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recriwtio, recriwtiasant, recriwtia, recriwtia’, recriwtiaf, recriwtiai, recriwtiais, recriwtiaist, recriwtian, recriwtiant, recriwtiasai, recriwtiych, recriwti, recriwtiasem, recriwtiasent, recriwtiasid, recriwtiasit, recriwtiasoch, recriwtiasom, recriwtiaswn, recriwtid, recriwtiech, recriwtied, recriwtiodd, recriwtiem, recriwtien, recriwtient, recriwtier, recriwties, recriwtiest, recriwtiet, recriwtiff, recriwtioch, recriwtiasech, recriwtiom, recriwtion, recriwtiont, recriwtir, recriwtith, recriwtiwch, recriwtiwn, recriwtiwyd, recriwtiwyfrecriwtiorecriwt, recriwtiaid, adfilwr, adfilwyr, hadfilwr, hadfilwyr
Recruit :
- recriwtioeu recriwtiorecriwtiwrrecriwtiorecriwtio

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Noun(1) a recently enlisted soldier(2) any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces
Verb(1) register formally as a participant or member(2) seek to employ(3) cause to assemble or enlist in the military

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(1) For now he's working behind the scenes, trying to build up a $250,000 war chest and recruit an army of campaigners.(2) Actually, I'm trying to recruit a new team member at the moment (we're in online customer service).(3) As the easiest way to get people to share your values is to hire people who already do, more organisations now recruit people with the right attitude, then train them in the skills they need.(4) there are plans to recruit more staff later this year(5) It will be very difficult in this short space of time for parties and candidates to recruit staff, organise and launch their campaigns and obtain the necessary funding.(6) There are also plans to recruit junior doctors, so more staff will be on hand to treat patients.(7) Of the 20 who began the course earlier this year two have already enlisted and will begin recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in January.(8) He was doing poorly in school, and gang members were trying to recruit him.(9) travelling was said to recruit the constitution(10) Murray and Scales also argue that the United States should recruit different leaders for the specialized units needed for the asymmetrical battlefield.(11) The 500 members left in the district are pinning their hopes on a recruitment drive on Saturday, February 1, when each member is asked to bring a new recruit along.(12) Such a policy would make it easier to recruit soldiers and officers because their pay would be more competitive with the civilian market.(13) Security officials also have warned of plots by retired military officers to recruit soldiers on active duty to launch a coup d'Ôö£┬«tat.(14) Walsh had enlisted as a recruit with the Marines during 1933.(15) There are also plans to recruit an extra member of staff to help with the audio work.(16) And conscription was only used to recruit the militia, a reserve army never now mobilized except in wartime.
Related Words
(1) new recruit ::
recriwt newydd
1. conscript ::
2. new member ::
aelod newydd
4. enlist ::
5. muster ::
6. hire ::
7. inscribe ::
8. raise ::
1. can ::
2. discharge ::
3. dismiss ::
4. fire ::
5. sack ::
Different Forms
recruit, recruited, recruiter, recruiters, recruiting, recruitment, recruits
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