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brofi, profi, brofoch, brofaf, brofasoch, brofasit, brofasid, brofasent, brofasem, brofasech, brofasant, brofasai, brofant, brofan, brofaist, brofais, brofai, brofasom, brofaswn, brofech, brofed, brofem, brofen, brofent, brofer, brofes, brofest, brofet, brofid, brofiff, brofir, brofith, brofo, brofodd, profan, brofom, brofon, brofont, brofwch, brofwn, brofwyd, brofwyf, brofych, prawf, profa, profa’, profaf, profai, profais, brofa, brofa’, profant, profasai, profasant, profasech, profasem, profasent, profasid, profasit, profasoch, profasom, profaswn, profech, profed, profem, profaist, phrofasech, profer, profes, profest, profet, profid, profiff, profir, profith, profo, profoch, profodd, profom, profon, profont, phrofasem, profent, phrofasant, phrofasai, phrofant, phrofan, phrofaist, profwch, phrofai, phrofaf, phrofa’, phrofa, profych, profwyf, profwyd, profwn, phrofais, phrofid, phrofasid, phrofasit, phrofasoch, phrofasom, phrofaswn, phrofech, phrofed, phrofem, phrofen, phrofent, phrofer, phrofes, phrofest, phrofet, profen, phrofasent, phrofiff, phrofir, phrofith, phrofo, phrofoch, phrofodd, phrofom, phrofon, phrofont, phrofwch, phrofwn, phrofwyd, phrofwyf, phrofych, phrofiprofi, mhrofi
Prove :
- profiProfoddprofiprofi

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Verb(1) be shown or be found to be(2) establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment(3) provide evidence for(4) prove formally; demonstrate by a mathematical, formal proof(5) put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to(6) increase in volume(7) cause to puff up with a leaven(8) take a trial impression of(9) obtain probate of

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(1) The ability to deliver and prove high levels of performance is no longer just a competitive advantage.(2) it may prove to be correct(3) Bonnet used Codazzi's formulas to prove the existence theorem in the theory of surfaces.(4) Employees may be able to complain to the pensions ombudsman that the scheme was maladministered, but this may be difficult to prove .(5) The scenes are intended to prove the soundness and truth of what has been previously said.(6) a new lieutenant, very green and very desperate to prove himself(7) But he was determined to prove he could achieve success somehow - and eventually he did.(8) Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and leave to prove for about two hours in a warm area.(9) the concept is difficult to prove(10) prove the dough(11) to prove a will(12) they have to prove guilt(13) Of course, the accused man is assumed to be innocent until the prosecution can prove him guilty.(14) she displayed an ingenuousness which sprung from a yearning need to prove herself(15) I'll give it to you if you prove ownership(16) The Authority said it is very difficult to prove the existence of a cartel and pledged to monitor the situation in the town.
Related Words
(1) prove to be ::
profi i fod
3. establish ::
4. rise ::
5. essay ::
6. evidence ::
7. leaven ::
1. disprove ::
2. rebut ::
3. refute ::
Different Forms
prove, proved, proves, proving
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