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tybio, dybio, dybiasid, dybier, dybia, dybia’, dybiaf, dybiai, dybiais, dybiaist, dybian, dybiant, dybiasai, dybiasant, dybiasech, dybiasem, dybiasent, ryfygasent, dybiasit, dybiasoch, dybiasom, dybiaswn, dybid, dybiech, dybied, dybiem, dybien, dybient, dybiych, dybiwyf, ryfygont, dybiet, dybiff, dybioch, dybiodd, dybiom, dybion, dybiont, dybir, dybith, dybiwch, dybiwn, dybiwyd, ryfygasem, dybiest, ryfyga, ryfyga’, ryfygaf, ryfygai, ryfygais, ryfygaist, ryfygan, ryfygant, ryfygasai, ryfygasant, ryfygasech, ryfyges, rhyfygen, ryfygest, ryfygasid, ryfygasit, ryfygasoch, ryfygasom, ryfygaswn, ryfygech, ryfyged, ryfygem, ryfygen, ryfygent, ryfyger, rhyfygem, dybi, ryfyget, ryfygi, ryfygid, ryfygiff, ryfygir, ryfygith, ryfygo, ryfygoch, ryfygodd, ryfygom, ryfygon, rhyfygant, rhyfygasant, ryfygwn, ryfygwyd, ryfygwyf, ryfygych, rhyfyga, rhyfyga’, rhyfygaf, rhyfygai, rhyfygais, rhyfygaist, rhyfygan, dybies, rhyfygasai, ryfygwch, rhyfygasech, rhyfygasem, rhyfygasent, rhyfygasid, rhyfygasit, rhyfygasoch, rhyfygasom, rhyfygaswn, rhyfygech, rhyfyged, tybiom, rhyfyger, rhyfyges, rhyfygest, rhyfyget, rhyfygi, rhyfygid, rhyfygiff, rhyfygir, rhyfygith, rhyfygo, rhyfygoch, rhyfygodd, rhyfygom, rhyfygon, rhyfygont, rhyfygwch, rhyfygwn, rhyfygwyd, rhyfygwyf, rhyfygych, tyb, tybi, tybia, tybia’, tybiaf, tybiai, tybiais, tybiaswn, tybiaist, tybian, tybiant, tybiasai, tybiasant, tybiasech, tybiasem, tybiasent, tybiasid, tybiasit, tybiasoch, tybiasom, thybio, tybid, tybiech, tybied, tybiem, tybien, tybient, tybier, tybies, tybiest, tybiet, tybiff, tybioch, thybia’, thybiaf, rhyfygent, tybion, tybiont, tybir, tybith, tybiwch, tybiwn, tybiwyd, tybiwyf, tybiych, thybi, thybia, thybiych, tybiodd, thybiai, thybiais, thybiaist, thybian, thybiant, thybiasai, thybiasant, thybiasech, thybiasem, thybiasent, thybiasid, thybiff, thybiasom, thybiaswn, thybid, thybiech, thybied, thybiem, thybien, thybient, thybier, thybies, thybiest, thybiet, thybiasit, thybiasoch, thybioch, thybiodd, thybiom, thybion, thybiont, thybir, thybith, thybiwch, thybiwn, thybiwyd, thybiwyftybio, nhybied, nhybio, ryfygu, rhyfygu, tybied
Presume :
- dybiotybiedigyn rhagdybiorhagdybio

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Verb(1) take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof(2) take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission(3) constitute reasonable evidence for(4) take liberties or act with too much confidence

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(1) I would never presume to dictate issues of style and form to you, dear sir.(2) That characterization epitomizes the arrogance and condescension of anyone who would presume to understand and speak for all of us.(3) For now, judges seem to presume that everyone is relatively good at voice recognition, better, in fact, than the research suggests is possible.(4) I cannot presume to have the arrogance to tell someone how they should go about finding the balances in their own lives.(5) kindly don't presume to issue me orders in my own house(6) Indeed, such measures presume that no reconciliation is possible and that therefore drastic steps are in order.(7) Don't presume to know enough about their culture to be able to say ├ö├ç├┐oh, it's so wonderful, don't change├ö├ç├û.(8) These are so essential to our nature as a species that no legitimate government has the right to abridge them, or even presume to grant them.(9) Anyway, even if my client gets the information to me a month before the trial, I don't think I'm supposed to presume my client is lying.(10) I just think it is arrogant of such folk that they can presume to make judgements on behalf of other people.(11) she knew he regarded her as his protegÔö£┬«e, but was determined not to presume on that(12) They conclusively presume that the ├ö├ç├┐neocons├ö├ç├û are always lying anyway.(13) We do not presume to be important enough to have our own city.(14) The suggestion that it is arrogant to presume to make such decisions is false in at least some cases, including those where the disability is disastrous.(15) He hasn't been a danger to the community in that time, and I presume the judge believes he isn't likely to be.(16) The final section ranges from a narrative about an artist's educational trip through Africa to projects that presume to address issues of race.
Related Words
1. assume ::
cymryd yn ganiataol
2. venture ::
3. make bold ::
gwneud eofn
Different Forms
presume, presumed, presumes, presuming
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