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ystum, hystumstumio, ystumiohystumiem, hystumia, hystumia’, hystumiaf, hystumiai, hystumiais, hystumiaist, hystumian, hystumiant, hystumiasai, hystumiasant, hystumiodd, hystumiasem, hystumiasent, hystumiasid, hystumiasit, hystumiasoch, hystumiasom, hystumiaswn, hystumid, hystumiech, hystumied, hystumiom, hystumien, hystumient, hystumier, hystumies, hystumiest, hystumiet, hystumiff, hystumio, hystumioch, hystumi, hystumiasech, hystumion, hystumiont, hystumir, hystumith, hystumiwch, hystumiwn, hystumiwyd, hystumiwyf, hystumiych, ystumiem, ystumia, ystumia’, ystumiaf, ystumiai, ystumiais, ystumiaist, ystumian, ystumiant, ystumiasai, ystumiasant, ystumiodd, ystumiasem, ystumiasent, ystumiasid, ystumiasit, ystumiasoch, ystumiasom, ystumiaswn, ystumid, ystumiech, ystumied, ystumiom, ystumien, ystumient, ystumier, ystumies, ystumiest, ystumiet, ystumiff, ystumio, ystumioch, ystumi, ystumiasech, ystumion, ystumiont, ystumir, ystumith, ystumiwch, ystumiwn, ystumiwyd, ystumiwyf, ystumiych
Pose :
- periberirberiperi

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Noun(1) affected manners intended to impress others(2) a posture assumed by models for photographic or artistic purposes(3) a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display
Verb(1) introduce(2) assume a posture as for artistic purposes(3) pretend to be someone you are not; sometimes with fraudulent intentions(4) behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others(5) put into a certain place or abstract location(6) be a mystery or bewildering to

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(1) But folks, who made the decision to pose Jim Collins on a mountain ledge with a dark and stormy night brewing behind him?(2) Each model is set up with an invisible skeleton that allows him to pose each figure in its 3D environment.(3) And you could pose them in compromising positions.(4) So they adopt the pose of warrior but never actually place themselves under fire.(5) They appeared to be arguing about something, Emilia gesturing furiously while her sister adopted an indignant pose , her hands firmly planted on her hips.(6) Isabella tilted her head again, in the same pose she had assumed when he first saw her.(7) To justify the death penalty, the Texas sentencing jury has to find that the defendant will always pose a risk of danger to others.(8) When she noticed only Giovanni in the room she frowned and dropped her pose , looking disappointed.(9) When you don't know what you're doing it's usually best to adopt the pose of masterful inactivity and do nothing.(10) But underneath the hospitality, the cosmopolitan pose , the anecdotes and gossip, one could detect a hint of sadness and disappointment.(11) What matters most now is adopting the correct cynical pose about this.(12) As she speaks she adopts the pose of a sexually assured and admired woman, drawing down one strap of her petticoat to reveal and stroke a glamorous neck and chest.(13) Among the major considerations to be taken into account would be the rate base of the town and at present that could pose problems.(14) The present pose of horror adopted by media and government officials with regard to revelations of torture by the military is a sordid farce.(15) On one level, it is only by adopting the pose of freedom fighter that Cappello can confront the great grandfather's dual legacy of burning and blossoming.(16) We the electorate now have a chance to pose questions and raise the political debate on this issue in the run up to the forthcoming election.
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ymddwyn affectedly
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Different Forms
pose, posed, poses, posing
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