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cofio, adalw, atgofio, nghofio, hadalwcofio, gofio, chofio, adalwaf, adalwasant, adalwai, adalwais, adalwaist, adalwan, adalwant, adalwasai, adalwech, adalwasech, adalwasem, adalwasent, adalwasid, adalwasit, adalwasoch, adalwasom, adalwaswn, adalwch, adalwem, adalwith, atgofiasai, adalwen, adalwent, adalwer, adalwes, adalwest, adalwet, atgofiff, adalwiff, adalwa’, adalwn, adalwo, adalwoch, adalwodd, adalwom, adalwon, adalwont, adalwi, atgofia, adeilw, adelwais, adelwaist, adelwch, adelwi, adelwid, adelwir, adelwych, atgofiasant, adalwyf, atgofia’, atgofiaf, atgofiai, atgofiais, atgofiaist, atgofian, atgofiant, cofiaist, atgofied, atgofiasem, atgofiasent, atgofiasid, atgofiasit, atgofiasoch, atgofiasom, atgofiaswn, adalwyd, atgofiech, atgofiasech, atgofiem, atgofien, atgofient, atgofier, atgofies, atgofiest, atgofiet, atgofid, atgofiwyd, atgofioch, atgofiodd, atgofiom, atgofion, atgofiont, atgofir, atgofith, cofiais, atgofiwn, atgofio, atgofiwyf, atgofiych, cofi, cofia, cofia’, cofiaf, cofiai, atgofiwch, cofiasoch, cofian, cofiant, cofiasai, cofiasant, cofiasech, cofiasem, cofiasent, chofied, cofiasit, chofia’, cofiasom, cofiaswn, cofid, cofiech, cofied, cofiem, cofien, cofiasid, cofir, cofies, cofiest, cofiet, cofiff, cofioch, cofiodd, cofiom, chofia, cofiont, cofier, cofith, cofiwch, cofiwn, cofiwyd, cofiwyf, cofiych, chofi, cofion, chofiasent, chofiaf, chofiai, chofiais, chofiaist, chofian, chofiasai, chofiasant, cofient, chofiasem, adalwed, chofiasid, chofiasit, chofiasoch, chofiasom, chofiaswn, chofid, adalwa, chofiasech, chofiodd, chofiem, chofien, chofient, chofier, chofies, chofiest, chofiet, chofiff, chofiych, gofiasai, chofiom, chofiont, chofir, chofith, chofiwch, chofiwn, chofiwyd, chofiwyf, gofiaswn, hatgofiasid, gofi, gofia, gofia’, gofiaf, gofiai, gofiais, gofiaist, gofian, chofioch, gofiasant, gofiasech, gofiasem, gofiasent, gofiasid, gofiasit, gofiasoch, hadalwasit, gofiet, gofid, gofiech, gofied, gofiem, gofien, gofient, gofier, gofiwch, gofiest, hadalwais, gofiff, gofioch, gofiodd, gofiom, gofiont, gofir, gofith, gofies, hadalwaist, gofiwn, gofiwyd, gofiwyf, gofiych, hadalwa, hadalwa’, hadalwaf, hadalwai, gofiasom, hatgofien, hadalwan, hadalwant, hadalwasai, hadalwasant, hadalwasech, hadalwasem, hadalwasent, hadalwasid, hadalwer, hadalwasoch, hadalwasom, hadalwaswn, hadalwch, hadalwech, hadalwed, hadalwem, hadalwen, hadalwoch, hadelwaist, hadalwes, hadalwest, hadalwet, hadalwi, hadalwiff, hadalwith, hadalwn, hadalwo, hadelwch, hadalwodd, hadalwom, hadalwon, hadalwont, hadalwyd, hadalwyf, hadeilw, hadelwais, chofiech, hadalwent, hadelwi, hadelwid, hadelwir, hadelwych, hatgofi, hatgofia, hatgofia’, hatgofiaf, hatgofient, hatgofiais, hatgofiaist, hatgofian, hatgofiant, hatgofiasai, hatgofiasant, hatgofiasech, hatgofiasem, hatgofiasent, hatgofiom, hatgofiasit, hatgofiasoch, hatgofiasom, hatgofiaswn, hatgofid, hatgofiech, hatgofied, hatgofiem, hatgofion, hatgofier, hatgofies, hatgofiest, hatgofiet, hatgofiff, hatgofio, hatgofioch, hatgofiodd, hatgofiai, atgofi, hatgofiont, hatgofir, hatgofith, hatgofiwch, hatgofiwn, hatgofiwyd, hatgofiwyf, hatgofiychadalwad, adalwadau, hadalwad, hadalwadau
Recall :
- adalwalw'n ôldwyn i gofcofio

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Noun(1) a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair(2) a call to return(3) a bugle call that signals troops to return(4) the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort(5) the act of removing an official by petition
Verb(1) recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection(2) go back to something earlier(3) call to mind(4) summon to return(5) cause one's (or someone else's(6) make unavailable; bar from sale or distribution(7) cause to be returned

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(1) He has an amazing power of recall and an eagerness to state his case.(2) The fact that this year's panto at the Brewery is such a resounding success is testament to either Sam's amazing powers of recall or his ability under pressure or both!(3) The (q) of a block is a function of its recall probability and size.(4) They have also been asked to retain any compound feed containing the contaminated material and to recall any such compound feed sold to farmers and retailers.(5) people's understanding and subsequent recall of stories or events(6) Extraordinary memory and recall of events, facts, and/or figures.(7) I found that Kathy had the most amazing recall and was quite, utterly accurate in virtually everything she told me.(8) That could mean an instant recall for Liam George, who was dropped to the bench at Yeovil.(9) The chip giant could have redesigned the mobos, but instead has decided to recall the whole caboodle.(10) Memories plague my mind as I recall certain things.(11) It has come up with the plausible, although ridiculous, excuse that it has software problems with 103,000 handsets and so has had to recall them.(12) Wednesday, one of his political advisers said he will make a formal announcement after the recall is officially certified and a date for the ballot is set.(13) expert systems can produce solutions with the speed, recall, accuracy, and consistency that only a computer can provide(14) Not surprisingly, these are rougher years and I find I cannot recall the films to mind as readily.(15) A short stint at Class AAA Indianapolis was all it took to earn a recall to the majors.(16) Subjects were instructed that they should remember as many words as possible for purposes of subsequent recall .
Related Words
(1) to recall ::
i alw'n ôl
1. summoning back ::
gwysio yn ôl
2. recollection ::
3. callback ::
alwad yn ôl
4. reminiscence ::
hel atgofion
5. remember ::
6. bring to mind ::
yn dod i'r meddwl
7. summon back ::
galw yn ôl
8. echo ::
10. call in ::
alw i mewn
11. think ::
12. call back ::
ffonio yn ôl
1. forget ::
2. unlearn ::
Different Forms
recall, recalled, recalling, recalls
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