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gyflwyno, cyflwyno, chyflwyno, anrhegaf, anrhegasech, anrhegai, anrhegais, anrhegaist, anrhegan, anrhegant, anrhegasai, anrhegasant, anrhegem, anrhegasem, anrhegasent, anrhegasid, anrhegasit, anrhegasoch, anrhegasom, anrhegaswn, anrhegech, anrheged, anrhegent, anrhegith, cyflwynan, anrheger, anrheges, anrhegest, anrheget, anrhegi, anrhegid, cyflwynon, anrhegir, anrhega’, anrhego, anrhegoch, anrhegodd, anrhegom, anrhegon, anrhegont, anrhegwch, anrhegiff, cyflwynant, anrhegwyf, anrhegych, cyflwyna, cyflwyna’, cyflwynaf, cyflwynai, cyflwynais, cyflwynaist, cyflwynasom, anrhegwyd, cyflwynasai, cyflwynasant, cyflwynasech, cyflwynasem, cyflwynasent, cyflwynasid, cyflwynasit, cyflwynasoch, chyflwynasid, cyflwyni, cyflwynech, cyflwyned, cyflwynem, cyflwynen, cyflwynent, cyflwyner, cyflwynes, anrhegwn, cyflwynet, cyflwynaswn, cyflwynid, cyflwyniff, cyflwynir, cyflwynith, cyflwynoch, cyflwynodd, cyflwynom, cyflwynest, chyflwynais, cyflwynwch, cyflwynwn, cyflwynwyd, cyflwynwyf, cyflwynych, chyflwyna, chyflwyna’, chyflwynasent, chyflwynai, cyflwynont, chyflwynaist, chyflwynan, chyflwynant, chyflwynasai, chyflwynasant, chyflwynasech, chyflwynasem, chyflwynaf, gyflwynasech, chyflwyner, chyflwynasit, chyflwynasoch, chyflwynasom, chyflwynaswn, chyflwynech, chyflwyned, chyflwynem, gyflwynid, chyflwynent, gyflwynasem, chyflwynes, chyflwynest, chyflwynet, chyflwyni, chyflwynid, chyflwyniff, chyflwynir, chyflwynen, gyflwyna’, chyflwynom, chyflwynon, chyflwynont, chyflwynwch, chyflwynwn, chyflwynwyd, chyflwynwyf, gyflwynasant, gyflwyna, chyflwynodd, gyflwynaf, gyflwynai, gyflwynais, gyflwynaist, gyflwynan, gyflwynant, gyflwynasai, chyflwynych, gyflwynen, gyflwynasent, gyflwynasid, gyflwynasit, gyflwynasoch, gyflwynasom, gyflwynaswn, chyflwynith, gyflwyned, gyflwynem, anrhegen, gyflwynent, gyflwyner, gyflwynes, gyflwynest, gyflwynet, anrhega, gyflwynech, chyflwynoch, hanrhegan, gyflwyniff, gyflwynir, gyflwynith, gyflwynoch, gyflwynodd, gyflwynom, gyflwynon, gyflwynont, gyflwynwch, hanrhegasoch, gyflwynwyd, gyflwynwyf, gyflwynych, hanrhega, hanrhega’, hanrhegaf, hanrhegai, hanrhegais, hanrhegaist, hanrhegasom, hanrhegant, hanrhegasai, hanrhegasant, hanrhegasech, hanrhegasem, hanrhegasent, hanrhegasid, hanrhegasit, hanrhegest, gyflwynwn, hanrhegaswn, hanrhegech, hanrheged, hanrhegem, hanrhegen, hanrhegent, hanrheger, hanrheges, hanrhegom, hanrheget, hanrhegi, hanrhegid, hanrhegiff, hanrhegir, hanrhegith, hanrhego, hanrhegoch, hanrhegodd, roeoch, hanrhegon, hanrhegont, hanrhegwch, hanrhegwn, hanrhegwyd, hanrhegwyf, hanrhegych, roais, rô, roeon, roesit, roaist, roant, rôch, roech, roed, roem, roent, roai, rhoesit, roer, roesai, roesant, roesech, roesem, roesent, roesid, roesoch, roien, roeswn, roet, rof, roi, roï, roia, roia’, roian, rôm, roesom, roies, roiest, roiodd, roir, rois, roist, roiwch, roiwn, roid, rhoais, rowch, rown, rowyd, rowyf, roych, ry, rho, gyflwyni, rhoai, rhoid, rhoaist, rhoant, rhôch, rhodd, rhoech, rhoed, rhoem, rhô, rhoesoch, rhoeon, rhoer, rhoesai, rhoesant, rhoesech, rhoesem, rhoesent, rhoesid, rhoian, rhoeoch, rhoesom, rhoeswn, rhoet, rhof, rhoi, rhoï, rhoia, rhoia’, rhôm, rhoien, rhoies, rhoiest, rhoiodd, rhoir, rhois, rhoist, rhoent, rhoiwn, rônt, rhônt, rhowch, rhown, rhowyd, rhowyf, rhoych, rhy, rhoiwchcyflwyno, anrhegu, nghyflwyno, hanrhegu, rhoibresennol, presennol, mhresennol, phresennolymaanrheg, anrhegion, hanrheg, hanrhegion, rodd, roddion, rhodd, rhoddion
Present :
- presennolcyflwynwydcyflwynyddcyflwynopresentment

