English to Welsh Meaning :: scowl

gwgu, cilwgu, cuchio, chilwgu, gilwgu, nghilwgu, nghuchio, ngwgu, wgucilwgent, cilwga’, cilwgaf, cilwgai, cilwgais, cilwgaist, cilwgan, cilwgant, cilwgasai, cilwgasant, cilwgasech, cilwgo, cilwgasent, cilwgasid, cilwgasit, cilwgasoch, cilwgasom, cilwgaswn, cilwgech, cilwged, cilwgem, cilwgen, cilwgoch, cilwger, cilwges, cilwgest, cilwget, cilwgi, cilwgid, cilwgiff, cilwgir, cilwgith, chilwga, cilwgasem, cilwgodd, cilwgom, cilwgon, cilwgont, cilwgwch, cilwgwn, cilwgwyd, cilwgwyf, cilwgych, cuchiem, cuchia, cuchia’, cuchiaf, cuchiai, cuchiais, cuchiaist, cuchian, cuchiant, cuchiasai, cuchiasant, cuchiodd, cuchiasem, cuchiasent, cuchiasid, cuchiasit, cuchiasoch, cuchiasom, cuchiaswn, cuchid, cuchiech, cuchied, cuchiom, cuchien, cuchient, cuchier, cuchies, cuchiest, cuchiet, cuchiff, cuchio, cuchioch, cuchi, chuchiasech, cuchion, cuchiont, cuchir, cuchith, cuchiwch, cuchiwn, cuchiwyd, cuchiwyf, cuchiych, chilwgent, chilwga’, chilwgaf, chilwgai, chilwgais, chilwgaist, chilwgan, chilwgant, chilwgasai, chilwgasant, chilwgasech, chilwgo, chilwgasent, chilwgasid, chilwgasit, chilwgasoch, chilwgasom, chilwgaswn, chilwgech, chilwged, chilwgem, chilwgen, chilwgoch, chilwger, chilwges, chilwgest, chilwget, chilwgi, chilwgid, chilwgiff, chilwgir, chilwgith, cilwga, chilwgasem, chilwgodd, chilwgom, chilwgon, chilwgont, chilwgwch, chilwgwn, chilwgwyd, chilwgwyf, chilwgych, chuchiem, chuchia, chuchia’, chuchiaf, chuchiai, chuchiais, chuchiaist, chuchian, chuchiant, chuchiasai, chuchiasant, chuchiodd, chuchiasem, chuchiasent, chuchiasid, chuchiasit, chuchiasoch, chuchiasom, chuchiaswn, chuchid, chuchiech, chuchied, chuchiom, chuchien, chuchient, chuchier, chuchies, chuchiest, chuchiet, chuchiff, chuchio, chuchioch, chuchi, cuchiasech, chuchion, chuchiont, chuchir, chuchith, chuchiwch, chuchiwn, chuchiwyd, chuchiwyf, chuchiych, gilwgent, gilwga’, gilwgaf, gilwgai, gilwgais, gilwgaist, gilwgan, gilwgant, gilwgasai, gilwgasant, gilwgasech, gilwgo, gilwgasent, gilwgasid, gilwgasit, gilwgasoch, gilwgasom, gilwgaswn, gilwgech, gilwged, gilwgem, gilwgen, gilwgoch, gilwger, gilwges, gilwgest, gilwget, gilwgi, gilwgid, gilwgiff, gilwgir, gilwgith, gwga, gilwgasem, gilwgodd, gilwgom, gilwgon, gilwgont, gilwgwch, gilwgwn, gilwgwyd, gilwgwyf, gilwgych, guchiem, guchia, guchia’, guchiaf, guchiai, guchiais, guchiaist, guchian, guchiant, guchiasai, guchiasant, guchiodd, guchiasem, guchiasent, guchiasid, guchiasit, guchiasoch, guchiasom, guchiaswn, guchid, guchiech, guchied, guchiom, guchien, guchient, guchier, guchies, guchiest, guchiet, guchiff, guchio, guchioch, guchi, wgasem, guchion, guchiont, guchir, guchith, guchiwch, guchiwn, guchiwyd, guchiwyf, guchiych, gwgent, gwga’, gwgaf, gwgai, gwgais, gwgaist, gwgan, gwgant, gwgasai, gwgasant, gwgasech, gwgo, gwgasent, gwgasid, gwgasit, gwgasoch, gwgasom, gwgaswn, gwgech, gwged, gwgem, gwgen, gwgoch, gwger, gwges, gwgest, gwget, gwgi, gwgid, gwgiff, gwgir, gwgith, gilwga, gwgasem, gwgodd, gwgom, gwgon, gwgont, gwgwch, gwgwn, gwgwyd, gwgwyf, gwgych, wgent, wga’, wgaf, wgai, wgais, wgaist, wgan, wgant, wgasai, wgasant, wgasech, wgo, wgasent, wgasid, wgasit, wgasoch, wgasom, wgaswn, wgech, wged, wgem, wgen, wgoch, wger, wges, wgest, wget, wgi, wgid, wgiff, wgir, wgith, wga, guchiasech, wgodd, wgom, wgon, wgont, wgwch, wgwn, wgwyd, wgwyf, wgychcilwg, cilygon, cuwch, chilwg, chilygon, chuwch, gilwg, gilygon, guwch, gwg, nghilwg, nghilygon, nghuwch, ngwg, wg
Scowl :
- gwguscowledhyllscowls

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Noun(1) a facial expression of dislike or displeasure
Verb(1) frown with displeasure

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(1) She stood off to the side of the room, only barely managing to hide her scowl .(2) So he furrows his brow, twists his mouth into a scowl and lets his eyes go dead.(3) When he saw that she was examining him, his neutral expression turned into a scowl .(4) she stamped into the room with a scowl on her face(5) There was no remorse evident through his appearance; cold hard eyes and a seemingly perpetual scowl .(6) His face is riven with the faultlines of age, creating the illusion of a constant scowl .(7) I ran into the kitchen, expecting to see my aunt there, an angry scowl placed upon her face.(8) "Good," she said as her scowl melted into a smile.(9) He turned and suppressed a scowl when he spotted Jaden dancing with Leona.(10) With a jowly face set in a permanent scowl , he is perfectly suited to the grim realities of war, and he knows it.(11) He picked it up and thrust it with a scowl into the hands of the nearest steward.(12) It is only a matter of minutes and the child is soon speeding away, his face screwed up in a scowl .(13) Joshua came back out of the bathroom wearing a scowl , and glared at the other two.(14) Her arms were crossed in front of her, and a scowl darkened her face.(15) Each hair perfectly in place, and a scowl on his moustached lips, it was clear this guy was no cartoon.(16) Ammu first scowls at her daughter and then begins to laugh - Well, I'm the old woman of this family.
1. frown ::
2. glower ::
3. glare ::
4. grimace ::
5. black look ::
edrych yn ddu
6. dirty look ::
edrych budr
7. glower at ::
glower ar
8. frown at ::
gwgu ar
9. glare at ::
llacharedd ar
10. grimace at ::
grimace ar
11. lower at ::
is, sef
12. look daggers at ::
edrych dagrau ar
14. make a face at ::
gwneud wyneb yn
15. pull a face ::
tynnu wyneb
17. pout at ::
pout ar
1. beam ::
2. grin ::
3. smile ::
Different Forms
scowl, scowled, scowling, scowls
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