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sgrech, gwich, gwichiau, ngwich, ngwichiau, nâd, nadau, rinc, rincod, rhinc, rhincod, sgrechfeydd, sgrechiadau, wich, wichiau, ysgrechgwichian, gwichio, ngwichian, ngwichiogwichiem, gwichia, gwichia’, gwichiaf, gwichiai, gwichiais, gwichiaist, gwichian, gwichiant, gwichiasai, gwichiasant, gwichiodd, gwichiasem, gwichiasent, gwichiasid, gwichiasit, gwichiasoch, gwichiasom, gwichiaswn, gwichid, gwichiech, gwichied, gwichiom, gwichien, gwichient, gwichier, gwichies, gwichiest, gwichiet, gwichiff, gwichio, gwichioch, gwichi, gwichiasech, gwichion, gwichiont, gwichir, gwichith, gwichiwch, gwichiwn, gwichiwyd, gwichiwyf, gwichiych, wichiem, wichia, wichia’, wichiaf, wichiai, wichiais, wichiaist, wichian, wichiant, wichiasai, wichiasant, wichiodd, wichiasem, wichiasent, wichiasid, wichiasit, wichiasoch, wichiasom, wichiaswn, wichid, wichiech, wichied, wichiom, wichien, wichient, wichier, wichies, wichiest, wichiet, wichiff, wichio, wichioch, wichi, wichiasech, wichion, wichiont, wichir, wichith, wichiwch, wichiwn, wichiwyd, wichiwyf, wichiych
Screech :
- sgrechscreechedsgrechiansgrechianscreechy

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Noun(1) a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry(2) sharp piercing cry
Verb(1) make a high-pitched, screeching noise(2) utter a harsh abrupt scream

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(1) The city in which you're driving is huge, and filled with people who quite sensibly run screaming when you screech around the corner.(2) Ian turned as he heard the dull thud and screech of brakes.(3) Minutes later the brakes let out a screech as the wheels of the bus came to a halt.(4) I heard someone scream, though to me it sounded more like a screech .(5) I didn't even hear the black Carola coming towards me until it hit the breaks with a loud screech .(6) I was probably no more than 100m away from my black motorbike when I heard a loud screech of tires.(7) That is the piercing screech of steel on steel when the subway makes the sharp turn between King and Union.(8) He got into his black Ford and drove away, letting the tires screech out of the parking lot.(9) His screech of pain did not entirely drown out Taro's grunt of discomfort.(10) With a howl and a screech and the smell of disintegrating technology a motor bearing on our wonderful eleven month old Hoover vacuum burnt itself out late yesterday.(11) a screech of brakes(12) The piercing screech from the next room was so immediate and pained that it snapped me to instant alertness.(13) Bill grabbed a hold of the handle to the hum-vee and yanked it open, a resounding screech echoing out as the door ripped from the frame of the vehicle.(14) Footsteps, heavy and burdened echoed as a high pitched screech melded into a frightened scream.(15) A hair-raising screech from the sound of metal scraping metal sent shivers through me.(16) He yawned, and when he opened his mouth, he heard the distant sounds of surf booming against a beach, the faint screech of seagulls.
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Different Forms
screech, screeched, screeches, screeching, screechy
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