English to Welsh Meaning :: pretend

esgus, esgusion, esgusodion, hesgus, hesgusion, hesgusodionsmalio, cogio, ffugio, coegio, chogio, ffuantu, gogio, nghoegio, nghogio, hymhonni, jocan, ymhonniffugio, coegiasid, coegiasoch, coegiasent, coegiasem, coegiasech, coegiasant, coegiasai, coegiant, coegian, coegiaist, coegiais, coegiai, coegiaf, coegia’, coegia, coegio, coegiasit, choegiem, coegiasom, coegiaswn, coegid, coegiech, coegied, coegiem, coegien, coegient, coegier, coegies, coegiest, coegiet, coegiff, coegioch, coegiom, choegiais, choegiai, choegiaf, choegia’, choegia, choegi, coegiych, coegiwyf, choegiaist, coegiwn, coegiwch, coegith, coegir, coegiont, coegion, choegied, coegiodd, choegian, choegiant, choegiasai, choegiasant, choegiasech, choegiasem, choegiasent, choegiasid, choegiasit, choegiasoch, choegiasom, choegiaswn, choegid, choegiech, choegiff, choegith, choegir, choegiont, choegion, choegiom, choegiodd, choegioch, choegio, coegi, choegiet, choegiest, choegies, choegier, choegient, choegien, choegiwch, ffuantych, choegiwn, choegiwyd, choegiwyf, choegiych, ffuanta, ffuanta’, ffuantaf, ffuantai, ffuantais, ffuantaist, ffuantan, ffuantant, ffuantasai, ffuantasant, ffuantasech, ffuantet, ffuanti, ffuantasent, ffuantasid, ffuantasit, ffuantasoch, ffuantasom, ffuantaswn, ffuantech, ffuanted, ffuantem, ffuanten, ffuantent, ffuanter, ffuantes, ffuantest, coegiwyd, ffuantasem, ffuantid, ffuantiff, ffuantir, ffuantith, ffuanto, ffuantoch, ffuantodd, ffuantom, ffuanton, ffuantont, ffuantwch, ffuantwn, ffuantwyd, ffuantwyf, ffugiasit, ffugiasoch, ffugia, ffugia’, ffugiaf, ffugiai, ffugiais, ffugiaist, ffugian, ffugiant, ffugiasai, ffugiasant, ffugiasech, ffugiasem, ffugiasent, ffugiasid, goegied, ffugiom, ffugiasom, ffugiaswn, ffugid, ffugiech, ffugied, ffugiem, ffugien, ffugient, ffugier, ffugies, ffugiest, ffugiet, ffugiff, ffugioch, ffugion, ffugiwyd, goegiais, goegiai, goegiaf, goegia’, goegia, goegi, ffugiych, ffugiwyf, goegiaist, ffugiwn, ffugiwch, ffugith, ffugir, ffugiont, goegiem, ffugiodd, goegian, goegiant, goegiasai, goegiasant, goegiasech, goegiasem, goegiasent, goegiasid, goegiasit, goegiasoch, goegiasom, goegiaswn, goegid, goegiech, goegith, goegiwch, goegien, goegient, goegier, goegies, goegiest, goegiet, goegiff, goegio, goegioch, goegiodd, goegiom, goegion, goegiont, goegir, ymhonnych, ffugi, goegiwn, goegiwyd, goegiwyf, goegiych, ymhonasai, ymhonasant, ymhonasech, ymhonasem, ymhonasent, ymhonasid, ymhonasit, ymhonasoch, ymhonasom, ymhonaswn, ymhonnet, ymhonni, ymhonnaf, ymhonnai, ymhonnais, ymhonnaist, ymhonnan, ymhonnant, ymhonnech, ymhonned, ymhonnem, ymhonnen, ymhonnent, ymhonner, ymhonnes, ymhonnest, ymhonna, ymhonna’, ymhonnid, ymhonniff, ymhonnir, ymhonnith, ymhonno, ymhonnoch, ymhonnodd, ymhonnom, ymhonnon, ymhonnont, ymhonnwch, ymhonnwn, ymhonnwyd, ymhonnwyf
Pretend :
- esgusesgusymhonnwresgusyn esgus

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Noun(1) the enactment of a pretense
Verb(1) make believe with the intent to deceive(2) behave unnaturally or affectedly(3) put forward a claim and assert right or possession of(4) put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation(5) represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like(6) state insincerely
Adjective(1) imagined as in a play

Show Examples

(1) Francis loses both daughter and wife and constructs a fantasy life to pretend that Lisa is somehow still alive.(2) You just become someone walking around in freedom, no longer a pretend celebrity with a wallet to be taxed.(3) Boys and young men with pretend guns were being given military drill and taught blood-curdling, screamed chants.(4) Pretend troops are just what we need to fight for a pretend cause!(5) The good thing about a BlackBerry is you can read a message and pretend that you haven't seen it.(6) They could pretend that they in fact had hands toughened by manual labor in the somewhat mythical Australian outback.(7) When he does, will he play the party game and try to pretend the elephants aren't there?(8) We weren't marching off to conquer other countries, but to save them, for real, not for pretend purposes.(9) It was a boring time, as Dominic had to eat pretend chocolate chip cookies, and drink tea.(10) I can't be the only adult to play for pretend money around the Monopoly board, but at least that requires some sense of the world outside me.(11) Back then I used to play games and pretend I was a secret agent and such.(12) You can go to land of make believe and you can pretend , but in the end you still have no friends Ted, I think this is goodbye.(13) They ride around on pretend horses while knocking coconuts together and often break into spontaneous song.(14) He wants to see Catherine and wants her to pretend that they are engaged and in a fancy Milan hotel room together.(15) In the home center, children prepare a pretend picnic for an imaginary vacation.(16) This fantasy allows us to pretend that where we are does not matter, and that what we do daily is a minor narrative that does not count.
Related Words
(1) to pretend ::
i esgus
1. make as if ::
wneud fel pe
2. put on an act as ::
rhoi ar gweithred fel
3. feign ::
4. claim ::
6. venture ::
7. dissemble ::
8. profess ::
9. affect ::
10. imaginary ::
11. make-believe ::
12. make-believe ::
Different Forms
pretend, pretended, pretender, pretenders, pretending, pretends
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

-So?\\N-They wanted to pretend they were trapped\0

-They wanted to PRETEND they were trapped

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 4

And I can\'t pretend that Cersei
won\'t take back half the country

And I can't PRETEND that Cersei won't take back half the country

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7

a bunch of pretend planets
battling made up monsters.

a bunch of PRETEND planets battling made up monsters.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 19

We\'re just supposed to pretend
it\'s not a big deal?

We're just supposed to PRETEND it's not a big deal?

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 8

Your kind likes to pretend
there\'s some poetry in that,

Your kind likes to PRETEND there's some poetry in that,

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10

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