English to Welsh Meaning :: prepare

baratoi, paratoi, pharatoi, arlwyi, arlwya’, arlwyasent, arlwyasem, arlwyasech, arlwyasant, arlwyasai, arlwyant, arlwyan, arlwyaist, arlwyais, arlwyai, arlwyaf, arlwyet, arlwyasit, arlwyasoch, arlwyasom, arlwyaswn, arlwyech, arlwyed, arlwyem, arlwyen, arlwyent, arlwyer, arlwyes, arlwyest, arlwyid, arlwywyf, baratown, arlwyiff, arlwyir, arlwyith, arlwyo, arlwyoch, arlwyodd, arlwyom, arlwyon, arlwyont, arlwywch, arlwywn, darpares, arlwywyd, arlwyych, baratô, baratoa, baratoaf, baratoais, baratoaist, baratoan, baratoant, baratôch, baratôdd, baratoech, baratoed, baratoesom, baratoen, baratoent, baratoeoch, baratoeon, baratoer, baratoesai, baratoesant, baratoesech, baratoesem, baratoesent, baratoesid, baratoesit, baratowyd, darparasech, baratoeswn, baratoet, baratôf, baratôi, baratoid, baratoir, baratois, baratoist, baratôm, baratônt, baratowch, ddarparaist, darparasem, baratowyf, baratoych, darpara, darpara’, darparaf, darparai, darparais, darparaist, darparan, darparant, darparasai, darparasant, baratoem, arlwyasid, darparasent, darparasid, darparasit, darparasoch, darparasom, darparaswn, darparech, darpared, darparem, darparen, darparent, darparer, darparwyf, darparet, darpari, darpariff, darparith, darparo, darparoch, darparodd, darparom, darparon, darparont, darparwch, ddarparais, darparwyd, darparest, darperais, darperaist, darperi, darperid, darperir, darperwch, darperych, ddarpara, ddarpara’, ddarparaf, ddarparai, darparwn, ddarpared, ddarparan, ddarparant, ddarparasai, ddarparasant, ddarparasech, ddarparasem, ddarparasent, ddarparasid, ddarparasit, ddarparasoch, ddarparasom, arlwya, ddarparech, gweithiasem, ddarparem, ddarparen, ddarparent, ddarparer, ddarpares, ddarparest, ddarparet, ddarpari, ddarpariff, ddarparith, ddarparo, ddarparaswn, ddarperwch, ddarparodd, ddarparom, ddarparon, ddarparont, ddarparwch, ddarparwn, ddarparwyd, ddarparwyf, ddarperais, ddarperaist, ddarperi, ddarperid, gweithiasech, gweithient, ddarperych, gweithi, gweithia, gweithia’, gweithiaf, gweithiai, gweithiais, gweithiaist, gweithian, gweithiant, gweithiasai, gweithiasant, gweithier, gweithiasent, gweithiasid, gweithiasit, gweithiasoch, gweithiasom, gweithiaswn, gweithid, gweithiech, gweithied, gweithiem, gweithien, ddarparoch, ddarperir, gweithies, gweithiest, gweithiet, gweithiff, gweithio, gweithioch, gweithiodd, gweithiom, gweithion, gweithiont, gweithir, gweithith, harlwyasech, gweithiwyd, gweithiwyf, gweithiych, harlwya, harlwya’, harlwyaf, harlwyai, harlwyais, harlwyaist, harlwyan, harlwyant, harlwyasai, harlwyer, gweithiwn, harlwyasem, harlwyasent, harlwyasid, harlwyasit, harlwyasoch, harlwyasom, harlwyaswn, harlwyech, harlwyed, harlwyem, harlwyen, harlwyent, harlwywn, harlwyest, harlwyet, harlwyi, harlwyid, harlwyiff, harlwyir, harlwyith, harlwyo, harlwyoch, harlwyodd, harlwyom, paratoesech, harlwywch, harlwyasant, harlwywyd, harlwywyf, harlwyych, hwyli, hwylia, hwylia’, hwyliaf, hwyliai, hwyliais, hwyliaist, hwylian, harlwyont, hwyliem, hwyliasai, hwyliasant, hwyliasech, hwyliasem, hwyliasent, hwyliasid, hwyliasit, hwyliasoch, hwyliasom, hwyliaswn, hwylid, hwyliech, hwylied, paratoaist, hwylien, hwylient, hwylier, hwylies, hwyliest, hwyliet, hwyliff, hwylio, hwylioch, hwyliodd, hwylion, hwyliom, paratoan, hwyliont, hwylir, hwylith, hwyliwch, hwyliwn, hwyliwyd, hwyliwyf, hwyliych, paratô, paratoa, paratoaf, paratoais, hwyliant, harlwyes, paratoant, paratôch, paratôdd, paratoech, paratoed, paratoem, paratoen, paratoent, paratoeoch, paratoeon, paratoer, paratoesai, paratoist, paratoesem, paratoesent, paratoesid, paratoesit, paratoesoch, paratoesom, paratoeswn, paratoet, paratôf, paratôi, paratoid, pharatoaist, paratois, gweithiwch, paratôm, paratônt, paratowch, paratown, paratowyd, paratowyf, paratoych, pharatô, pharatoa, pharatoaf, pharatoais, paratoir, pharatoesant, pharatoan, pharatoant, pharatôch, pharatôdd, pharatoech, pharatoed, pharatoem, pharatoen, pharatoent, pharatoeoch, pharatoeon, pharatoer, paratoesant, weithiasom, pharatoesech, pharatoesem, pharatoesent, pharatoesid, pharatoesit, pharatoesoch, pharatoesom, pharatoeswn, pharatoet, pharatôf, pharatôi, pharatoesai, weithiai, pharatois, pharatoist, pharatôm, pharatônt, pharatowch, pharatown, pharatowyd, pharatowyf, pharatoych, weithi, weithia, weithiasoch, weithiaf, pharatoir, weithiais, weithiaist, weithian, weithiant, weithiasai, weithiasant, weithiasech, weithiasem, weithiasent, weithiasid, weithiasit, weithia’, weithioch, weithiaswn, weithid, weithiech, weithied, weithiem, weithien, weithient, weithier, weithies, weithiest, weithiet, pharatoid, weithio, baratoesoch, weithiodd, weithiom, weithion, weithiont, weithir, weithith, weithiwch, weithiwn, weithiwyd, weithiwyf, weithiych, weithiffparatoi, arlwyo, darparu, ddarparu, gweithio, ngweithio, hwylio, mharatoi, narparu
Prepare :
- paratoiparatoiparatoiparatoi

