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ymarfer, arfer, arferion, harferion, hymarferion, ymarferionymarfer, dilyn, hymarfer, nilynymarfer, dilynasoch, dilyna’, dilynasit, dilynasid, dilynasent, dilynasem, dilynasech, dilynasant, dilynasai, dilynant, dilynan, dilynaist, dilynais, dilynai, dilynaf, ddilynaist, dilyno, dilynaswn, dilynech, dilyned, dilynem, dilynen, dilynent, dilyner, dilynes, dilynest, dilynet, dilyni, dilynid, dilyniff, dilynir, dilynith, dilyn, dilynoch, dilynodd, dilynom, dilynon, dilynont, dilynwch, dilynwn, dilynwyd, dilynwyf, dilynych, ddilyn, ddilyna’, ddilynaf, ddilynai, ddilynais, ymarferasent, ddilynan, ddilynant, ddilynasai, ddilynasant, ddilynasech, ddilynasem, ddilynasent, ddilynasid, ddilynasit, ddilynasoch, ddilynasom, ddilynaswn, ddilynech, ddilyned, ddilynem, ymarferasech, ddilyner, ddilynes, ddilynest, ddilynet, ddilyni, ddilynid, ddilyniff, ddilynir, ddilynith, ddilyno, ddilynoch, ddilynodd, ddilynom, ddilynon, ymarferasem, ddilynent, ymarferasant, ymarferasai, ymarferant, ymarferan, ymarferaist, ymarferais, ddilynont, ymarferaf, ymarfera’, ddilynych, ddilynwyf, ddilynwyd, ddilynwn, ddilynwch, ymarferai, ymarferid, ymarferasid, ymarferasit, ymarferasoch, ymarferasom, ymarferaswn, ymarferech, ymarfered, ymarferem, ymarferen, ymarferent, ymarferer, ymarferes, ymarferest, ymarferet, ddilynen, dilynasom, ymarferiff, ymarferir, ymarferith, ymarfero, ymarferoch, ymarferodd, ymarferom, ymarferon, ymarferont, ymarferwch, ymarferwn, ymarferwyd, ymarferwyf, ymarferych, ymarferi
Practice :
- ymarferymarferarferionymarfer

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Noun(1) a customary way of operation or behavior(2) systematic training by multiple repetitions(3) translating an idea into action(4) the exercise of a profession(5) knowledge of how something is usually done
Verb(1) carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions(2) learn by repetition(3) engage in a rehearsal (of(4) avail oneself to(5) engage in or perform

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(1) Public speaking is a learned skill that requires practice , effort, and confidence building.(2) Unfortunately, it often appears that she is unable to get her free-market ideas put into practice .(3) it must have taken a lot of practice to become so fluent(4) This game offers a great opportunity for practice of various motor skills.(5) Lobby your MP, otherwise our silence will allow this barbaric practice to carry on.(6) After publication, he decided to leave anatomical research to take up medical practice .(7) There was a ÔÇÿbest dressedÔÇÖ competition and lots of warm-up singing practice to kick the evening off.(8) current nursing practice(9) There the Sicilians were free to practice the folk religion of their villages.(10) We have the right to practice any religion we choose, and no one can stop us.(11) the principles and practice of teaching(12) Woodrow Wilson instituted the modern practice of delivering it to congress in person.(13) In a statement he admitted he plans to return to medical practice .(14) a practice match(15) He stays late at practice refining skills and stays late in the weight room and film room.(16) As with any skill, practice and repetition are the keys to confidence and competent performance.
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arfer gorau
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12. work at ::
gwaith ar
13. do ::
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16. commit ::
Different Forms
practice, practiced, practices, practicing
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