English to Welsh Meaning :: revolve

cylchdroi, amdroa, amdrodd, amdroaf, amdroai, amdroais, amdroaist, amdroant, amdrôch, amdroesech, amdroech, amdroed, amdroem, amdroent, amdroeoch, amdroeon, amdroer, amdroesai, amdroesant, amdroesem, amdroi, chwyldroesem, amdroesent, amdroesid, amdroesit, amdroesoch, amdroesom, amdroeswn, amdroet, cylchdroesoch, amdrô, amdroï, amdroia, amdroia’, amdroian, amdroid, amdroien, amdroies, amdrof, amdrown, amdroiodd, amdroir, amdrois, amdroist, amdroiwch, amdroiwn, amdrôm, amdrônt, cylchdroais, cylchdroeoch, amdrowyd, amdrowyf, amdroych, cylchdro, cylchdrô, cylchdroa, cylchdroaf, cylchdroai, cylchdroeon, cylchdroant, cylchdrôch, cylchdrodd, cylchdroech, cylchdroed, cylchdroem, cylchdroent, amdroiest, cylchdroaist, cylchdroer, cylchdroesai, cylchdroesant, cylchdroesech, cylchdroesem, cylchdroesent, cylchdroesid, cylchdroesit, cylchdroies, cylchdroeswn, cylchdroet, cylchdrof, cylchdroï, cylchdroia, cylchdroia’, cylchdroian, cylchdrôm, cylchdroien, cylchdroesom, cylchdroiest, cylchdroiodd, cylchdroir, cylchdrois, cylchdroist, cylchdroiwch, cylchdroiwn, cylchdroid, chwyldroaf, cylchdrônt, cylchdrowch, cylchdrown, cylchdrowyd, cylchdrowyf, cylchdroych, chwyldro, chwyldrô, chwyldrowyf, chwyldroia, chwyldroai, chwyldroais, chwyldroaist, chwyldroant, chwyldrôch, chwyldrodd, chwyldroech, chwyldroa, chwyldroesent, chwyldroem, chwyldroent, chwyldroeoch, chwyldroeon, chwyldroer, chwyldroesai, chwyldroesant, chwyldroesech, chwyldroï, chwyldroir, chwyldroesid, chwyldroesit, chwyldroesoch, chwyldroesom, chwyldroeswn, chwyldroet, chwyldrof, chwyldroi, chwyldrois, chwyldroia’, chwyldroian, chwyldroid, chwyldroien, chwyldroies, chwyldroiest, chwyldroiodd, chwyldroed, gylchdrowch, chwyldroist, chwyldroiwch, chwyldroiwn, chwyldrôm, chwyldrônt, chwyldrowch, chwyldrown, amdro, chylchdroech, chylchdrô, chylchdroa, chylchdroaf, chylchdroai, chylchdroais, chylchdroaist, chylchdroant, chylchdroesech, chylchdrodd, chwyldroych, chylchdroed, chylchdroem, chylchdroent, chylchdroeoch, chylchdroer, chylchdroesai, chylchdroesant, chylchdrôch, chylchdroï, chylchdroesent, chylchdroesid, chylchdroesit, chylchdroesoch, chylchdroesom, chylchdroeswn, chylchdroet, gylchdroeswn, chylchdroi, gylchdrôch, chylchdroia, chylchdroia’, chylchdroian, chylchdroid, chylchdroien, chylchdroies, chylchdroiest, chylchdrof, chylchdrowyf, chylchdrois, chylchdroist, chylchdroiwch, chylchdroiwn, chylchdrôm, chylchdrônt, chylchdrowch, gylchdroant, chylchdrowyd, chylchdroir, chylchdroych, gylchdrô, gylchdroa, gylchdroaf, gylchdroai, gylchdroais, gylchdroaist, chylchdrown, gylchdroesant, gylchdrodd, gylchdroech, gylchdroed, gylchdroem, gylchdroent, gylchdroeoch, gylchdroer, chylchdroiodd, chylchdroesem, gylchdroesech, gylchdroesem, gylchdroesent, gylchdroesid, gylchdroesit, gylchdroesoch, gylchdroesom, gylchdroesai, gylchdroiodd, gylchdroi, gylchdroï, gylchdroia, gylchdroia’, gylchdroian, gylchdroid, gylchdrônt, gylchdroies, gylchdroiest, gylchdrof, gylchdroir, gylchdrois, gylchdroist, gylchdroiwch, gylchdroiwn, gylchdrôm, gylchdroien, hamdroian, hamdroaist, gylchdrown, gylchdrowyd, gylchdrowyf, gylchdroych, hamdrô, hamdroa, hamdroaf, chwyldrowyd, hamdroais, hamdroid, hamdroant, hamdrôch, hamdrodd, hamdroech, hamdroed, hamdroem, hamdroai, gylchdroet, hamdroesoch, hamdroeon, hamdroer, hamdroesai, hamdroesant, hamdroesech, hamdroesem, hamdroesent, hamdroia’, hamdroesit, hamdroeoch, hamdroesom, hamdroeswn, hamdroet, hamdrof, hamdroi, hamdroï, hamdroia, hamdroesid, hamdroiwn, hamdroien, hamdroies, hamdroiest, hamdroiodd, hamdroir, hamdrois, hamdroent, hamdroiwch, amdrowch, hamdrôm, hamdrônt, hamdrowch, hamdrown, hamdrowyd, hamdrowyf, hamdroych, hamdroistcylchdroi, amdroi, chwyldroi, nghylchdroi
Revolve :
- cylchdroitroitroi otroi

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Verb(1) turn on or around an axis or a center(2) move in an orbit(3) cause to move by turning over or in a circular manner of as if on an axis

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(1) Instantly, a three-dimensional image sprung up from the page and started to revolve slowly on the spot.(2) Imagine a fly walking across a man's head as the man strolls down the aisle of a speeding train as the earth revolves on its axis and circles round the sun in a rapidly expanding universe.(3) He would be revolving in his grave if he knew about Monster Tajima!(4) For a while, an important corporate worldview revolved around quality.(5) His almanac tables, showing the moon and Earth with the planets revolving about the sun, met the test of expert observation as well as the old Earth-centered tables had.(6) The 360 Degrees Restaurant, known for its rich ambience, is the only revolving restaurant in the Caribbean.(7) The old Ptolemaic view that the Earth stood still, and that all the planets, stars, and the Moon and Sun, revolved about the Earth, provides us with very complex views of the paths of those bodies.(8) Early in January 1610 he discovered four satellites revolving about Jupiter, contradicting the idea of natural philosophers that the earth was the centre of all celestial motions.(9) The articles inside this book contain opinions revolving the topic of sex/passion in films of today and yesteryear.(10) I would have laughed if this conversation weren't revolving around him being a murderer.(11) For all of which reasons, I didn't sleep particularly well last night, and found my mind revolving the problem of the island.(12) In this position, we were also able to observe her extraordinary versatility as she performed amazing feats of balance as the stage slowly revolved .(13) I revolved these circumstances in my mind, and determined thenceforth to apply myself more particularly to those branches of natural philosophy which relate to physiology.(14) Amphris was a little untrusting some times, especially when issues of trust revolved around such important and delicate matters as the one at hand.(15) I slowly revolved in a circle and eventually saw a figure materialize.(16) Aristotle famously proposed that as the heavens revolve about the Earth, the planets move in circles.
Related Words
(1) revolve around ::
troi o gwmpas
2. circle ::
3. be concerned with ::
yn ymwneud â
4. rotate ::
5. orbit ::
6. roll ::
Different Forms
revolve, revolved, revolves, revolving
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