English to Welsh Meaning :: permeate

treiddio, dreiddio, ymdreiddio, athreiddiasent, athreiddia, athreiddiasem, athreiddiasech, athreiddiasant, athreiddiasai, athreiddiant, athreiddian, athreiddiaist, athreiddiais, athreiddiai, athreiddiaf, athreiddia’, athreiddies, dreiddiasant, athreiddiasit, athreiddiasoch, athreiddiasom, athreiddiaswn, athreiddid, athreiddiech, athreiddied, athreiddiem, athreiddien, athreiddient, athreiddier, athreiddiet, athreiddiest, dreiddith, athreiddiff, athreiddio, athreiddioch, athreiddiodd, athreiddiom, athreiddion, athreiddiont, athreiddir, athreiddith, athreiddiwch, athreiddiwn, athreiddiwyd, athreiddiasid, athreiddiych, draidd, dreiddi, dreiddia, dreiddia’, dreiddiaf, dreiddiai, dreiddiais, dreiddiaist, dreiddian, dreiddiant, dreiddiasai, dreiddien, dreiddient, dreiddiasech, dreiddiasem, dreiddiasent, dreiddiasid, dreiddiasit, dreiddiasoch, dreiddiasom, dreiddiaswn, dreiddid, dreiddiech, dreiddied, dreiddiem, treiddiech, athreiddi, dreiddier, dreiddies, dreiddiest, dreiddiet, dreiddiff, dreiddioch, dreiddiodd, dreiddiom, dreiddion, dreiddiont, dreiddir, treiddian, dreiddiwn, dreiddiwyd, dreiddiwyf, dreiddiych, traidd, treiddi, treiddia, treiddia’, treiddiaf, treiddiai, treiddiais, treiddiaist, treiddiant, dreiddiwch, treiddiasai, treiddiasant, treiddiasech, treiddiasem, treiddiasent, treiddiasid, treiddiasit, treiddiasoch, treiddiasom, treiddiaswn, treiddid, threiddiais, treiddiem, treiddien, treiddient, treiddier, treiddies, treiddiest, treiddiet, treiddiff, treiddioch, treiddiodd, treiddiom, treiddion, treiddiont, treiddir, treiddith, treiddiwch, treiddiwn, treiddiwyd, treiddiwyf, treiddiych, thraidd, threiddi, threiddia, threiddia’, threiddiaf, threiddioch, threiddiaswn, threiddid, threiddiaist, threiddian, threiddiant, threiddiasai, threiddiasant, threiddiasech, threiddiasem, threiddiasent, threiddiasid, threiddiasit, threiddiasoch, threiddiasom, ymdreiddiff, threiddiai, threiddiech, threiddied, threiddiem, threiddien, threiddient, threiddier, threiddies, threiddiest, threiddiet, threiddiff, threiddio, treiddied, threiddiodd, threiddiom, threiddion, threiddiont, threiddir, threiddith, threiddiwch, threiddiwn, threiddiwyd, threiddiwyf, threiddiych, ymdreiddi, ymdreiddia, ymdreiddia’, ymdreiddiaf, ymdreiddiai, ymdreiddiais, ymdreiddiaist, ymdreiddian, ymdreiddiant, ymdreiddiasai, ymdreiddiasant, ymdreiddiasech, ymdreiddiasem, ymdreiddiasent, ymdreiddiasid, ymdreiddiasit, ymdreiddiasoch, ymdreiddiasom, ymdreiddiaswn, ymdreiddid, ymdreiddiech, ymdreiddied, ymdreiddiem, ymdreiddien, ymdreiddient, ymdreiddier, ymdreiddies, ymdreiddiest, ymdreiddiet, athreiddiwyf, ymdreiddioch, ymdreiddiodd, ymdreiddiom, ymdreiddion, ymdreiddiont, ymdreiddir, ymdreiddith, ymdreiddiwch, ymdreiddiwn, ymdreiddiwyd, ymdreiddiwyf, ymdreiddiychtreiddio, ymdreiddio, athreiddio, hathreiddio, hymdreiddio, nhreiddio
Permeate :
- treiddiotreiddiotreiddiotreiddio

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Verb(1) spread or diffuse through(2) pass through(3) penetrate mutually or be interlocked

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(1) his personality has begun to permeate through the whole organization(2) According to the simplest scenario, the blocking process can be viewed as being completely independent from permeation .(3) He is emblematic of the good fun and sense of community that permeates this weekly event.(4) In these situations, the smell of stale sweat and charcoal smoke permeates the thick air.(5) Its refreshing fragrance filled the car and permeated our clothes.(6) It permeates every corner of Northern Irish society, often unseen but nigh impossible to evade.(7) Even though they didn't quite have the freshly baked bread or the smell of coffee permeating the air, we took the bait.(8) This question of implicit knowledge permeates all branches of the field.(9) A writer has to grow with the twists and turns of history, with the vitality that permeates life.(10) The carcinoid component was negative for both lymphatic and vascular permeations .(11) The light fragrance permeating the autumn air will make you feel intoxicated.(12) Most visibly of all, it permeates every line and curve of their art.(13) The idea that education permeates every aspect of life seems to have fallen by the wayside.(14) There is a realism and a patience which permeates the camp.(15) It's a funny, left-of-center film about envy in all its permeations and how it strains friendships.(16) More generally it connotes networks and their mode of functioning, the forms of their permeation and manipulation.
Related Words
1. pervade ::
2. soak through ::
socian drwy
3. diffuse ::
4. filter ::
5. interpenetrate ::
Different Forms
permeate, permeated, permeates, permeating
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