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adroddasem, draethasech, adroddasid, adrodda, adrodda’, adroddaf, adroddai, adroddais, adroddaist, adroddan, adroddant, adroddasai, adroddasant, adroddasech, draethasant, adroddasent, draethasem, adroddasit, adroddasoch, adroddasom, adroddaswn, adroddech, adrodded, adroddem, adrodden, adroddent, adrodder, adroddes, adroddwn, adroddwyd, adroddi, adroddid, adroddiff, adroddir, adroddith, adroddo, adroddoch, adroddodd, adroddom, adroddon, adroddont, adroddwch, adroddest, adroddet, adroddwyf, adroddych, draetha, draetha’, draethaf, draethai, draethais, draethaist, draethan, draethant, draethasai, draethes, draethest, draethasent, draethasid, draethasit, draethasoch, draethasom, draethaswn, draethech, draethed, draethem, draethen, draethent, draether, hadrodded, adrodd, draethet, draethi, draethid, draethiff, draethir, draethith, draetho, draethoch, draethodd, draethom, draethon, draethont, hadroddan, hadroddant, draethwn, draethwyd, draethwyf, draethych, edrydd, hadrodd, hadrodda, hadrodda’, hadroddaf, hadroddai, hadroddais, hadroddaist, thraethasit, draethwch, hadroddasai, hadroddasant, hadroddasech, hadroddasem, hadroddasent, hadroddasid, hadroddasit, hadroddasoch, hadroddasom, hadroddaswn, hadroddech, hadroddoch, hadroddodd, hadrodden, hadroddent, hadrodder, hadroddes, hadroddest, hadroddet, hadroddi, hadroddid, hadroddiff, hadroddir, hadroddith, hadroddo, traethir, traethith, hadroddom, hadroddon, hadroddont, hadroddwch, hadroddwn, hadroddwyd, hadroddwyf, hadroddych, hedrydd, traetha, traetha’, traethaf, traethai, traethais, traethaist, traethan, traethant, traethasai, traethasant, traethasech, traethasem, traethasent, traethasid, traethasit, traethasoch, traethasom, thraethiff, traethech, traethed, traethem, traethen, traethent, traether, traethes, traethest, traethet, traethi, traethid, traethiff, thraetha’, thraethaf, traetho, traethoch, traethodd, traethom, traethon, traethont, traethwch, traethwn, traethwyd, traethwyf, traethych, thraetha, thraethych, hadroddem, thraethai, thraethais, thraethaist, thraethan, thraethant, thraethasai, thraethasant, thraethasech, thraethasem, thraethasent, thraethasid, thraethasoch, thraethasom, thraethaswn, thraethech, thraethed, thraethem, thraethen, thraethent, thraether, thraethes, thraethest, thraethet, thraethi, thraethid, traethaswn, thraethir, thraethith, thraetho, thraethoch, thraethodd, thraethom, thraethon, thraethont, thraethwch, thraethwn, thraethwyd, thraethwyfadrodd, draethu, nhraethu, traethu, thraethu
Relate :
- berthnasolgysylltiedigyn ymwneud ag efsy'n ymwneud

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Verb(1) make a logical or causal connection(2) be relevant to(3) give an account of(4) be in a relationship with(5) have or establish a relationship to

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(1) how people relate(2) a supercomputer could relate all those factors(3) I can really relate to that(4) relate the material to its source(5) the two things relate(6) how films and television relate(7) to relate sth to sth(8) Barry Feely will present this evening and relate stories of Boyle and its characters.(9) Specifically, whereas it was obviously essential for entry information to be related to individuals, information about employment trends need not be so related .(10) She related an account to him of being sexually assaulted at the family residence by her cousin.(11) The organisers feel that the match could be a beginning for making a political statement on the disease and the related stigma.(12) There's nothing in the story that a child can actually relate to and identify with.(13) In addition, some definitions of family include members who may not be related by blood, marriage, or adoption.(14) In the early 1980s, Richard and Nancy Ruggles prepared a set of accounts that related the income and product flows to balance sheets.(15) This utterance somehow relates to the all too concerned cinema audience as well.(16) We understand and relate to sending letters, visiting relatives, journeys from our hometown.
Related Words
(1) relate to ::
yn ymwneud â
1. tell ::
3. apply to ::
yn berthnasol i
4. have a rapport with ::
cael perthynas gyda
5. interrelate ::
6. touch ::
Different Forms
relate, related, relates, relating
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