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amddiffyn, ddiogelu, diogelu, hamddiffyn, niogeluamddiffynna, amddiffynna’, amddiffynasant, amddiffynasech, amddiffynasem, amddiffynasent, amddiffynasid, amddiffynasit, amddiffynasoch, amddiffynasom, amddiffynaswn, amddiffynnych, diogela, amddiffynnaf, amddiffynnai, amddiffynnais, amddiffynnaist, amddiffynnan, amddiffynnant, amddiffynnech, amddiffynned, amddiffynnem, amddiffynnen, amddiffynnent, amddiffynner, amddiffynnes, amddiffynnest, amddiffynnet, amddiffynni, amddiffynnid, amddiffynniff, amddiffynnir, amddiffynnith, diogelo, amddiffynnoch, amddiffynnodd, amddiffynnom, amddiffynnon, amddiffynnont, amddiffynnwch, amddiffynnwn, amddiffynnwyd, amddiffynnwyf, diogelasech, diogelasem, diogela’, diogelaf, diogelai, diogelais, diogelaist, diogelan, diogelant, diogelasai, diogelasant, diogelych, amddiffynasai, diogelasent, diogelasid, diogelasit, diogelasoch, diogelasom, diogelaswn, diogelech, diogeled, diogelem, diogelen, diogelent, diogeler, diogeles, diogelest, diogelet, diogeli, diogelid, diogeliff, diogelir, diogelith, amddiffynno, diogeloch, diogelodd, diogelom, diogelon, diogelont, diogelwch, diogelwn, diogelwyd, diogelwyf, ddiogelasech, ddiogelasem, ddiogela’, ddiogelaf, ddiogelai, ddiogelais, ddiogelaist, ddiogelan, ddiogelant, ddiogelasai, ddiogelasant, ddiogelych, hamddiffynasai, ddiogelasent, ddiogelasid, ddiogelasit, ddiogelasoch, ddiogelasom, ddiogelaswn, ddiogelech, ddiogeled, ddiogelem, ddiogelen, ddiogelent, ddiogeler, ddiogeles, ddiogelest, ddiogelet, ddiogeli, ddiogelid, ddiogeliff, ddiogelir, ddiogelith, hamddiffynno, ddiogeloch, ddiogelodd, ddiogelom, ddiogelon, ddiogelont, ddiogelwch, ddiogelwn, ddiogelwyd, ddiogelwyf, hamddiffynna, hamddiffynna’, hamddiffynasant, hamddiffynasech, hamddiffynasem, hamddiffynasent, hamddiffynasid, hamddiffynasit, hamddiffynasoch, hamddiffynasom, hamddiffynaswn, hamddiffynnych, ddiogela, hamddiffynnaf, hamddiffynnai, hamddiffynnais, hamddiffynnaist, hamddiffynnan, hamddiffynnant, hamddiffynnech, hamddiffynned, hamddiffynnem, hamddiffynnen, hamddiffynnent, hamddiffynner, hamddiffynnes, hamddiffynnest, hamddiffynnet, hamddiffynni, hamddiffynnid, hamddiffynniff, hamddiffynnir, hamddiffynnith, ddiogelo, hamddiffynnoch, hamddiffynnodd, hamddiffynnom, hamddiffynnon, hamddiffynnont, hamddiffynnwch, hamddiffynnwn, hamddiffynnwyd, hamddiffynnwyf
Protect :
- amddiffynwarchodirdiogeludiogelu

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Verb(1) shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage(2) use tariffs to favor domestic industry

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(1) to protect data(2) They did not take my fears seriously and they went back on their promise to protect me.(3) to protect an endangered species(4) security products are designed to protect information from unauthorized access(5) we must protect the environment(6) Fortunately it was a thick material so as to protect the thing better.(7) certain vitamins may protect against heart disease(8) Basic coverage will protect you against fire, vandalism, lightning, and water damage.(9) You can't eliminate the risks of travel, but travel insurance can protect you against financial loss.(10) She must accept the inevitable and protect against the greater harm.(11) to protect an industry(12) Japan's Ministry of Trade & Industry erected barriers to protect the country's infant computer industry(13) I promised to protect you, all those years ago at the orphanage, and that's what I am doing right now.(14) to protect nature(15) A new structure of tariffs on imports is designed to further protect Russian industries from foreign competition.(16) I hope outrage is expressed - we have got to protect what we have.
Related Words
(1) to protect ::
i amddiffyn
1. keep safe ::
cadw'n ddiogel
2. keep from harm ::
cadw rhag niwed
3. save ::
4. safeguard ::
5. preserve ::
6. defend ::
7. shield ::
8. cushion ::
9. insulate ::
10. hedge ::
11. shelter ::
12. screen ::
13. secure ::
14. fortify ::
15. guard ::
16. watch over ::
gwylio dros
17. look after ::
edrych ar ol
18. take care of ::
gofalu am
19. keep ::
20. inoculate ::
1. assail ::
2. assault ::
3. attack ::
Different Forms
protect, protected, protecting, protects
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