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ymlacio, hamddena, hamddenu, hymlaesu, hymollwng, ymlaesu, ymollwngymlacio, ymlaciwch, hymlaciom, hymlacia’, hymlaciasit, hymlaciasid, hymlaciasent, hymlaciasem, hymlaciasech, hymlaciasant, hymlaciasai, hymlaciant, hymlacian, hymlaciaist, hymlaciais, hymlaciai, hymlaciaf, hymlaciasom, hymlaciodd, hymlacioch, hymlacio, hymlaciff, hymlaciet, hymlaciest, hymlacies, hymlaciasoch, hymlacient, hymlacien, hymlaciem, hymlacied, hymlaciech, hymlacid, hymlaciaswn, hymlacion, ymlacian, hymlaciont, hymlacir, hymlacith, hymlaciwch, hymlaciwn, hymlaciwyd, hymlaciwyf, hymlaciych, ymlaci, ymlacia, ymlacia’, ymlaciaf, ymlaciai, ymlaciais, hymlaci, hymlacia, ymlaciant, ymlaciasai, ymlaciasant, ymlaciasech, ymlaciasem, ymlaciasent, ymlaciasid, ymlaciasit, ymlaciasoch, ymlaciasom, ymlaciaswn, ymlacid, ymlaciech, ymlacied, ymlaciaist, ymollyngasem, ymlacien, ymlacient, ymlacier, ymlacies, ymlaciest, ymlaciet, ymlaciff, ymlacioch, ymlaciodd, ymlaciom, ymlacion, ymlaciont, ymlacir, ymlacith, ymlaciwn, ymollyngi, ymollyngasant, ymollyngasai, ymollyngant, ymollyngan, ymollyngaist, ymollyngais, ymollyngasech, ymollyngaf, ymollynga’, ymollynga, ymollwng, ymlaciych, ymlaciwyf, ymlaciwyd, ymollyngai, ymlaciem, ymollyngasent, ymollyngasid, ymollyngasit, ymollyngasoch, ymollyngasom, ymollyngaswn, ymollyngech, ymollynged, ymollyngem, ymollyngen, ymollyngent, ymollynger, ymollynges, ymollyngest, ymollynget, hymlacier, ymollyngid, ymollyngiff, ymollyngir, ymollyngith, ymollyngo, ymollyngoch, ymollyngodd, ymollyngom, ymollyngon, ymollyngont, ymollyngwch, ymollyngwn, ymollyngwyd, ymollyngwyf, ymollyngych
Relax :
- ymlacioymlaciwrymlaciohamddenolrelaxer

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Verb(1) become less tense, rest, or take one's ease(2) make less taut(3) become loose or looser or less tight(4) cause to feel relaxed(5) become less tense, less formal, or less restrained, and assume a friendlier manner(6) make less severe or strict(7) become less severe or strict(8) make less active or fast

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(1) One wonders if he finds the time to relax or rest.(2) He felt her tense and then relax back against him, allowing herself to take the comfort that he offered her.(3) When complete, you'll want to kick back, relax , and enjoy the rest of the summer.(4) Learn and practise relaxation and breathing techniques, make more time to rest and relax , and ensure that you build leisure into your routine.(5) they persuaded the local authorities concerned to relax their restrictions(6) Something about that made me less tense, made me relax some.(7) he uses music to relax the tension(8) Would you also tell black people they cannot relax their hair?(9) A real chill place to relax and enjoy the lounge music mixes or a nice warmer before the trendy nightlife.(10) Relaxation techniques can help you withstand stress better and also help relax facial muscles and skin.(11) And we did relax the school attendance for a couple days, but then they were all back.(12) She was not aware of her own tight stance and did not bother to relax it.(13) The slow, fluid movements help tense, stressed people relax and strengthen their bodies without worrying about over-exertion or strain.(14) Located in the town centre with some wonderful views of the Wicklow Walk in the distance the seat was perfectly placed for those who take a rest, relax and watch the world go by!(15) relax the leg by bringing the knee towards the chest(16) Typically, these exclusions have allowed forest managers to relax the reviews when they want to fix a trail or structure.
Related Words
1. unwind ::
2. calm ::
3. loosen ::
4. become less tense ::
dod yn llai amser
5. moderate ::
6. loose ::
7. slack up ::
hydrin i fyny
8. unbend ::
9. loosen up ::
Different Forms
relax, relaxant, relaxants, relaxation, relaxations, relaxed, relaxer, relaxers, relaxes, relaxing
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