English to Welsh Meaning :: provoke

pryfocio, bigitan, bigitian, cythruddo, figitan, figitian, nghythruddo, mhoeni, mhryfocio, migitan, migitian, poenipryfocio, boenaf, boenasent, boenai, boenais, boenaist, boenan, boenant, boenasai, boenasant, boenasech, boenasem, boenes, boenasid, boenasit, boenasoch, boenasom, boenaswn, boenech, boened, boenem, boenen, boenent, boener, boenet, boenont, boenest, boeni, boenid, boeniff, boenir, boenith, boeno, boenoch, boenodd, boenom, cythruddasem, boena’, boenwch, boenwn, boenwyd, boenwyf, boenych, bryfoci, bryfocia, bryfocia’, bryfociaf, bryfociai, boenon, bryfociaswn, bryfocian, bryfociant, bryfociasai, bryfociasant, bryfociasech, bryfociasem, bryfociasent, bryfociasid, bryfociasit, bryfociasoch, bryfocio, bryfociaist, bryfocid, bryfociech, bryfocied, bryfociem, bryfocien, bryfocient, bryfocier, bryfocies, bryfociest, bryfociet, bryfociff, cythrudda, bryfociodd, bryfociom, bryfocion, bryfociont, bryfocir, bryfocith, bryfociwch, bryfociwn, bryfociwyd, bryfociwyf, bryfociais, bryfocioch, cythrudda’, cythruddaf, cythruddai, cythruddais, cythruddaist, cythruddan, cythruddant, cythruddasai, cythruddasant, cythruddasech, bryfociych, cythruddes, cythruddasent, cythruddasid, cythruddasit, cythruddasoch, cythruddasom, cythruddaswn, cythruddech, cythrudded, cythruddem, cythrudden, cythruddent, cythruddom, chythruddais, cythruddest, cythruddet, cythruddi, cythruddid, cythruddiff, cythruddir, cythruddith, cythruddo, cythruddoch, cythruddodd, cythrudder, boena, cythruddon, cythruddont, cythruddwch, cythruddwn, cythruddwyd, cythruddwyf, cythruddych, chythrudda, chythrudda’, chythruddaf, chythruddai, chythruddwyf, chythruddaist, chythruddan, chythruddant, chythruddasai, chythruddasant, chythruddasech, chythruddasem, chythruddasent, chythruddasid, chythruddasit, chythruddasoch, chythruddiff, chythruddech, chythrudded, chythruddem, chythrudden, chythruddent, chythrudder, chythruddes, chythruddest, chythruddet, chythruddi, chythruddwyd, chythruddaswn, chythruddir, chythruddith, chythruddo, chythruddoch, chythruddodd, chythruddom, chythruddon, chythruddont, chythruddwch, chythruddwn, chythruddid, gythruddasech, chythruddych, gythrudda, gythrudda’, gythruddaf, gythruddai, gythruddais, gythruddaist, gythruddan, gythruddant, gythruddasai, chythruddasom, phoenasit, gythruddasem, gythruddasent, gythruddasid, gythruddasit, gythruddasoch, gythruddasom, gythruddaswn, gythruddech, gythrudded, gythruddem, gythruddasant, gythruddodd, gythruddent, gythrudder, gythruddes, gythruddest, gythruddet, gythruddi, gythruddid, gythruddiff, gythruddir, gythruddith, gythruddo, poenaf, poenasit, gythruddom, gythruddon, gythruddont, gythruddwch, gythruddwn, gythruddwyd, gythruddwyf, gythruddych, poena, poena’, gythruddoch, pryfociodd, poenai, poenais, poenaist, poenan, poenant, poenasai, poenasant, poenasech, poenasem, poenasent, poenasid, poenet, poenasoch, poenasom, poenaswn, poenech, poened, poenem, poenen, poenent, poener, poenes, poenest, poenwn, poenid, poeniff, poenir, poenith, poeno, poenoch, poenodd, poenom, poenon, pryfociant, poenwch, poeni, poenwyd, poenwyf, poenych, pryfoci, pryfocia, pryfocia’, pryfociaf, pryfociai, pryfociais, pryfociaist, poenont, pryfociech, pryfociasai, pryfociasant, pryfociasech, pryfociasem, pryfociasent, pryfociasid, pryfociasit, pryfociasoch, pryfociasom, pryfociaswn, pryfocian, phryfociaist, pryfocied, pryfociem, pryfocien, pryfocient, pryfocier, pryfocies, pryfociest, pryfociet, pryfociff, pryfocioch, pryfocid, phoenaf, pryfocion, pryfociont, pryfocir, pryfocith, pryfociwch, pryfociwn, pryfociwyd, pryfociwyf, pryfociych, phoena, phoenasid, pryfociom, phoenai, phoenais, phoenaist, phoenan, phoenant, phoenasai, phoenasant, phoenasech, phoenasem, phoenasent, phoena’, phoenet, phoenasoch, phoenasom, phoenaswn, phoenech, phoened, phoenem, phoenen, phoenent, phoener, phoenes, gythrudden, phryfociech, phoeni, phoenid, phoeniff, phoenir, phoenith, phoeno, phoenoch, phoenodd, phoenom, phoenon, phoenest, phryfocian, phoenwn, phoenwyd, phoenwyf, phoenych, phryfoci, phryfocia, phryfocia’, phryfociaf, phryfociai, phryfociais, phryfocid, phoenwch, phryfociant, phryfociasai, phryfociasant, phryfociasech, phryfociasem, phryfociasent, phryfociasid, phryfociasit, phryfociasoch, phryfociasom, phryfociaswn, phryfociodd, phryfocied, phryfociem, phryfocien, phryfocient, phryfocier, phryfocies, phryfociest, phryfociet, phryfociff, phryfocio, phoenont, bryfociasom, phryfociom, phryfocion, phryfociont, phryfocir, phryfocith, phryfociwch, phryfociwn, phryfociwyd, phryfociwyf, phryfociych, phryfocioch
Provoke :
- pryfociopryfocioysgogiprocio'r

