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rhoi, roi, gosod, rhowch, doda’, dodant, dodaf, dodai, dodais, dodaist, dodan, dodasom, dodasai, dodasant, dodasech, dodasem, dodasent, dodasid, dodasit, dodasoch, dodech, dodet, ddodant, doded, dodem, doden, dodent, doder, ddodest, dodest, doda, dodi, dodid, dodiff, dodir, dodith, dodo, dodes, ddoda, dodom, dodon, dodont, dodwch, dodwn, dodwyd, dodwyf, ddodasai, dododd, ddoda’, ddodaf, ddodai, ddodais, ddodaist, ddodan, esyd, ddodech, ddodasech, ddodasem, ddodasent, ddodasid, ddodasit, ddodasoch, dodoch, ddodaswn, ddodasant, ddoded, ddodem, ddoden, ddodent, ddoder, ddodes, ddodasom, ddodom, ddodi, ddodid, ddodiff, ddodir, ddodith, ddodo, ddodych, ddododd, ddodet, ddodon, ddodont, ddodwch, ddodwn, ddodwyd, ddodwyf, ddodoch, gosodant, gesyd, gosoda, gosoda’, gosodaf, gosodai, gosodais, dod, gosodan, gosodo, gosodasai, gosodasant, gosodasech, gosodasem, gosodasent, gosodasid, gosodaist, gosodes, gosodasom, gosodaswn, gosodech, gosoded, gosodem, gosoden, gosodith, gosoder, gosodasoch, gosodest, gosodet, gosodi, gosodid, gosodiff, gosodir, gosodent, gosodwyf, gosodoch, gosododd, gosodom, gosodon, gosodont, gosodwch, gosodasit, gosodwyd, dodaswn, gosodych, moes, osod, osoda, osoda’, osodaf, gosodwn, osodasent, osodais, osodaist, osodan, osodant, osodasai, osodasant, osodasech, osodem, osodid, osodasid, osodasit, osodasoch, osodasom, osodaswn, osodech, osoded, osodiff, osoden, osodent, osoder, osodes, osodest, osodet, osodi, osodont, osodasem, osodir, osodith, osodo, osodoch, osododd, osodom, roian, roaist, osodwch, osodwn, osodwyd, osodwyf, osodych, rô, roai, roeon, roesid, roant, rôch, roech, roed, roem, roent, roais, roesit, osodon, roer, roesai, roesant, roesech, roesem, roesent, roeoch, rhoesoch, roesoch, roesom, roeswn, roet, rof, roï, roia, roist, osodai, roid, roien, roies, roiest, roiodd, roir, rowyf, rhoant, roiwch, roiwn, rôm, rônt, rowch, rown, rowyd, rhôch, roych, ry, rho, rhô, rhoai, rhoais, rhoaist, roia’, rois, rhodd, rhoech, rhoed, rhoem, rhoent, rhoeoch, rhoeon, rhoesom, rhoesai, rhoesant, rhoesech, rhoesem, rhoesent, rhoesid, rhoesit, rhoid, rhoiwch, rhoeswn, rhoet, rhof, rhoï, rhoia, rhoia’, rhoian, rhoiwn, rhoien, rhoies, rhoiest, rhoiodd, rhoir, rhois, rhoist, rhoer, dodych, rhôm, rhônt, rhown, rhowyd, rhowyf, rhoych, rhyrhoi, gosod, dodi, ngosod, nodi
Put :
- rhoiniwtral yn gosod

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Noun(1) the option to sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future
Verb(1) put into a certain place or abstract location(2) cause to be in a certain state; cause to be in a certain relation(3) formulate in a particular style or language(4) attribute or give(5) make an investment(6) estimate(7) cause (someone(8) adapt(9) arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events

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(1) I put my hand out toward her(2) to put words into sb's mouth(3) I have no reference points to start figuring out how to put a dollar value on something like that.(4) Some reporters were under the impression he died yesterday, but that story was quickly put to rest.(5) Four innocent people were immediately put behind bars.(6) it is very difficult to put a figure on the size of the budget(7) You must feel angry that those people were constructively seeking to put you behind bars.(8) She broke into tears, and then her husband crossed the room to put his arm around her.(9) My room was like a pigsty, to put it frankly.(10) Harry put down his cup(11) She produced a magnificent put to end the competition, the furthest throw in the world for at least two years.(12) the proposal was put to a vote(13) In June 1984 she achieved a put of 21.00 metres, which would remain her personal best.(14) There is no access to the island by air, and only a few boats per year put into the notoriously dangerous harbor.(15) she stepped into the boat and put out to sea(16) he was put in prison
Related Words
1. put option ::
rhoi opsiwn
2. place ::
3. assign to ::
aseinio i
4. lay on ::
gorwedd ar
5. submit ::
6. express ::
7. estimate ::
8. redact ::
9. assign ::
10. order ::
11. commit ::
1. remit ::
cylch gwaith
Different Forms
put, puts
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