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encilio, cilio, gilio, chilio, cilia, ciliech, cilia’, ciliaf, ciliai, ciliais, ciliaist, cilian, ciliant, ciliasai, ciliasant, chili, ciliasem, ciliasent, ciliasid, ciliasit, ciliasoch, ciliasom, ciliaswn, cilid, ciliem, cilied, chiliech, cilien, cilient, cilier, cilies, ciliest, ciliet, ciliff, cilioch, ciliodd, ciliasech, cilion, ciliont, cilir, cilith, ciliwch, ciliwn, ciliwyd, ciliwyf, ciliych, chiliasant, chiliasech, chilia, chilia’, chiliaf, chiliai, chiliais, chiliaist, chilian, chiliant, chiliasai, cili, encilia, chiliasem, chiliasent, chiliasid, chiliasit, chiliasoch, chiliasom, chiliaswn, chilid, chiliodd, chiliem, chilien, chilient, chilier, chilies, chiliest, chiliet, chiliff, chilioch, chiliom, chilied, chiliont, chilir, chilith, chiliwch, chiliwn, chiliwyd, chiliwyf, chiliych, enciliasent, enciliaf, enciliai, enciliais, enciliaist, encilian, enciliant, enciliasai, enciliasant, enciliasech, enciliem, encilia’, enciliasid, enciliasit, enciliasoch, enciliasom, enciliaswn, encilid, enciliech, gili, giliodd, enciliom, encilioch, encilien, encilient, encilier, encilies, enciliest, enciliet, enciliff, encilied, enciliodd, gilied, encilion, enciliont, encilir, encilith, enciliwch, enciliwn, enciliwyd, enciliwyf, enciliasem, enciliych, encili, gilia, gilia’, giliaf, giliai, giliais, giliaist, gilian, giliant, giliasai, giliasant, giliasech, giliasem, giliasent, giliasid, giliasit, giliasoch, giliasom, giliaswn, gilid, giliech, giliem, gilien, gilient, gilier, gilies, giliest, giliet, giliff, gilioch, ciliom, giliom, giliont, gilir, gilith, giliwch, giliwn, giliwyd, giliwyf, giliychencilio, cilio, nghilio, hencilioencil, enciliad, encilfa, ciliau, cilion, chil, chiliau, chilion, encilfaoedd, encilfeydd, enciliadau, encilion, cil, giliau, gilion, nghil, nghiliau, nghilion, hencil, hencilfa, hencilfaoedd, hencilfeydd, henciliad, henciliadau, hencilion, neilltuaeth, gil
Retreat :
- encilenciliocilioencilion

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Noun(1) (military(2) a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet(3) an area where you can be alone(4) withdrawal for prayer and study and meditation(5) the act of withdrawing or going backward (especially to escape something hazardous or unpleasant
Verb(1) pull back or move away or backward(2) move away, as for privacy(3) move back(4) make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity

Show Examples

(1) the trade unions made a retreat from their earlier position(2) Slumping back in his seat, the head of Sleet house let out a quiet sigh as he watched his false friends retreat from the table.(3) On the evening of 4th July, under cover of sheeting rain, he set his men in retreat towards Virginia.(4) Cool and relaxing, the forest was a refreshing retreat from the muggy, crowded streets and alleyways of the now often crowded town.(5) I am in earnest - I will not equivocate - I will not excuse - I will not retreat a single inch - and I will be heard.(6) The central court is conceived as the largest room in the house, providing a common area and a sheltered retreat in summer.(7) He had offered her her choice of splendid apartments downtown, but he had also suggested the country, as a retreat .(8) Some miles down was a great waterfall that fell into a beautiful stone haven Angharad liked to retreat to.(9) All ships must retreat , as the enemy force is too large for us to tackle in our current status.(10) With winter coming on, Napoleon finds his invasion stalled and he is forced to retreat from Russia.(11) At least that would give us time to retreat to safer grounds.(12) Bishop Robinson will be in Ireland in October to address the annual retreat of the diocese of Limerick and Killaloe in the Dingle Skelligs hotel.(13) a gloomy stock market forecast sent share prices into a rapid retreat(14) But Donahue tells us that the switch from grains to hay, from tillage to meadow did not signal a retreat .(15) The first two weeks of the Academy were spent in splendid isolation, with the group based in a country retreat in Wiltshire.(16) Even now, as she rested and waited for the signal to begin the retreat , the color on Guo's mantle did not even fade slightly.
Related Words
(1) to retreat ::
i encilio
1. withdrawal ::
tynnu'n ôl
2. about-face ::
3. refuge ::
4. seclusion ::
5. retirement ::
6. hideaway ::
7. withdraw ::
tynnu'n ôl
8. go out ::
mynd allan
9. change one's mind ::
newid un yn meddwl
11. retrograde ::
yn ōl
1. advance ::
ymlaen llaw
Different Forms
retreat, retreated, retreating, retreats
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