English to Welsh Meaning :: pot

pot, bot, potiau, botiau, mhot, mhotiau, phot, photiaubocedu, mhocedu, mhotio, pocedu, potio, phocedu, suddobocedasent, bocedai, bocedais, bocedaist, bocedan, bocedant, bocedasai, boceded, bocedasech, bocedasem, bocedaf, bocedasid, bocedasit, bocedasoch, bocedasom, bocedaswn, bocedech, bocedasant, botiasit, bocedith, boceden, bocedent, boceder, bocedes, bocedest, bocedet, bocedid, botiom, bocedir, botiasoch, bocedo, bocedoch, bocedodd, bocedom, bocedon, bocedont, bocediff, boceda’, botiaist, bocedwyd, bocedwyf, bocedych, boti, botia, botia’, botiaf, botiasid, botiais, bocedwn, botian, botiant, botiasai, botiasant, botiasech, botiasem, botiasent, botiai, botier, botiasom, botiaswn, botid, botiech, botied, botiem, bocedwch, botient, bocedem, boties, botiest, botiet, botiff, botio, botioch, botiodd, botien, poceda’, botiont, botir, botith, botiwch, botiwn, botiwyd, botiwyf, pocedasant, poceda, botion, pocedaf, pocedai, pocedais, pocedaist, pocedan, pocedant, pocedasai, botiych, poceded, pocedasech, pocedasem, pocedasent, pocedasid, pocedasit, pocedasoch, pocedasom, pocedaswn, boceda, potiai, pocedem, poceden, pocedent, poceder, pocedes, pocedest, pocedet, pocedech, pocedwch, pocediff, pocedir, pocedith, pocedo, pocedoch, pocedodd, pocedom, potiaf, pocedont, pocedid, pocedwn, pocedwyd, pocedwyf, pocedych, poti, potia, potia’, pocedon, potiasent, potiais, potiaist, potian, potiant, potiasai, potiasant, potiasech, pocedi, photioch, potiasid, potiasit, potiasoch, potiasom, potiaswn, potid, potiech, potiasem, potiodd, potien, potient, potier, poties, potiest, potiet, potiff, potiwyd, potioch, potiem, potiom, potion, potiont, potir, potith, potiwch, potiwn, potio, phocedant, potiwyf, potiych, phoceda, phoceda’, phocedaf, phocedai, phocedais, phocedaist, photiasech, phocedon, phocedasai, phocedasant, phocedasech, phocedasem, phocedasent, phocedasid, phocedasit, phocedan, phocedest, phocedasom, phocedaswn, phocedech, phoceded, phocedem, phoceden, phocedent, phoceder, phocedom, photia, phocedet, phocedid, phocediff, phocedir, phocedith, phocedo, phocedoch, phocedodd, photia’, phocedont, phocedwch, phocedwn, phocedwyd, phocedwyf, phocedych, photi, phocedasoch, suddasit, photiaf, photiai, photiais, photiaist, photian, photiant, photiasai, photiasant, photiem, photiasent, photiasid, photiasit, photiasoch, photiasom, photiaswn, photid, photio, photied, photiasem, photien, photient, photier, photies, photiest, photiet, photiff, photiech, photiwyd, photiodd, photiom, photion, photiont, photir, photith, photiwch, potied, suddest, photiwyf, photiych, sudda, sudda’, suddaf, suddai, suddais, photiwn, suddasoch, suddan, suddant, suddasai, suddasant, suddasech, suddasem, suddasent, suddasid, suddes, suddoch, suddasom, suddaswn, suddech, sudded, suddem, sudden, suddent, sudder, suddodd, suddet, suddi, suddid, suddiff, suddir, suddith, suddo, suddaist, phocedes, suddom, suddon, suddont, suddwch, suddwn, suddwyd, suddwyf, suddych
Pot :
- potpotencypotfulpotiau

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Noun(1) metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid(2) a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination(3) the quantity contained in a pot(4) a container in which plants are cultivated(5) (often followed by `of'(6) the cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker(7) slang for a paunch(8) a resistor with three terminals, the third being an adjustable center terminal; used to adjust voltages in radios and TV sets(9) street names for marijuana
Verb(1) plant in a pot

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(1) Yesterday staff, local craftspeople and builders who worked on the new branch toasted its success with a glass of champagne rather than a pot of tea.(2) I could never draw with a steel quill worth a damn, so I kept a pot of ink and a couple of nibs above my mouse.(3) There always seems to be a pot of the cafÔö£┬«'s delicious trademark hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon tea steeping on the counter.(4) Players pay the final difference between their total and the winner's total to the pot before the winner collects the final pot .(5) a yogurt pot(6) The leader then mixed a pot of Zulu beer, an offering for the ancestors, then asked the ancestors to bless the country's leaders, and the market.(7) The councillor said she understood there needed to be money in the pot for works but the fees charged in rural areas were too high for people.(8) A night smoking pot will cost you far less than a night on the beer.(9) Mr Greenwood said putting the whole strategy into action would cost Ôö¼├║40,000 and it was hoped Cumbria County Council would put some money into the pot .(10) Returning quickly and wiping his mouth, he handed Brownlegg a canned drink and a plastic pot , which rattled.(11) In fact, I won't be seeing it at all, because I have a pot of white emulsion and a wall that needs to be watched as the paint dries.(12) What private accounts can do, but the pay-as-you-go system can't, is grow the pot of money available for people to retire on.(13) You not only get a pot of tea, or coffee, but fresh (un-sugared) whipped cream, and a sweet.(14) So sit back quietly in that agreeably familiar comfy chair, treat yourself to a pot of weakish tea, and let me put the case for the rise of the dull man.(15) I decided to just call so as to keep as many as possible in the pot .(16) His house is equipped with various kinds of roasted coffee beans, a coffee grinder, and a coffee machine by which a pot of coffee can be brewed.
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Different Forms
pot, potency, potful, potfuls, pots
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Marie, you don\'t
get hooked on pot
like that.

Marie, you don't get hooked on POT like that.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 2

scrub the floor,
empty my chamber pot, brush my hair.

scrub the floor, empty my chamber POT, brush my hair.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 3

He\'s not on pot anymore.

He's not on POT anymore.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 2

Your men are lootin\'
a honey pot.

Your men are lootin' a honey POT.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 6

Yeah, Jesse Pinkman\'s
out here smoking pot.

Yeah, Jesse Pinkman's out here smoking POT.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 9

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