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Verb(1) call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses(2) evoke or provoke to appear or occur(3) provide the needed stimulus for(4) annoy continually or chronically

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(1) She is also comfortable following a traditional line with novels that do not seek to challenge or provoke the reader.(2) Secondly, we need a leader of charisma to badger and provoke his colleagues into action.(3) Rather, they make her work harder to achieve it and they also provoke her to motivate other associates for the cause.(4) Men of all ages simply kept their distance, though sometimes every now and then one would come and try to anger and provoke her.(5) I couldn't see why anyone would wish to provoke me to the point of anger over not having a significant other.(6) It is in the film to horrify and provoke an emotional reaction.(7) In his debut novel he sets out to provoke strong reactions and, given his subject matter, doubtless he will succeed.(8) So we don't want to do anything to provoke him or to incite the violence we're trying to prevent.(9) The anger lasted for a long time, trying to provoke her into saying things she would regret.(10) They wanted to see if they could provoke a strong reaction from me.(11) There are times when you have to provoke people, challenge them to go further.(12) It is therefore forbidden to provoke a person, thereby causing him to sin in anger, even though it is not certain that he will do so.(13) a teacher can provoke you into working harder(14) We managed to provoke him to get up once, when he challenged Opposition members to substantiate their arguments.(15) This led to the development of the " provokable nice guy" strategy, a peace-maker until attacked.(16) The police car backed off for safety reasons and to avoid provoking the truck's driver, RCMP said in a news release.
Related Words
(1) provoke ::
1. arouse ::
2. goad ::
3. annoy ::
4. stimulate ::
5. raise ::
7. harry ::
Different Forms
provoke, provoked, provokes, provoking
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