrai, phersawriff, phersawrir, phersawrith, phersawro, phersawroch, phersawrodd, phersawrom, phersawron, phersawront, phersawrwch, phersawrwn, phersawrwyd, phersawrwyf, phersawrych, phersawri
Perfume :
- persawrpersawruspersawrphersawru

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Noun(1) a distinctive odor that is pleasant(2) a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor
Verb(1) fill or impregnate with an odor(2) apply perfume to

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(1) I smiled and put on my boots, and sprayed some perfume on.(2) just one bloom of jasmine has the power to perfume a whole room(3) As an added bonus, it will perfume any room you leave it in with a mildly heady scent.(4) And she has worked as a professional nose for the perfume industry.(5) She remembered the jasmine perfume that her mother liked.(6) To perfume your sheets and make them a fragrant delight to slide between, just add 5 drops of lavender oil to the softener compartment of your washing machine.(7) When I woke up, I smelled this sweet familiar vanilla perfume .(8) Wildflowers spread their sweet heady perfume along the gentle breezes and bees hum musically to themselves as they cheerily collect flower pollen.(9) The rosebuds known as taifi to the locals are plucked when they have just opened up and before the sun's rays diminish the oils, which contain the essence of their perfume .(10) These rebloomers are wonderful in floral bouquets where they perfume an entire room.(11) Now that the eating and drinking of plants had commenced, at some point humankind sought to keep these scents with them and perfume their bodies.(12) It is this fundamentally hybrid nature and not the heady perfume of ink emanating from its pages that intoxicates the reader to this day.(13) The air is heavy, laden with the perfume of a million flowers that once bloomed here.(14) The fragrance of over a hundred bouquets - domestic and international - provided the sweetest perfume .(15) It makes a superb cut flower - five stalks will perfume a room for a week.(16) The grapes are a deep yellow and the resulting wine is high in colour, alcohol, and a very particular perfume redolent of apricots, peaches, and blossom.
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potel persawr
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Different Forms
perfume, perfumed, perfumes, perfuming
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