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Noun(1) the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech(2) something presented as a gift(3) a verb tense that expresses actions or states at the time of speaking
Verb(1) give an exhibition of to an interested audience(2) bring forward and present to the mind(3) perform (a play(4) hand over formally(5) introduce(6) give, especially as an honor or reward(7) give as a present; make a gift of(8) deliver (a speech, oration, or idea(9) cause to come to know personally(10) represent abstractly, for example in a painting, drawing, or sculpture(11) present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize(12) formally present a debutante, a representative of a country, etc.(13) recognize with a gesture prescribed by a military regulation; assume a prescribed position
Adjective(1) temporal sense; intermediate between past and future; now existing or happening or in consideration(2) being or existing in a specified place

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(1) Formaldehyde is just one of several gases present indoors that may cause illnesses.(2) a local celebrity will present the prizes(3) The past that historians portray must be one out of which the present can plausibly have grown.(4) I had to present the evidence in court(5) The present discussions follow working-level talks held in the past two days in Seoul.(6) Could you further discuss what you mean and the present dangers language is facing?(7) Even tourists who make an occasional visit recognise the stupidity of the present situation.(8) may I present my wife?(9) The conference can also help to present a united and identifiable face of those opposing the country's occupation to the wider public.(10) Looking deep into Jim's eyes she saw her past, her present and her future.(11) is there a doctor present?(12) We cannot let our future be shaped by those who care only about their present .(13) She says the geeky dullard front we present during office hours is a terribly amusing faÔö£┬║ade.(14) Michael's parents, David and Marie, were present to thank everyone for their generosity.(15) Friends were present and they called for help - paramedics and firefighters from the Aston station attended.(16) The present situation is unsatisfactory in many ways, and should not be allowed to continue.
Related Words
(1) at present ::
ar hyn o bryd
1. in attendance ::
yn bresennol
2. in existence ::
mewn bodolaeth
3. current ::
ar hyn o bryd
4. now ::
5. gift ::
6. present tense ::
amser presennol
7. nowadays ::
dyddiau hyn
9. submit ::
10. introduce ::
11. offer ::
12. demonstrate ::
13. stage ::
14. host ::
15. represent ::
16. portray ::
18. demo ::
19. confront ::
20. give ::
21. salute ::
22. deliver ::
23. pose ::
24. award ::
Different Forms
present, presented, presenter, presenters, presenting, presentment, presentments, presents
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Dr. Koothrappali,
may I present Dr. Millstone from MIT.

Dr. Koothrappali, may I PRESENT Dr. Millstone from MIT.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 4

I know your present is

I know your PRESENT is

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 11

and have an attorney present
during questioning.

and have an attorney PRESENT during questioning.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13

I present to you
the relationship agreement.

I PRESENT to you the relationship agreement.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 10

a little present
from my trip, huh?

a little PRESENT from my trip, huh?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 2

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