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rheswm, reswm, rhesymau, achos, achosion, gwreiddyn, ngwreiddyn, hachos, hachosion, le, leoedd, lle, lleoedd, resymau, wreiddynresymu, rhesymu, ymresymu, hymresymuresymasai, resymo, resymasoch, resymasit, resymasid, resymasent, resymasem, resymasech, resymasant, resymaswn, resymant, resyman, resymaist, resymais, resymai, resymaf, resyma’, rhesymaist, resymech, resymed, resymem, resymen, resyment, resymer, resymes, resymest, resymet, resymi, resymid, resymiff, resymir, resymith, resymasom, resyma, resymoch, resymodd, resymom, resymon, resymont, resymwch, resymwn, resymwyd, resymwyf, resymych, rhesyma, rhesyma’, rhesymaf, rhesymai, rhesymais, ymresymasent, rhesyman, rhesymant, rhesymasai, rhesymasant, rhesymasech, rhesymasem, rhesymasent, rhesymasid, rhesymasit, rhesymasoch, rhesymasom, rhesymaswn, rhesymech, rhesymed, rhesymem, ymresymasech, rhesymer, rhesymes, rhesymest, rhesymet, rhesymi, rhesymid, rhesymiff, rhesymir, rhesymith, rhesymo, rhesymoch, rhesymodd, rhesymom, rhesymon, ymresymasem, rhesyment, ymresymasant, ymresymasai, ymresymant, ymresyman, ymresymaist, ymresymais, rhesymont, ymresymaf, ymresyma’, ymresyma, rhesymych, rhesymwyf, rhesymwyd, rhesymwn, rhesymwch, ymresymid, ymresymasid, ymresymasit, ymresymasoch, ymresymasom, ymresymaswn, ymresymech, ymresymed, ymresymem, ymresymen, ymresyment, ymresymer, ymresymes, ymresymest, ymresymet, rhesymen, ymresymai, ymresymiff, ymresymir, ymresymith, ymresymo, ymresymoch, ymresymodd, ymresymom, ymresymon, ymresymont, ymresymwch, ymresymwn, ymresymwyd, ymresymwyf, ymresymych, ymresymi
Reason :
- rheswmrhesymegolymresymwrrhesymurhesymau

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Noun(1) a rational motive for a belief or action(2) an explanation of the cause of some phenomenon(3) the capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination(4) the state of having good sense and sound judgment(5) a justification for something existing or happening(6) a fact that logically justifies some premise or conclusion
Verb(1) decide by reasoning; draw or come to a conclusion(2) present reasons and arguments(3) think logically

Show Examples

(1) Just because someone knocks on your door, phones you or stops you in the street is not good enough reason to change your mind.(2) I tried to reason with her, but without success(3) Sweetening the pot within reason to keep it out of their hands does make sense.(4) the only reason she comes here is to read the paper(5) we have reason to celebrate(6) An argument is a form of reasoning whereby one gives a reason or reasons in support of some claim.(7) Rangers supporters will now believe it is possible for them to have reason to tickle these next Sunday.(8) One reason why this event may reverberate is exactly that disconnect.(9) she is in danger of losing her reason(10) The size is pretty much irrelevant, as is the amount of water, within reason .(11) You can take advantage of this by waiting until the last minute and - within reason - naming your price.(12) The foundation also showed that liking an area was the main reason why people did not live closer to their work.(13) Men are marked off from other animals by possessing reason and the power of thought.(14) it is hard to know for the simple reason that few records survive(15) He thinks and learns systematically and is drawn to using logic and reason to prove and understand his faith.(16) they won't pay the fine, not without reason
Related Words
(1) the reason ::
y rheswm
1. cause ::
2. rationality ::
3. sanity ::
4. good sense ::
synnwyr da
6. ground ::
8. intellect ::
9. think rationally ::
meddwl yn rhesymegol
10. calculate ::
11. bring around ::
yn dod o gwmpas
12. argue ::
13. conclude ::
1. consequence ::
2. corollary ::
3. development ::
4. effect ::
5. fate ::
6. fruit ::
7. issue ::
8. outcome ::
9. outgrowth ::
10. product ::
11. result ::
12. sequel ::
13. sequence ::
14. upshot ::
Different Forms
reason, reasoned, reasoner, reasoners, reasoning, reasons
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