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broses, proses, phroses, brosesau, cnap, cnapiau, cnepyn, cnepynnau, chnap, chnapiau, chnepyn, chnepynnau, gnap, gnapiau, gnepynnau, nghnap, nghnapiau, nghnepyn, nghnepynnau, mhroses, mhrosesau, prosesau, phrosesau, gnepynbrosesu, prosesu, phrosesu, mhrosesubrosesasai, broseso, brosesasoch, brosesasit, brosesasid, brosesasent, brosesasem, brosesasech, brosesasant, brosesaswn, brosesant, brosesan, brosesaist, brosesais, brosesai, brosesaf, brosesa’, prosesaist, brosesech, brosesed, brosesem, brosesen, brosesent, broseser, broseses, brosesest, broseset, brosesi, brosesid, brosesiff, brosesir, brosesith, brosesasom, brosesa, brosesoch, brosesodd, brosesom, broseson, brosesont, broseswch, broseswn, broseswyd, broseswyf, brosesych, prosesa, prosesa’, prosesaf, prosesai, prosesais, phrosesasent, prosesan, prosesant, prosesasai, prosesasant, prosesasech, prosesasem, prosesasent, prosesasid, prosesasit, prosesasoch, prosesasom, prosesaswn, prosesech, prosesed, prosesem, phrosesasech, proseser, proseses, prosesest, proseset, prosesi, prosesid, prosesiff, prosesir, prosesith, proseso, prosesoch, prosesodd, prosesom, proseson, phrosesasem, prosesent, phrosesasant, phrosesasai, phrosesant, phrosesan, phrosesaist, phrosesais, prosesont, phrosesaf, phrosesa’, phrosesa, prosesych, proseswyf, proseswyd, proseswn, proseswch, phrosesid, phrosesasid, phrosesasit, phrosesasoch, phrosesasom, phrosesaswn, phrosesech, phrosesed, phrosesem, phrosesen, phrosesent, phroseser, phroseses, phrosesest, phroseset, prosesen, phrosesai, phrosesiff, phrosesir, phrosesith, phroseso, phrosesoch, phrosesodd, phrosesom, phroseson, phrosesont, phroseswch, phroseswn, phroseswyd, phroseswyf, phrosesych, phrosesi
Process :
- prosesprosesuprosesauprosesuprosesydd

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Noun(1) a particular course of action intended to achieve a result(2) (psychology(3) a writ issued by authority of law; usually compels the defendant's attendance in a civil suit; failure to appear results in a default judgment against the defendant(4) a mental process that you are not directly aware of(5) a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant(6) a sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes through a series of states
Verb(1) subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition(2) deal with in a routine way(3) perform mathematical and logical operations on (data(4) institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against(5) march in a procession(6) shape, form, or improve a material(7) deliver a warrant or summons to someone

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(1) He successfully dodged Earthlink's process servers for several months until they caught up with him in February 2003.(2) As is so often the case, each individual step in a decision-making process seems to be completely logical and obvious.(3) In some jurisdictions, the writ has to be served or the process has to be served before the action is brought.(4) That process was served on Dow Jones in the United States under the two limbs of the Supreme Court Rules.(5) process inks(6) This would be achieved by a transparent process whereby the bills in issue would be made clear to the voters at election time.(7) Kraft Foods is likely to set the standard for process cheese innovations.(8) The first commitment must be to the dialogue process and to achieve the possible.(9) the aging process(10) Bobbitt takes the process one step further, using his analysis of the past to predict the future.(11) Today's PCs process more information faster than anything imagined in the early days of computing.(12) Make sure you fully understand every step of the building process and don't let jargon put you off.(13) He breaks every step of the process into a series of questions.(14) It was impossible for Council officials to process that amount of work in one month.(15) I am not persuaded the provinces do have the constitutional or legislative authority to serve a process commenced by summons beyond the borders of Canada.(16) He invented the process of four-colour process printing onto flexible plastics.
Related Words
(1) in process ::
yn y broses
1. procedure ::
2. method ::
3. summons ::
4. appendage ::
5. mental process ::
broses feddyliol
6. deal with ::
delio â
7. litigate ::
8. work on ::
weithio ar
9. serve ::
10. treat ::
11. march ::
1. recess ::
2. recession ::
3. regress ::
4. regression ::
5. retreat ::
6. retrogression ::
Different Forms
process, processed, processes, processing, processor, processors
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