English to Welsh Meaning :: pity

drueni, trueni, dosturi, tosturi, gresyn, ngresyn, nhosturi, nhrueni, resyn, thosturi, thruenitosturi, tosturio, bitïaf, bitiasem, bitïai, bitïais, bitïaist, bitïan, bitïant, bitiasai, bitiasant, bitiasech, bitïent, bitiasent, bitiasid, bitiasit, bitiasoch, bitiasom, bitiaswn, bitïech, bitïed, bitïem, bitïen, bitïes, bitïodd, dosturiem, bitïest, bitïet, bitii, bitiid, bitiiff, bitiir, bitiith, gresyna’, bitïoch, bitïa’, bitïom, bitïon, bitïont, bitïwch, bitïwn, bitïwyd, bitïwyf, bitïych, bitïo, dosturiasent, dosturiaf, dosturiai, dosturiais, dosturiaist, dosturian, dosturiant, dosturiasai, dosturiasant, dosturiasech, dosturien, dosturia’, dosturiasid, dosturiasit, dosturiasoch, dosturiasom, dosturiaswn, dosturid, dosturiech, dosturied, gresyner, dosturiont, dosturier, dosturies, dosturiest, dosturiet, dosturiff, dosturio, dosturioch, dosturiodd, dosturia, dosturion, dosturient, dosturir, dosturith, dosturiwch, dosturiwn, dosturiwyd, dosturiwyf, dosturiych, gresyna, dosturiom, gresynasid, gresynai, gresynais, gresynaist, gresynan, gresynant, gresynasai, gresynasant, gresynasech, gresynent, gresynasent, gresynaf, gresynasit, gresynasoch, gresynasom, gresynaswn, gresynech, gresyned, gresynem, gresynen, gresynasem, pitïer, gresynodd, gresynes, gresynest, gresynet, gresyni, gresynid, gresyniff, gresynir, gresynith, bitïa, gresynoch, pitïes, gresynom, gresynon, gresynont, gresynwch, gresynwn, gresynwyd, gresynwyf, gresynych, gresyno, pitiasid, pitïai, pitïais, pitïaist, pitïan, pitïant, pitiasai, pitiasant, pitiasech, pitïent, pitiasent, pitïaf, pitiasit, pitiasoch, pitiasom, pitiaswn, pitïech, pitïed, pitïem, pitïen, pitiasem, pitïom, pitïest, pitïet, pitii, pitiid, pitiiff, pitiir, pitiith, pitïa, pitïoch, pitïodd, bitïer, pitïon, pitïont, pitïwch, pitïwn, pitïwyd, pitïwyf, pitïych, pitïo, pitïa’, phitiasent, phitïaf, phitïai, phitïais, phitïaist, phitïan, phitïant, phitiasai, phitiasant, phitiasech, phitïent, phitïa, phitiasid, phitiasit, phitiasoch, phitiasom, phitiaswn, phitïech, phitïed, phitïem, phitïen, phitiasem, phitïodd, phitïes, phitïest, phitïet, phitii, phitiid, phitiiff, phitiir, phitiith, phitïa’, phitïoch, resynent, phitïom, phitïon, phitïont, phitïwch, phitïwn, phitïwyd, phitïwyf, phitïych, phitïo, resynasent, resynaf, resynai, resynais, resynaist, resynan, resynant, resynasai, resynasant, resynen, resynasem, resyna’, resynasid, resynasit, resynasoch, resynasom, resynaswn, resynech, resyned, resynem, resynasech, resynoch, resyner, resynes, resynest, resynet, resyni, resynid, resyniff, resynir, resyna, resyno, phitïer, resynodd, resynom, resynon, resynont, resynwch, resynwn, resynwyd, resynwyf, resynith, tosturiasech, tosturia, tosturia’, tosturiaf, tosturiai, tosturiais, tosturiaist, tosturian, tosturiant, tosturiasai, tosturied, tosturiodd, tosturiasem, tosturiasent, tosturiasid, tosturiasit, tosturiasoch, tosturiasom, tosturiaswn, tosturid, tosturiech, tosturiasant, tosturiom, tosturiem, tosturien, tosturient, tosturier, tosturies, tosturiest, tosturiet, tosturiff, tosturioch, resynych, thosturien, tosturion, tosturiont, tosturir, tosturith, tosturiwch, tosturiwn, tosturiwyd, tosturiwyf, tosturiych, thosturiasent, thosturiaf, thosturiai, thosturiais, thosturiaist, thosturian, thosturiant, thosturiasai, thosturiasant, thosturiem, thosturiasem, thosturia’, thosturiasid, thosturiasit, thosturiasoch, thosturiasom, thosturiaswn, thosturid, thosturiech, thosturied, thosturiasech, thosturion, thosturient, thosturier, thosturies, thosturiest, thosturiet, thosturiff, thosturio, thosturioch, thosturia, thosturiom, dosturiasem, thosturiont, thosturir, thosturith, thosturiwch, thosturiwn, thosturiwyd, thosturiwyf, thosturiych, thosturioddtosturio, gresynu, ngresynu, mhitïo, nhosturio, pitïo, resynu
Pity :
- bitiagweddau tristpitying

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Noun(1) a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others(2) an unfortunate development(3) the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it
Verb(1) share the suffering of

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(1) Isn't it an awful pity Mick O Dwyer wasn't born in Sligo.(2) Clare didn't know whether to envy or pity them(3) Feeling pity for the little boy she shoved a few coins into his hand.(4) You're feeling pity for a creature that would sneer at the concept if she understood it.(5) With the luck they've had, this bunch deserves some pity .(6) What a real pity - I was looking forward to meeting him.(7) They have no idea of their future here and I feel great pity for their innocence.(8) While we offer thanks to all, we would respectfully ask for no one to feel pity or sorrow for our loss.(9) It would be a pity to pretend that there are no regrets and that ending a marriage hardly matters.(10) We have a great chance to beat Westmeath and it would be a pity if there were only a small crowd from Carlow to see it.(11) He had no pity , no compassion, no understanding of what the victims of war suffered.(12) It would be a pity if they were to throw away the opportunity at this stage.(13) what a pity we can't be friends(14) He looked down at his shoes, feeling pity for the poor girl.(15) "It would be an awful pity if there were objections.(16) her voice was full of pity
Related Words
(1) what a pity ::
beth drueni
1. compassion ::
2. shame ::
4. feel sorry for ::
teimlo'n flin dros
5. feel for ::
yn teimlo am
Different Forms
pities, pity, pitying
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

I pity the lords of Westeros.

I PITY the lords of Westeros.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10

- I pity them.
- Why?

- I PITY them. - Why?

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 3

It’s a pity, I was starting\\Nto have get my expectations high.\0

It’s a PITY, I was starting
to have get my expectations high.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 10



Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 9

Sounds like something
a member of the00:05:38,881 --> 00:05109
00:05:42,427 --> 00:05:44,721
Birthday party first, pity part00:05:42,427110
00:05:48,391 --> 00:05:49,559
Are you crazy?

Sounds like something a member of the00:05:38,881 --> 00:05109 00:05:42,427 --> 00:05:44,721 Yeah. Birthday party first, PITY part00:05:42,427110 00:05:48,391 --> 00:05:49,559 Are you crazy?

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 17

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