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Verb(1) make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc(2) prepare for eating by applying heat(3) to prepare verbally, either for written or spoken delivery(4) arrange by systematic planning and united effort(5) educate for a future role or function(6) create by training and teaching(7) lead up to and soften by sounding the dissonant note in it as a consonant note in the preceding chord(8) undergo training or instruction in preparation for a particular role, function, or profession

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(1) prepare a brief summary of the article(2) Ticket holders have access to several stations where chefs prepare the food in woks and large sautÔö£┬« pans.(3) Are your food preferences simple or do you prepare meals with many ingredients that must be stored?(4) prepare yourself for a shock!(5) to prepare for a wedding(6) she took time off to prepare for her exams(7) I have a talk in San Diego this afternoon, and before then I have to prepare my overheads and teach my copyright class.(8) Reverse osmosis is used to prepare drinking water from sea water.(9) to prepare a report(10) to prepare sb for bad news(11) wash your hands before you prepare the food(12) Justices adjourned the case so the youth offending team can prepare a pre-sentence report considering all possible sentences.(13) She was going to be my adopted mother and taught me quite a few things, such as how to prepare food, cook rice, etc.(14) However none of those were able to prepare me for dealing with change properly.(15) He used this method to prepare sodium, potassium, calcium, and other elements for the first time.(16) to prepare for Christmas
Related Words
(1) prepare food ::
paratoi bwyd
2. cook ::
3. get ready ::
gael yn barod
4. train ::
5. study ::
6. instruct ::
7. brace ::
8. gear up ::
yn paratoi ar
9. develop ::
10. devise ::
11. groom ::
12. make ::
Different Forms
prepare, prepared, prepares, preparing
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

- Make haste! Prepare!
- Up on the Wall!

- Make haste! Prepare! - Up on the Wall!

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 9

Pick a card, put it back,
and prepare to be amazed.

Pick a card, put it back, and PREPARE to be amazed.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 18

You wanna prepare him?

You wanna PREPARE him?

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 12

Prepare to charge.

Prepare to charge.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9

All right, Cooper, prepare
to have your heart broken.

All right, Cooper, PREPARE to have your heart broken.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 17

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