English to Welsh Meaning :: ratify

gadarnhau, cadarnhau, chadarnhau, nghadarnhaucadarnhaet, cadarnheais, cadarnhao, cadarnhânt, cadarnhân, cadarnhaith, cadarnhaiff, cadarnhâi, cadarnhaf, cadarnhawyf, cadarnhaer, cadarnhaent, cadarnhaen, cadarnhaem, cadarnhaed, cadarnhaech, cadarnha’, chadarnhânt, cadarnhawyd, cadarnhawn, cadarnhaswn, cadarnhasom, cadarnhasoch, cadarnhasit, cadarnhaoch, cadarnhasent, cadarnhasem, cadarnhasech, cadarnhasant, cadarnhasai, cadarnhaont, cadarnhaom, cadarnhaodd, cadarnheuon, cadarnha, chadarnhaem, chadarnhaed, chadarnhaech, chadarnha’, chadarnha, cadarnheych, cadarnhewch, chadarnhasant, cadarnheuoch, cadarnheir, cadarnheiest, cadarnheies, cadarnheid, cadarnhei, cadarnheaist, cadarnhasid, chadarnhasai, chadarnhaont, chadarnhaom, chadarnhaodd, chadarnhaoch, chadarnhao, chadarnhaen, chadarnhân, chadarnhaith, chadarnhaiff, chadarnhâi, chadarnhaf, chadarnhaet, chadarnhaer, chadarnhaent, chadarnhawn, gadarnhaiff, chadarnheies, chadarnheid, chadarnhei, chadarnheaist, chadarnheais, chadarnhawyf, chadarnhawyd, gadarnhâi, chadarnhaswn, chadarnhasom, chadarnhasoch, chadarnhasit, chadarnhasid, chadarnhasent, chadarnhasem, gadarnheid, gadarnhaf, gadarnhaet, gadarnhaer, gadarnhaent, gadarnhaen, gadarnhaem, chadarnheiest, gadarnhaech, gadarnha’, gadarnha, chadarnheych, chadarnhewch, chadarnheuon, chadarnheuoch, chadarnheir, gadarnhaont, chadarnhasech, gadarnhasit, gadarnhasid, gadarnhasent, gadarnhasem, gadarnhasech, gadarnhasant, gadarnhasai, gadarnheych, gadarnhaom, gadarnhaodd, gadarnhaoch, gadarnhao, gadarnhânt, gadarnhân, gadarnhaith, gadarnhaed, gadarnhewch, gadarnheuon, gadarnheuoch, gadarnheir, gadarnheiest, gadarnheies, gadarnhasoch, gadarnhei, gadarnheaist, gadarnheais, gadarnhawyf, gadarnhawyd, gadarnhawn, gadarnhaswn, gadarnhasom
Ratify :
- cadarnhauyn cadarnhaucadarnhau

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Verb(1) approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation

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(1) both countries were due to ratify the treaty by the end of the year(2) The Federal Government will not ratify the protocol until the economic impact of doing so is fully assessed.(3) Many of the measures came into effect immediately, though subject to ratification by parliament.(4) The Canadian government hasn't ratified this agreement yet.(5) Judges are nominated by the president and ratified by the Senate.(6) The deed was signed on 12 May 2001, and subsequently ratified by a significant majority of the people.(7) The establishment of this air police force has been ratified by the State Council.(8) Ironically, the peace that Wilson worked so hard to shape was never ratified by the U.S. Senate.(9) It needs 50 ratifications before it can be brought into force; this is expected to happen by the spring of next year.(10) The new district plan is due to be ratified by the district council on April 21.(11) This meeting would discuss measures to stimulate the process of ratification of the accession treaty.(12) He felt that hypnotic physiological effects served as the most powerful ratifiers of trance experience.(13) Doctors finally ratified a contract in 2002 that gave them an average wage increase of $50,000 each.(14) The convention, on March 11, 1861, unanimously ratified a permanent constitution.(15) The Treaty was ratified by both countries in 1988.(16) But the vote will have to be ratified at an extraordinary meeting of the full council today.
1. confirm ::
2. approve ::
3. sanction ::
4. endorse ::
5. agree to ::
cytuno i
6. accept ::
7. uphold ::
8. authorize ::
9. formalize ::
10. validate ::
11. recognize ::
12. sign ::
1. decline ::
2. deny ::
3. disallow ::
4. disapprove ::
5. negative ::
6. reject ::
7. veto ::
Different Forms
ratifies, ratify, ratifying
English to Welsh Dictionary: ratify

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