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rali, ralïauadfyddinoadfyddinent, adfyddina’, adfyddinaf, adfyddinai, adfyddinais, adfyddinaist, adfyddinan, adfyddinant, adfyddinasai, adfyddinasant, adfyddinasech, adfyddino, adfyddinasent, adfyddinasid, adfyddinasit, adfyddinasoch, adfyddinasom, adfyddinaswn, adfyddinech, adfyddined, adfyddinem, adfyddinen, adfyddinoch, adfyddiner, adfyddines, adfyddinest, adfyddinet, adfyddini, adfyddinid, adfyddiniff, adfyddinir, adfyddinith, adfyddina, adfyddinasem, adfyddinodd, adfyddinom, adfyddinon, adfyddinont, adfyddinwch, adfyddinwn, adfyddinwyd, adfyddinwyf, adfyddinych, hadfyddinent, hadfyddina’, hadfyddinaf, hadfyddinai, hadfyddinais, hadfyddinaist, hadfyddinan, hadfyddinant, hadfyddinasai, hadfyddinasant, hadfyddinasech, hadfyddino, hadfyddinasent, hadfyddinasid, hadfyddinasit, hadfyddinasoch, hadfyddinasom, hadfyddinaswn, hadfyddinech, hadfyddined, hadfyddinem, hadfyddinen, hadfyddinoch, hadfyddiner, hadfyddines, hadfyddinest, hadfyddinet, hadfyddini, hadfyddinid, hadfyddiniff, hadfyddinir, hadfyddinith, hadfyddina, hadfyddinasem, hadfyddinodd, hadfyddinom, hadfyddinon, hadfyddinont, hadfyddinwch, hadfyddinwn, hadfyddinwyd, hadfyddinwyf, hadfyddinych
Rally :
- raliralïauralio

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Noun(1) a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm(2) the feat of mustering strength for a renewed effort(3) a marked recovery of strength or spirits during an illness(4) an automobile race run over public roads(5) (sports
Verb(1) gather(2) call to arms; of military personnel(3) gather or bring together(4) return to a former condition(5) harass with persistent criticism or carping

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(1) Schumacher takes on rally drivers in Race of Champions on BBC(2) At a minimum, there would be a month or two in which consumer and corporate spending would surge and stock prices would rally .(3) The dollar has advanced 1.9 percent during the three-week rally , trimming its decline to 11.8 percent in the year.(4) the market staged a late rally(5) Yet most analysts of the Indonesian economy agree that a consumption rally alone can't sustain recovery.(6) The following is the text of a speech given at an antiwar rally in New York City's Central Park on October 6.(7) On the final day, a rally of all vehicles will be organised.(8) a traction engine rally(9) Kourin ran up to him and they exchanged quick nods as Regnor continued to rally his troops.(10) He remains in a hospital trying to rally from serious head, lung, and rib injuries.(11) a series of meetings to rally support for the union(12) The Trojans rally again and continue to push onward.(13) But the Estonian's chances were wrecked by a puncture on the longest stage of the rally , which he had to stop and change.(14) a rally driver(15) The Assistant Division Commander of the 29 th Infantry was trying to rally his men, who were pinned down on the beaches by heavy German fire.(16) Solberg set the pace for the first two days of the rally , winning five stages in a row.
Related Words
(1) pep rally ::
rali PEP
1. meeting ::
2. recovery ::
3. mass meeting ::
cyfarfod torfol
4. exchange ::
5. rallying ::
6. regroup ::
7. muster ::
9. recover ::
11. rebound ::
12. come up ::
Dod I fyny
13. mobilize ::
14. taunt ::
Different Forms
rallies, rally, rallying
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