English to Welsh Meaning :: refrain

ymatal, peidio, hymatal, mheidiobeidio, peidio, pheidio, beidiasech, beidiech, beidi, beidia’, beidiaf, beidiai, beidiais, beidiaist, beidian, beidiant, beidiasai, beidiasant, peidia’, beidiasem, beidiasent, beidiasid, beidiasit, beidiasoch, beidiasom, beidiaswn, beidid, beidien, beidiem, peidiem, beidient, beidier, beidies, beidiest, beidiet, beidiff, beidioch, beidiodd, beidiom, peidi, beidiont, beidir, beidith, beidiwch, beidiwn, beidiwyd, beidiwyf, beidiych, paid, peidiasech, baid, peidiasent, peidiaf, peidiai, peidiais, peidiaist, peidian, peidiant, peidiasai, peidiasant, pheidi, peidiasem, pheidiaf, peidiasid, peidiasit, peidiasoch, peidiasom, peidiaswn, peidid, peidiech, peidied, peidion, peidiont, peidient, peidier, peidies, peidiest, peidiet, peidiff, peidioch, peidiodd, peidiom, beidied, peidien, peidir, peidith, peidiwch, peidiwn, peidiwyd, peidiwyf, peidiych, phaid, pheidiasit, pheidiais, pheidiaist, pheidian, pheidiant, pheidiasai, pheidiasant, pheidiasech, pheidiasem, pheidiasent, pheidier, pheidiai, pheidiasoch, pheidiasom, pheidiaswn, pheidid, pheidiech, pheidied, pheidiem, pheidien, ymataliai, ymataliwch, pheidir, pheidiont, pheidies, pheidiest, pheidiet, pheidiff, pheidioch, pheidiodd, pheidiom, pheidion, pheidient, ymataliest, pheidith, pheidiwch, pheidiwn, pheidiwyd, pheidiwyf, pheidiych, ymatali, ymatalia, ymatalia’, pheidiasid, ymataliaf, pheidia’, ymataliais, ymataliaist, ymatalian, ymataliant, ymataliasai, ymataliasant, ymataliasech, ymataliasem, ymataliasent, ymataliasid, ymataliasit, ymataliasoch, ymataliasom, ymataliaswn, ymataliech, ymatalied, ymataliem, ymatalien, ymatalient, ymatalier, ymataliwn, ymataliet, ymataliff, ymatalio, ymatalioch, ymataliodd, ymataliom, ymatalion, ymataliont, ymatalith, ymatalies, beidion, ymataliwyd, ymataliwyf, ymateli, ymateliais, ymateliaist, ymatelid, ymatelir, ymateliwch, ymateliychcytgan, gytgan, fyrdwn, byrdwn, byrdynau, cytganau, chytgan, chytganau, fyrdynau, gytganau, nghytgan, nghytganau, myrdwn, myrdynau
Refrain :
- ymatalymatalbeidiocytganau

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Noun(1) the part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers
Verb(1) resist doing something(2) choose not to consume

Show Examples

(1) We have heard the usual refrain about big companies swallowing up small ones and limiting diversity.(2) ÔÇÿPoor TomÔÇÖ had become the constant refrain of his friends(3) The plucked guitar finally overtakes the melodic refrain near the end of the piece, eventually wiping the beginning from memory.(4) Although this has been a constant refrain in the past few years, little has been done to achieve this goal.(5) Integration, integration, integration, is her constant refrain .(6) And off she went, singing a sad, sad refrain .(7) Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it is boring; I must, however, warn you that the melodic refrain is so soothing that, at times, you may find yourself being lulled to sleep.(8) "We can't just let him starve to death, " is a common refrain heard from family members.(9) Mary J Blige has even changed the refrain of the song, and sings, ÔÇÿNo more war.ÔÇÖ(10) In later years these words would become a familiar refrain .(11) Now, that's becoming almost a familiar refrain when we're talking about the Defence Department.(12) A constant refrain from Australian political parties not only in the recent election campaign but for generations has been that Australia cannot afford more money for national defence.(13) In these ten short verses, the refrain , ÔÇÿDo not fear,ÔÇÖ occurs three times.(14) The refrain goes, " living in the wild wild west".(15) Jeremy Soule provides the music with an occasional refrain from John Williams' classic soundtrack.(16) As the refrain of the country song goes, ÔÇÿO Please, Dear God, Not Another One.ÔÇÖ
Related Words
(1) to refrain from ::
i ymatal rhag
1. chorus ::
2. abstain from ::
ymatal rhag
3. desist from ::
ymatal rhag
4. hold back from ::
dal yn ôl o
5. stop oneself from ::
atal eich hun rhag
7. avoid ::
8. eschew ::
9. shun ::
10. renounce ::
11. swear off ::
tyngu i ffwrdd
12. forswear ::
13. abjure ::
Different Forms
refrain, refrained, refraining, refrains
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