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gofnodi, cofnodi, chofnodi, recordio, codasid, coda’, codet, codasem, codasech, codasant, codasai, codant, codan, codaist, codais, codai, codaf, codasent, codasit, codasoch, codasom, codaswn, codech, coded, codem, coden, codent, coder, codes, codest, codid, codwyd, cofnodon, codiff, codir, codith, codo, codoch, cododd, codom, codon, codont, codwch, croniclen, coda, codwyf, codych, cofnoda, cofnoda’, cofnodaf, cofnodai, cofnodais, cofnodaist, cofnodan, cofnodant, cofnodasai, codwn, cofnoder, cofnodasech, cofnodasem, cofnodasent, cofnodasid, cofnodasit, cofnodasoch, cofnodasom, cofnodaswn, cofnodech, cofnoded, cofnodem, cofnoden, cofnodont, croniclant, cofnodes, cofnodest, cofnodet, cofnodid, cofnodiff, cofnodir, cofnodith, cofnodo, cofnodoch, cofnododd, cofnodom, chodan, croniclasai, cofnodwn, cofnodwyd, cofnodwyf, cofnodych, cronicla, cronicla’, croniclaf, croniclai, croniclais, croniclaist, croniclan, cofnodasant, cofnodwch, croniclasant, croniclasech, croniclasem, croniclasent, croniclasid, croniclasit, croniclasoch, croniclasom, croniclaswn, croniclech, cronicled, croniclem, croniclon, cronicler, cronicles, croniclest, croniclet, cronicli, croniclid, cronicliff, croniclir, croniclith, croniclo, cronicloch, chodaist, croniclom, croniclent, croniclont, croniclwch, croniclwn, croniclwyd, croniclwyf, croniclych, cwyd, choda’, chodaf, chodai, chodais, croniclodd, choded, chodant, chodasai, chodasant, chodasech, chodasem, chodasent, chodasid, chodasit, chodasoch, chodasom, chodaswn, chronicla, chofnodaswn, chodem, chodent, choder, chodes, chodest, chodet, chodi, chodid, chodiff, chodir, chodith, chodech, chofnodais, chododd, chodom, chodon, chodont, chodwch, chodwn, chodwyd, chodwyf, chodych, chofnoda, chofnoda’, chofnodasom, chofnodai, chodoch, chofnodaist, chofnodan, chofnodant, chofnodasai, chofnodasant, chofnodasech, chofnodasem, chofnodasent, chofnodasid, chofnodasit, chofnodasoch, chofnodaf, chofnodith, chofnodech, chofnoded, chofnodem, chofnoden, chofnodent, chofnoder, chofnodes, chofnodest, chofnodet, chofnodid, chofnodiff, chodo, codi, chofnodo, chofnodoch, chofnododd, chofnodom, chofnodon, chofnodont, chofnodwch, chofnodwn, chofnodwyd, chofnodwyf, cod, chofnodir, chroniclasit, chronicla’, chroniclaf, chroniclai, chroniclais, chroniclaist, chroniclan, chroniclant, chroniclasai, chroniclasant, chroniclasech, chroniclasem, chroniclasent, chronicli, chroniclwyd, chroniclasoch, chroniclasom, chroniclaswn, chroniclech, chronicled, chroniclem, chroniclen, chroniclent, chronicler, chronicles, chroniclest, chroniclet, godasem, chroniclid, chronicliff, chroniclir, chroniclith, chroniclo, chronicloch, chroniclodd, chroniclom, chroniclon, chroniclont, chroniclwch, chroniclwn, chroniclasid, chroniclwyf, chroniclych, goda’, godaf, godai, godais, godaist, godan, godant, godasai, godasant, gofnoder, godet, godasent, godasid, godasit, godasoch, godasom, godaswn, godech, goded, godem, godent, goder, godes, godwn, gofnodasai, godi, godid, godiff, godir, godith, godo, godoch, gododd, godom, godon, godont, godest, godwch, godasech, godwyd, godwyf, godych, gofnoda, gofnoda’, gofnodaf, gofnodai, gofnodais, gofnodaist, gofnodan, gofnodant, recordia’, gofnodasant, gofnodasech, gofnodasem, gofnodasent, gofnodasid, gofnodasit, gofnodasoch, gofnodasom, gofnodaswn, gofnodech, gofnoded, gofnodem, gofnodon, gofnodent, chofnodych, gofnodes, gofnodest, gofnodet, gofnodid, gofnodiff, gofnodir, gofnodith, gofnodo, gofnodoch, gofnododd, groniclan, gronicled, gofnodont, gofnodwch, gofnodwn, gofnodwyd, gofnodwyf, gofnodych, gronicla, gronicla’, groniclaf, groniclai, groniclais, groniclaist, gofnoden, groniclant, groniclasai, groniclasant, groniclasech, groniclasem, groniclasent, groniclasid, groniclasit, groniclasoch, groniclasom, groniclaswn, groniclech, gofnodom, groniclem, groniclen, groniclent, gronicler, gronicles, groniclest, groniclet, gronicli, groniclid, gronicliff, groniclir, groniclith, recordiaf, gronicloch, groniclodd, groniclom, groniclon, groniclont, groniclwch, groniclwn, groniclwyd, groniclwyf, groniclych, recordi, recordia, recordiasoch, recordiff, recordiai, recordiais, recordiaist, recordian, recordiant, recordiasai, recordiasant, recordiasech, recordiasem, recordiasent, recordiasid, recordiasit, groniclo, recordiasom, recordiaswn, recordid, recordiech, recordied, recordiem, recordien, recordient, recordier, recordies, recordiest, recordiet, cofnodent, recordioch, recordiodd, recordiom, recordion, recordiont, recordir, recordith, recordiwch, recordiwn, recordiwyd, recordiwyf, recordiychcofnod, gofnod, chofnod, record, cronicl, croniclau, chronicl, chroniclau, gronicl, groniclau, nghofnod, nghronicl, nghroniclau, recordiaucofnodi, recordio, codi, croniclo, nghodi, nghofnodi, nghroniclo
Record :
- cofnodcofnodicofnodicofnodion

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Noun(1) anything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph(2) sound recording consisting of a disk with a continuous groove; used to reproduce music by rotating while a phonograph needle tracks in the groove(3) the number of wins versus losses and ties a team has had(4) the sum of recognized accomplishments(5) a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone(6) an extreme attainment; the best (or worst, as in a sport(7) a document that can serve as legal evidence of a transaction(8) a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted
Verb(1) make a record of; set down in permanent form(2) register electronically(3) indicate a certain reading; of gauges and instruments(4) be aware of

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(1) this score is a record for the team(2) the safety record at the airport is first class(3) That means he is now Brazil's record goalscorer at the World Cup.(4) Nearly all observers record declines in economic activity in every year since 1998.(5) If I was going to do a record of piano music with strings, then I'd go to a big studio.(6) the number of first-time buyers is at a record low(7) he held the world record for over a decade(8) the safety record at the airport(9) he has a record of hard work(10) He has an excellent record of achievement as a Minister in the Northern Ireland Office and the Department for Work and Pensions.(11) However to his dismay he feels Brazil's style of play that took them to a record fifth World Cup is destroying the beautiful game.(12) In three cases the electronic device could not be made to record a measurement.(13) What is the fate of retail, of the record stores, when music is free at the point of delivery?(14) to keep a record of sth(15) In passing sentence the judge said that the appellant had an appalling record .(16) he'd listen to any record by U2
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torri record
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cofnod troseddol
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perfformiad gorau
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Different Forms
record, recorded, records
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