English to Welsh Meaning :: rummage

chwilota, chwilenna, chwilmanta, chwilmantan, chwilmentan, nhwrio, twriochwilota, chwilota’, chwilmantasit, chwilmantest, chwilmanta’, chwilmantaf, chwilmantai, chwilmantais, chwilmantaist, chwilmantan, chwilmantant, chwilmantasai, chwilmantasant, chwilmantasech, chwilmantasem, chwilmantasent, chwilmantasid, chwilotasant, chwilmantasoch, chwilmantasom, chwilmantaswn, chwilmantech, chwilmanted, chwilmantem, chwilmanten, chwilmantent, chwilmanter, chwilmantes, chwilmentaist, chwilmentais, chwilotom, chwilmantiff, chwilmantith, chwilmanto, chwilmantoch, chwilmantodd, chwilmantom, chwilmanton, chwilmantont, chwilmantwch, chwilmantwn, chwilmantwyd, chwilmantwyf, chwilotasai, chwilmanti, chwilmenti, chwilmentid, chwilmentir, chwilmentwch, chwilmentych, chwilotaf, chwilotai, chwilotais, chwilotaist, chwilotan, chwilotant, chwilotent, chwiloter, chwilotasech, chwilotasem, chwilotasent, chwilotasid, chwilotasit, chwilotasoch, chwilotasom, chwilotaswn, chwilotech, chwiloted, chwilotem, chwiloten, chwilmanta, dwriech, chwilotes, chwilotest, chwilotet, chwiloti, chwilotid, chwilotiff, chwilotir, chwilotith, chwiloto, chwilotoch, chwilotodd, dwriaist, dwrian, chwilotont, chwilotwch, chwilotwn, chwilotwyd, chwilotwyf, chwilotych, dwri, dwria, dwria’, dwriaf, dwriai, dwriais, chwilmantet, chwiloton, dwriant, dwriasai, dwriasant, dwriasech, dwriasem, dwriasent, dwriasid, dwriasit, dwriasoch, dwriasom, dwriaswn, dwriom, dwrion, dwried, dwriem, dwrien, dwrient, dwrier, dwries, dwriest, dwriet, dwriff, dwrio, dwrioch, dwriodd, twrioch, twriom, dwriont, dwrir, dwrith, dwriwch, dwriwn, dwriwyd, dwriwyf, dwriych, twri, twria, twria’, twriaf, twriaswn, twriech, twriaist, twrian, twriant, twriasai, twriasant, twriasech, twriasem, twriasent, twriasid, twriasit, twriasoch, twriasom, twriai, twrid, twriais, twried, twriem, twrien, twrient, twrier, twries, twriest, twriet, twriff, twrio, thwria’, thwriaf, dwrid, twrion, twriont, twrir, twrith, twriwch, twriwn, twriwyd, twriwyf, twriych, thwri, thwria, thwriych, twriodd, thwriai, thwriais, thwriaist, thwrian, thwriant, thwriasai, thwriasant, thwriasech, thwriasem, thwriasent, thwriasid, thwriff, thwrio, thwriasom, thwriaswn, thwrid, thwriech, thwried, thwriem, thwrien, thwrient, thwrier, thwries, thwriest, thwriet, thwriasit, thwriasoch, thwrioch, thwriodd, thwriom, thwrion, thwriont, thwrir, thwrith, thwriwch, thwriwn, thwriwyd, thwriwyf
Rummage :
- Palurummagedrummageschwilota

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Noun(1) a jumble of things to be given away(2) a thorough search for something (often causing disorder or confusion
Verb(1) search haphazardly

Show Examples

(1) our brief was to rummage as many of the vessels as possible(2) But after a quick rummage through the brown leather bag, he snaps it shut and gestures to the door.(3) This well attended enjoyable fair is well worth a rummage and browse through the different stalls.(4) A rummage through the BBC archives shows a country suffering a great deal of angst.(5) open up the box and have a rummage around(6) a rummage of the vessel revealed eighty cases of cigars(7) He went for a walk on the roof, for a rummage in a bin then went back on to the roof.(8) I think we could all benefit from a fresh rummage in our drawers to give our wardrobes and our figures the uplift we deserve.(9) For any environmental journalist, myself included, a rummage through 30 years of the magazine is a salutary experience.(10) Nephew Jack's third letter again had me delving deep into my drawer full of old newspaper cuttings, and after a quick rummage around I found just what I was looking for.(11) I can move stuff from place to place sort of like a modern archaeologist using machinery doing his rummage through history.(12) Now and again he has a good rummage though his bookshelf to see what he can find, and at the moment he's reading a book of Robert Browning's poetry.(13) It was only when the former home help saw an appeal for the winner of the three-week-old jackpot to come forward that a cupboard rummage produced the winning numbers.(14) The scramble to the hospital allowed time only for a rummage in the glove compartment of our car, which provided a battered copy of Twenty Golden Country Greats as the sole musical accompaniment to the birth.(15) He had a rummage around and saw something familiar.(16) A quick rummage through the pockets confirms that everything is just where you left it last October.
Related Words
(1) rummage sale ::
gwerthu Palu
2. hunt through ::
hela drwy
7. dig through ::
gloddio drwy'r
8. delve through ::
gloddio drwy'r
9. go through ::
mynd trwy
10. explore ::
11. sift through ::
didoli drwy
1. miss ::
2. overlook ::
edrych dros
Different Forms
rummage, rummaged, rummages, rummaging
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