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diogelu, ddiogelu, costrelu, cyffeithio, chostrelu, gostrelu, nghostrelu, nghyffeithio, niogelucyffaith, cyffeithiau, chyffaith, chyffeithiau, gyffaith, gyffeithiau, nghyffaith, nghyffeithiau, heldir, heldiroeddcostrelent, costrela’, costrelaf, costrelai, costrelais, costrelaist, costrelan, costrelant, costrelasai, costrelasant, costrelasech, costrelo, costrelasent, costrelasid, costrelasit, costrelasoch, costrelasom, costrelaswn, costrelech, costreled, costrelem, costrelen, costreloch, costreler, costreles, costrelest, costrelet, costreli, costrelid, costreliff, costrelir, costrelith, chostrela, costrelasem, costrelodd, costrelom, costrelon, costrelont, costrelwch, costrelwn, costrelwyd, costrelwyf, costrelych, cyffeithiem, cyffeithia, cyffeithia’, cyffeithiaf, cyffeithiai, cyffeithiais, cyffeithiaist, cyffeithian, cyffeithiant, cyffeithiasai, cyffeithiasant, cyffeithiodd, cyffeithiasem, cyffeithiasent, cyffeithiasid, cyffeithiasit, cyffeithiasoch, cyffeithiasom, cyffeithiaswn, cyffeithid, cyffeithiech, cyffeithied, cyffeithiom, cyffeithien, cyffeithient, cyffeithier, cyffeithies, cyffeithiest, cyffeithiet, cyffeithiff, cyffeithio, cyffeithioch, cyffeithi, chyffeithiasech, cyffeithion, cyffeithiont, cyffeithir, cyffeithith, cyffeithiwch, cyffeithiwn, cyffeithiwyd, cyffeithiwyf, cyffeithiych, chostrelasem, chostrela’, chostrelaf, chostrelai, chostrelais, chostrelaist, chostrelan, chostrelant, chostrelasai, chostrelasant, chostrelen, chostrelo, chostrelasent, chostrelasid, chostrelasit, chostrelasoch, chostrelasom, chostrelaswn, chostrelech, chostreled, chostrelem, chostrelasech, chostreloch, chostrelent, chostreler, chostreles, chostrelest, chostrelet, chostrelid, chostreliff, chostrelir, chostrelith, costrela, chyffeithien, chostrelodd, chostrelom, chostrelon, chostrelont, chostrelwch, chostrelwn, chostrelwyd, chostrelwyf, chostrelych, chyffeithiasem, chyffeithia’, chyffeithiaf, chyffeithiai, chyffeithiais, chyffeithiaist, chyffeithian, chyffeithiant, chyffeithiasai, chyffeithiasant, chyffeithiem, chyffeithia, chyffeithiasent, chyffeithiasid, chyffeithiasit, chyffeithiasoch, chyffeithiasom, chyffeithiaswn, chyffeithid, chyffeithiech, chyffeithied, chyffeithion, chyffeithient, chyffeithier, chyffeithies, chyffeithiest, chyffeithiet, chyffeithiff, chyffeithio, chyffeithioch, chyffeithi, chyffeithiom, cyffeithiasech, chyffeithiont, chyffeithir, chyffeithith, chyffeithiwch, chyffeithiwn, chyffeithiwyd, chyffeithiwyf, chyffeithiych, chyffeithiodd, diogelent, diogela’, diogelaf, diogelai, diogelais, diogelaist, diogelan, diogelant, diogelasai, diogelasant, diogelasech, diogelo, diogelasent, diogelasid, diogelasit, diogelasoch, diogelasom, diogelaswn, diogelech, diogeled, diogelem, diogelen, diogeloch, diogeler, diogeles, diogelest, diogelet, diogeli, diogelid, diogeliff, diogelir, diogelith, gostrela, diogelasem, diogelodd, diogelom, diogelon, diogelont, diogelwch, diogelwn, diogelwyd, diogelwyf, diogelych, ddiogelent, ddiogela’, ddiogelaf, ddiogelai, ddiogelais, ddiogelaist, ddiogelan, ddiogelant, ddiogelasai, ddiogelasant, ddiogelasech, ddiogelo, ddiogelasent, ddiogelasid, ddiogelasit, ddiogelasoch, ddiogelasom, ddiogelaswn, ddiogelech, ddiogeled, ddiogelem, ddiogelen, ddiogeloch, ddiogeler, ddiogeles, ddiogelest, ddiogelet, ddiogeli, ddiogelid, ddiogeliff, ddiogelir, ddiogelith, ddiogela, gyffeithiasech, ddiogelodd, ddiogelom, ddiogelon, ddiogelont, ddiogelwch, ddiogelwn, ddiogelwyd, ddiogelwyf, ddiogelych, gostrelasem, gostrela’, gostrelaf, gostrelai, gostrelais, gostrelaist, gostrelan, gostrelant, gostrelasai, gostrelasant, gostrelen, gostrelo, gostrelasent, gostrelasid, gostrelasit, gostrelasoch, gostrelasom, gostrelaswn, gostrelech, gostreled, gostrelem, gostrelasech, gostreloch, gostrelent, gostreler, gostreles, gostrelest, gostrelet, gostrelid, gostreliff, gostrelir, gostrelith, diogela, gyffeithien, gostrelodd, gostrelom, gostrelon, gostrelont, gostrelwch, gostrelwn, gostrelwyd, gostrelwyf, gostrelych, gyffeithiasem, gyffeithia’, gyffeithiaf, gyffeithiai, gyffeithiais, gyffeithiaist, gyffeithian, gyffeithiant, gyffeithiasai, gyffeithiasant, gyffeithiem, gyffeithia, gyffeithiasent, gyffeithiasid, gyffeithiasit, gyffeithiasoch, gyffeithiasom, gyffeithiaswn, gyffeithid, gyffeithiech, gyffeithied, gyffeithion, gyffeithient, gyffeithier, gyffeithies, gyffeithiest, gyffeithiet, gyffeithiff, gyffeithio, gyffeithioch, gyffeithi, gyffeithiom, ddiogelasem, gyffeithiont, gyffeithir, gyffeithith, gyffeithiwch, gyffeithiwn, gyffeithiwyd, gyffeithiwyf, gyffeithiych, gyffeithiodd
Preserve :
- cadwcadwcyffeithiaucadw

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Noun(1) a domain that seems to be specially reserved for someone(2) a reservation where animals are protected(3) fruit preserved by cooking with sugar
Verb(1) keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last(2) keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction(3) to keep up and reserve for personal or special use(4) prevent (food(5) maintain in safety from injury, harm, or danger(6) keep undisturbed for personal or private use for hunting, shooting, or fishing

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(1) It is a time not only to preserve the existing buildings but enhance the character of Bradford and provide complementary new architecture.(2) If we do none of those things, and leave rail fares to the pressures of the market, then trains will increasingly become the preserve of the rich.(3) Limit your aerobic activity to three or four times a week, and not more than 40 minutes a session, if you want to preserve your existing muscle mass.(4) With an already existing building the challenge is to personalize and humanize the existing spaces and to preserve those spaces that enhance community.(5) Rwanda held a traditional naming ceremony for some of its rare mountain gorillas on Saturday in an effort to attract tourism and help to preserve one of the world's most endangered species.(6) The landowner may feel a guilt of sorts when he converts the land into a hunting preserve .(7) Since the arrival of the first video games in arcades and early home computers in the 1970s and 1980s, the pastime has been viewed as the preserve of teenage boys and young men who don't get out much.(8) So, in order to preserve the cake, they doused it in the food sterilizer of choice brandy.(9) Farmer Dan Giles turned 2,000 of his 3,000 acres into a hunting preserve for deer, turkey and quail.(10) These provisions can be applied to unlisted species to preserve particular national fauna.(11) Jordan's mineral projects have generally been the preserve of the major public companies.(12) There's no better fruit preserve I know of - and you could be enjoying the very first jar just a few hours from now.(13) New buildings should preserve the existing environment while applying the latest science and materials.(14) I mean, historically, universities fought very hard to preserve their independence and autonomy.(15) Fortunately, the idea of doing everything possible to preserve existing jobs was rejected.(16) He then opened a jar of cherry preserve , spooned some out, and put it in his mouth.
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i gadw
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Different Forms
preserve, preserved, preserves, preserving
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