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prif, brif, delediw, mhrif, nhelediw, phrif, telediw, thelediwmhreimio, preimiobreimiant, breimiodd, breimiasit, breimiasid, breimiasent, breimiasem, breimiasech, breimiasant, breimiasai, breimiasom, breimian, breimiaist, breimiais, breimiai, breimiaf, breimia’, breimia, preimiais, breimiaswn, breimid, breimiech, breimied, breimiem, breimien, breimient, breimier, breimies, breimiest, breimiet, breimiff, breimio, breimioch, breimiasoch, breimi, breimiom, breimion, breimiont, breimir, breimith, breimiwch, breimiwn, breimiwyd, breimiwyf, breimiych, preimi, preimia, preimia’, preimiaf, preimiai, phreimiasem, preimiaist, preimian, preimiant, preimiasai, preimiasant, preimiasech, preimiasem, preimiasent, preimiasid, preimiasit, preimiasoch, preimiasom, preimiaswn, preimid, preimiech, phreimiasant, preimien, preimient, preimier, preimies, preimiest, preimiet, preimiff, preimio, preimioch, preimiodd, preimiom, preimion, preimiont, preimir, phreimiasech, preimiem, phreimiasai, phreimiant, phreimian, phreimiaist, phreimiais, phreimiai, preimith, phreimia’, phreimia, phreimi, preimiych, preimiwyf, preimiwyd, preimiwn, preimiwch, phreimiet, phreimiasent, phreimiasid, phreimiasit, phreimiasoch, phreimiasom, phreimiaswn, phreimid, phreimiech, phreimied, phreimiem, phreimien, phreimient, phreimier, phreimies, preimied, phreimiaf, phreimiff, phreimio, phreimioch, phreimiodd, phreimiom, phreimion, phreimiont, phreimir, phreimith, phreimiwch, phreimiwn, phreimiwyd, phreimiwyf, phreimiych, phreimiestanterth, blodau, flodau, hanterth, mlodau
Prime :
- cysefinpreimiorhifau cysefin

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Noun(1) a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself(2) the period of greatest prosperity or productivity(3) the second canonical hour; about 6 a.m.(4) the time of maturity when power and vigor are greatest
Verb(1) insert a primer into (a gun, mine, or charge(2) cover with a primer; apply a primer to(3) fill with priming liquid
Adjective(1) first in rank or degree(2) used of the first or originating agent(3) of superior grade(4) of or relating to or being an integer that cannot be factored into other integers(5) being at the best stage of development

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(1) Doctors told 20-stone Lynn, 55, she was a prime contender for a heart attack in the next few years unless she lost weight.(2) Phosphate has remained the largest revenue earner among Jordanian export commodities and still retains its prime importance.(3) This is a prime example of falling standards in public services.(4) Yet, despite its prime importance for the history of Europe, the eastern Roman capital has received very little archaeological attention compared to almost any major Roman city.(5) Hookway's narrative provides a fresh, updated view of the cast of characters, as well as prime examples of technological innovation in this history.(6) ├ö├ç├┐This is a prime example of what the community can achieve when they work together,├ö├ç├û said Council Chairman Frank Feely.(7) artificial milk can prime the baby's body for future allergic reactions(8) He said that for people trying to get away from a life of drugs, having a roof over their heads was of prime importance.(9) Perception is influenced by expectation and expectation is affected by what others prime you for.(10) In Dartford our new hospital has been put forward as a prime candidate to become a foundation hospital.(11) The doctor suspects an embolism (she was a prime candidate).(12) If the opponent flÔö£┬┐ches a lot, learn to deal with this by making a quick parry of prime and riposte to the lower target - particularly right handed-left handed or left-right.(13) Fort Sam Houston is a prime candidate for wireless networks.(14) So if that means paying that little bit extra, or travelling that little bit further to source prime quality, natural ingredients, then that is the secret of Sinclair's success.(15) So Dr. Schwab, in fact, wrote me and said that I'm a prime candidate for regeneration and recovery.(16) Purified elements from the Periodic Table would be prime candidates for patenting.
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Different Forms
prime, primed, primes
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