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lladdladdes, ladda’, laddaf, laddai, laddais, laddaist, laddan, laddant, laddasai, laddasant, laddasech, laddasem, laddont, laddasid, laddasit, laddasoch, laddasom, laddaswn, laddech, ladded, laddem, ladden, laddent, ladder, laddwch, laddest, laddet, laddi, laddiff, laddith, laddo, laddoch, laddodd, laddom, laddon, ladd, laddasent, laddwn, laddwyd, laddwyf, leddais, leddaist, leddi, leddid, leddir, leddwch, leddych, lladdes, lladda’, lladdaf, lladdai, lladdais, lladdaist, lladdan, lladdant, lladdasai, lladdasant, lladdasech, lladdasem, lladdont, lladdasid, lladdasit, lladdasoch, lladdasom, lladdaswn, lladdech, lladded, lladdem, lladden, lladdent, lladder, lladdwch, lladdest, lladdet, lladdi, lladdiff, lladdith, lladdo, lladdoch, lladdodd, lladdom, lladdon, lladd, lladdasent, lladdwn, lladdwyd, lladdwyf, lleddais, lleddaist, lleddi, lleddid, lleddir, lleddwch, lleddych
Relieve :
- lleddfurhyddhadlleddfulleddfu

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Verb(1) provide physical relief, as from pain(2) free someone temporarily from his or her obligations(3) grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to(4) lessen the intensity of or calm(5) save from ruin, destruction, or harm(6) relieve oneself of troubling information(7) provide relief for(8) free from a burden, evil, or distress(9) take by stealing(10) grant exemption or release to(11) alleviate or remove (pressure or stress

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(1) Sadly, however, it will do nothing to relieve their distress.(2) train your dog to relieve itself where you want it to(3) Lack of open space to relieve hard-packed pavement and gap-toothed Main Streets drained by malls and sprawl sap the life from downtown.(4) A teaspoon of oil added to a hot bath will also help to relieve muscular aches and pains.(5) Finally she drifted off to sleep, just as they left their tent to go and relieve Tom and Jay from their duty.(6) Antibiotics and painkillers can temporarily relieve symptoms such as swelling and pain but they are not long-term solutions.(7) I do not believe that the inspector was saying that: he merely noted, quite accurately, that the urban features did in fact relieve the landscape.(8) Others find that simple antacids relieve their discomfort.(9) the drug was used to promote sleep and to relieve pain(10) he dispatched an expedition to relieve the city(11) His last hope of shoring up his flagging position was to relieve Richard's great fortress of ChÔö£├│teau-Gaillard, the key to Normandy, which Philip was besieging.(12) After having Otis relieve him for his 20-minute lunch break he went outside to find Mia waiting for him.(13) Every so often a trooper would don armour and cloak to go and relieve a guard on duty outside.(14) Still another important effect is to soothe the lining of the bladder and greatly relieve pain and irritation.(15) Taken jointly, they prevent the progression of the disease, reduce inflammation, and relieve mild to severe pain.(16) Frequent baths, using colloidal oatmeal, also relieve symptoms.
Related Words
(1) relieve pain ::
lleddfu poen
1. alleviate ::
2. counteract ::
3. replace ::
cymryd lle
4. free ::
rhad ac am ddim
5. lighten ::
6. still ::
8. remedy ::
9. salvage ::
10. palliate ::
11. excuse ::
12. unbosom ::
1. aggravate ::
2. exacerbate ::
Different Forms
relieve, relieved, relieves, relieving
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